Beauty, Fashion and the 21st century Sister. 

Excellence honours God and inspires People – Bill Hybels

A friend wanted me to address indecent dressing amongst Christian ladies . Her doctrinal values forbids earrings, jewelleries, makeups and other related stuffs.

I proposed to write about something more disheartening in the church. I also promised to be very blunt about it. Luckily, she obliged. I hope you would enjoy reading this just as much I enjoyed writing it.

We all look but see differently. The most frustrating task in the world is trying to impose our perception on people who don’t wear the same lenses with us.

I am not here to condemn or attack anyone’s view about this issues, rather I just want to air my personal view and hope it gives someone a paradigm shift.

I belong to the ‘gangs’ of folks who believe Christians must reflect excellence and creativity in every sphere of their lives. If we truly believe, God fearfully and wonderful designed us , then everything that our bodies needs deserve some touch of class . Furthermore,we are God’s real estate, so our looks have to be the reflection of his majesty and glorious … Looking good is beyond fashion, its a ministry!

Everyone God created is super-beautiful yet the Bible emphatically recorded the beauty of some expectional ladies of virtue. I believe they stood out among others, simply because they took care of their looks even as they built godly characters. For example, Sarah was fair to look upon(Gen12:11), Rebecca was fair to look upon(Gen 24:16), Esther was fair and hot(Esther 2:7)(the word fair in this context. It has got nothing to do with complexion. It’s means cute!).

This is my philosophy:You are either fair or unfair; if you look good and trendy, you are fair and if you are struggling to look ‘spiritual’ then that is unfair!

The Bible says God sees the heart but men see the outward looks… Please, keep the heart pure for God and the outward attractive for us. God will eventually bless you through human beings. So it’s smart you don’t keep your designated helpers out of your life just because of your tatty looks. It’s appalling to see a daughter of zion look like a victim of world War II to play pious in a ‘sinFULL’ world . Very sad!

Permit me to throw more light on these few areas of fashion :


Your lips are jewel red, your mouth elegant and inviting, your veiled cheeks soft and radiant.(Songs of Solomon 4:3)

I use to attack my friends who are Makeup artists.I felt they were into fraudulent line of business,those guys can turn a gorrila into an angel in less than an hour . My paradigm didn’t shift until I encountered Songs of Solomon 4:3 few months ago. Yeah.. I saw lipstick there and that was it!

It should be noted that a woman of Grace is beautiful without measure even without an iota of makeup – – she is beautifully designed.

The stubborn dark spots,the plangent tribal marks, the numerous harsh acnes and permanent blemishes you see in the mirror every morning do not define your beauty a hoot—You are beautiful just the way you are!

Real women of God do not need concealer to leave the house feeling their best; their confidence is rooted in Christ alone and not in beauty hacks. Your beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder but in the eyes of Christ.

It’s safe to say, makeup can be beautiful and faith-filled forms of self-expression, and a distinctly feminine pastime akin to wearing our best clothes and jewelry.

NOTE : Makeup may be you hobby but it’s NOT a necessity! Makeups shouldn’t really make you look or feel more beautiful or confidence; your real worth is in Christ that lives in you . Your makeover is ministration to many people out there .The creativity behind some Makeups inspires me.

It’s outside the code of honour to feel less without Makeup. Always remember…. There is a beauty beyond the blush!

You don’t need to skip church because, your makeup is exhausted neither do you need to miss a friend’s wedding because your fashion designer couldn’t meet up .

It’s sinful to call believers fake because they love makeups. We all have our hobbies!


Creativity is the first character of God revealed according to the first verse of the Genesis (In the beginning God

CREATED…).Innovation should describe every believer.

Furthermore, this is end time, the bible tells us knowledge would skyrocket in this very time and season. The evolving knowledge has imparted the global fashion and it obvious in style we see everyday– our wardrobes shouldn’t be left behind. We have myriads of decent and trendy wears out there. A Christian should look good and attractive! In fact, Christians should take the leading role in the fashion and beauty world, we are the head not the tail. Looking trendy and ‘hot’ is not trying to look like the world, it is reflecting the glory of God!

It’s out of place to stick with the shabbly designed, outdated, old testament style of dressing that is void of creativity and novelty. Moreover, if your wardrobe is filled with the same style of dresses and almost the same material, there is a huge problem.

Beloved, you don’t have to wear a flowing skirt and wrap scarf around your ears to be Holy(your ears are part of you anatomical design, please don’t hide them ) . Bro, you don’t need a 3-buttoned, over-sized suit (coat) to look ‘godly’ … It’s supposed to be a wear not parachute!


Gold and silver belong to our father and it’s irresponsibility of the highest order to avoid it like plague while people outside the covenant sashes as they flaunt our God-given resources . However, everything should be done decently and in order.

A friend once told me ” Satan uses golden jewelries to turn people’s heart away from God” and I replied “Satan used Eve too and that doesn’t change the phrase… ‘Marriage is honourable’.”

Finally, my brethren, a believe can be Godly and trendy at the same time(in fact he should!) . Looking good is not demonic and jewelries don’t belong Jezebel(s).

Permit me to close by showing you how JESUS dolled up his bride according to the scriptures. He was trendy and classy. Thank God HE is the same yesterday, today and forever !

Ezekiel 16:10-13 AMP

I clothed you also with embroidered cloth and shod you with fine seal leather; and I girded you about with fine linen and covered you with silk.

I decked you also with ornaments and I put bracelets on your wrists and a chain on your neck.

And I put a ring on your nostril and earrings in your ears and a beautiful crown upon your head!

Thus you were decked with gold and silver, and your raiment was of fine linen and silk and embroidered cloth; you ate fine flour and honey and oil. And you were exceedingly beautiful and you prospered into royal estate.

Look Royal.

Olatunji Rockdweller

I really love to see your view in the comment section and if you feel it’s worth sharing please kindly do that.

23 thoughts on “Beauty, Fashion and the 21st century Sister. ”

  1. I enjoyed this piece a lot, got me laughing too. i think In all let’s be moderate about it. And if you find yourself in a church where such isn’t allowed (maybe you were invited) for the sake of others, just comply to their rules, especially those brethren that can stare when the pastor is preaching, so that they can concentrate (lol). God bless you Sir

  2. “Neither do you need to miss a friend’s wedding because your fashion designer couldn’t meet up”. This really hit me so hard that I feel like… you know what I mean dear.
    “It’s supposed to be a wear not parachute”! LOL
    But seriously, you have done justice to this topic. I will forever be proud to call you Mine anywhere.

  3. Excellence is key. Daniel stood out because of his excellent spirit. I personally feel that looking good is an anointing the Holy Spirit also releases. Listen and you woyld be shocked how trendy He can get you to be.
    God bless you sir for this piece. You nailed it. And you rock big-time.

  4. In summary look royal, for we are special people, peculiar breed and a chosen generation.
    But we shouldn’t be slave to fashion

  5. Thanks for sharing this piece with Me.

    Yes, it made me laugh!!!

    God is very detailed, look at the birds, plants, seas, clouds, He is regal and Majestic, I stand in awe.

    The Holyspirit is the best Fashion expert…. I am always wowed when I ask for help with dressing up, always.

  6. This is beautiful, was actually laughing at some point. Ezekiel 16:10-13 got my attention I will start wearing nose ring (Lol)… That was on a lighter note. I believe that whichever side you find yourself, modesty is still key. They are people that personally don’t like makeup and the likes, while others are due to doctrines. In all don’t make the other person feel like the sinner. Thank you sir for this piece, I love it.

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