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The Rockdweller

I am a human who hopes to help people live before they die

I love life

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I am a fearless lions wrapped in a sheepskin.. I am an advocate of positive distruption and a certified troublemaker .

I love bringing the king out of the kid by drilling the sword of wisdom through the kid’s heart.

I don’t believe in equality because we were born to all win without any competition.

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Wisdom From My Swimming Lesson

In the grand scheme of things, Life is a pool, different depth, different shape but we must still all have to …

Lesson From Lesson From Liverpool Vs Barcelona Match (2)

MO SALAH DOESN’T HAVE TO BE AVAILABLE: The Egyptian born player has not just been Liverpool’s best player in the …

Lessons From The Liverpool Vs Barcelona Semifinal Match (2)

MO SALAH DOESN’T HAVE TO BE AVAILABLE : The Egyptian born player has not just been Liverpool’s best player in …


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Daughter OF Eve

“Let not thine heart decline to her ways, go not astray in her paths”- Proverb 7; 25 She wants to …


3 Kind Of Good People In Your Life… Number 3 Will Shock You.

“A person isn’t who they are during the last conversation you had with them – they’re who they’ve been throughout …


Counsel You Can Count On

My meeting with olatunji in 2018 has been one of the highlights of my lifetime. olatunji has grown from being just another contact on my whatsapp list to a brother, mentor and advisor
Afolayan Oluwaseun
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The problem is not the problem but the way we see the problem is the real problem… I dare you to share your issues with me and exchange it with the right perception today.