Fear is a psychological dilemma that every human has to resolve to embrace a life of purpose and meaning.


When I look at the back and see my friends, I’m confident and excited because human beings are my clothes.” 

In the volume of the Book

Even at 30, my sword will remain clenched in my fist, I will manage to travel with my shield and breastplate forever. I promise to be war-ready even though there seems to be Peace. I want more Kingdoms so more kings will have to fall by the edge of my sword. At 30 years old, do I have my life figured out? No! I still don’t know which way I am going, but I can finally hear my (the) way around (unlike in previous chapters). Yeah! THE WAY is just not a person, He is my friend! He says this is the path, walk therein.

My Christmas Story .

What is Christmas without food ,drinks and gifts? Food and drink will turn poison and gifts are mere baits without LOVE. GOD is Love and JESUS CHRIST is GOD.”- Olatunji Rockdweller

The Man of Steel

You can imitate a man.
You can manipulate a man.
You can even attack a man.
But you cannot become one (if you are not one ).

— The Rockdweller

How to get your Ex Back

It’s my job to enlighten you just the same way I wrote about ‘How to Break-up’. It is your responsibility to take action. Nothing is as unstoppable like an action fueled by relevant information.

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