Billy Graham : A life beyond amazing .

Friends, if a man could do this without any social media handle, then no honour is enough to match the level of his sacrifice as he paid the price for his purpose. He deserves our honour and this is the least I can do to say well done Papa. read more

Get Lean

Life is short, and I have got to live it well. I want to trim down enough to run through the narrow gate of destiny without breaking a sweat. read more

Parenting 101

There is a way every child should go which leads to peace and prosperity and they need leadership to lead them in that direction, else they will choose the way that seems right to them which leads to frustration, depression and destruction. read more


Muscle is developed  by repeatedly lifting what is designed to weigh us down, so lift it with all the ounces of energy left within you—break some sweat if need be but don't give up. read more


Human beings are like drugs —they are useful but very harmful after expiration date. Keeping expired folks in your life is suicidal yet very easy. read more