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influence 01

“I hold that a strongly marked personality can influence descendants for generations.”

Many years ago, an announcement was made during the church service instructing the Vivacious Legacy Youth to wait behind after the service for a brief, yet important meeting with our father in the Lord, Pastor Tunde Bakare. My presence in the meeting came with a truckload of sacrifices, but these two weighed much more than the rest in my teenage years;

  • I missed Manchester United match (which was a few hours away from the time for the said meeting)
  • I had to let go of being chauffeured home in an air-conditioned not-too-plush SUV (and trust me, the overcrowded city of Lagos is not a place I love to jump from one worn-out yellow bus to another, like a young monkey leaps from one branch to another in the thickest part of the rain forest: at least, not when I look my best in a black tuxedo suit, white shirt and a red tie).

Sometimes, I think the sun is more scorching on Sundays: SUN-DAY – the day of the week when king sun is on the throne.

I arrived my room panting like that deer in the book of psalms (who was panting for water in the desert), even as beads of sweat meandered down the upper part of my lanky body. That was the price I had to pay for the 17 minutes with Pastor B (which for the records was my best decision of that said year). Believe me, that encounter was one of the most impactful moment of my entire life. He spoke very calmly, each word pierced through my heart like a two-edged sword. His fatherly voice was mixed with contagious passion and undying love; I couldn’t help but connect like a son listening to the last words of his dying father. I gleaned everything, and I would be generous enough to share one or two things I learnt from the meeting after eight years.

chasing writing

Pastor Tunde Bakare started by telling us that a great father doesn’t raise great sons instead great fathers raise greater fathers (making great fathers of us was one of his goals), because in the grand scheme of things, everything produces after its kind; gods birth gods, mortals beget mortals. As children of God, we are gods. As children of the one true King, we are kings, and as offsprings of the Lord of hosts, we are lords, He being the KING of Kings and the LORD of Lords (Selah).

Secondly, Pastor B taught us that God is a God of accountability and we are expected to be accountable. He flipped the pages of his bible and read a few verses where the writer was talking about one shall put a thousand to flight and two shall chase ten thousand. He paused for some seconds and let out a deep breathe before saying and I quote: “The smallest and weakest among us right here is responsible for at least one thousand lives during his or her lifetime.” My muscles melted in awe as I heard the number and wondered how this little me can be held responsible for at least 1000 lives. “How could this be?” was the question locked in the prison of my little mind and I am quite certain I wasn’t alone in that realm of amusement.

chasing 10000

Pastor B broke down the concept of purpose and talents. He also taught us how to master relationship and power of partnership as it concerns greatness. However, that is not the objective of this piece.

He continued to read scriptures to support his claims about one putting a thousand to flight. He joggled different verses and unveiled the mysteries locked in each. He continued by saying, “We all have a unique purpose and no matter how simple or little any God-given purpose seems, it has the capacity to change at least a thousand lives provided the carrier of the vision is ready to pay the price and pour all of him into doing it within the confines of Grace. You must discover your purpose early in life and choose to invest your time, energy and resources into it until it is refined enough for global consumption. Fulfilling your purpose is always against all odds. You will have to fight and sweat, be misunderstood and rejected, but you have to stay true to what you believe.” He also talked briefly on the mountains of influence.

chasing karo

Pastor B referred to these 1000 folks we ought to be chasing, as our audience and reiterated that they are waiting for us to maximize our potentials because their lives are hinged on what we carry on our inside (we carry the capacity to influence them for greatness directly or indirectly). Some of our life audience are hanging around us even on social media while many are even still unborn. You must not disappoint them and by so doing, hurt God.

Have you located your primary assignment on earth? How well have you refined it? Are you serving humanity through it or you are still trapped somewhere else in looking for survival?

Have you not heard that the weakest amongst us should be like David and the strongest in our midst will reign as gods? If David slayed tens of thousands, then that figure is our minimum. Your influence can only be multiplied when you are within the confines of the God-given purpose for your life.

Pastor B also talked about what I love to title “the law of partnership” which states that when two folks who are chasing at least a thousand each come into partnership, they automatically put at least ten thousand to flight (instead of two thousand using normal arithmetic calculation). In healthy partnership 1+1= 10 (Your math teacher was wrong).

He closed the meeting by enjoining us to focus on maximizing our potentials and be conscious of the weight of responsibilities ahead of us. Find yourself and your purpose before you expect someone worthy to find you, be useful to lives attached to you before you can be eligible to have an external helper.

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