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About Olatunji

I am The Rockdweller; a new testament rebel, a nurturer and a certified troublemaker. 

Everybody dies but not everybody lives and that breaks God’s heart, so he sent me here to help people live before they die.
It’s a disruptive assignment but I am built for this!

Access to The Rockdweller has really helped my esteem and marriage (mostly importantly). I am yet to meet a wiser young man. His insight into things of life is supernatural and his ability to show you things even from the Bible is extraordinary and that helps me to fully trust his counsel more even as a Christian. I can't wait to meet him in person.

Valerie . A . Calgary.

The rockdweller's Blog

How to get over a break-up

The obsession over a past relationship is one of the obvious signs that the affection lingers, and this impacts on people in every love stage, not just singles and those who have recently broken up but also the divorced. Sadly, in recent times, the internet and social media have made it more difficult to move on from an ex after a breakup.

Daughter OF Eve

She wants to become but her rotten self-image wouldn’t let her be She yearns for confidence through sexy looks, trendy phones, and social media followers Little did she know she can only discover herself from within Maybe nobody …

Daughter OF Eve

Three areas your job should not affect

Our job is the major part of our lives and it is God’s will that we add values with our talents, skills, and gifts and receive something valuable in return (money, honor, etc). Jobs are like swords and weapons in the hands of a warrior. They are of great advantages however, they can be destructive if not well-controlled and mastered and managed.  

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