Just the other day, I stepped out after devouring a mountainous plate of beans and yam. Immediately my flat ass hit the wooden seat of the bus, I became restless and uncomfortable. The fiendishness of the Lagos environmental conditions pounce on me like a willed cat will pounce on its prey. The sun scorched at its peak and I was tempted to assume that the angels had intentionally left the gate of hell ajar just to give us an idea of how unfavourable it is at the other side.

Thirst and dehydration became ‘loyal’ companions. 
Water became so valuable to me; in fact, I was ready to trade the wads in my wallet for just a bottle of water (even a sachet). Nothing seemed to be too much for a drop of H2O, even though I had already washed down the masticated food down with some volume of water yet my body craved for water like the desert long for rain. At that moment, I wore the garment of that rich man in hell even though; there was no Lazarus to beg for a drop of water. 

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Finally, the traffic was halted and ‘professional’ hawkers appeared from a place only God knows. Fortunately, I saw a boy with chilled bottles of water (the bottles were sweating profusely). I gathered all the energies left within me and hollered “Water! Water!!”  He ran towards me and the transaction was completed at the speed of light. 

 I forced it opened and poured the super cold liquid down my throat… First gulp….. , Second gulp… and that was it; nothing was left in the bottle but frozen water. My thirst went worse even as frustration drenched me like dew. Sadly, I have wasted my hard earned resources and precious energy. What ought to be a solution is now a huge liability, occupying space without fulfilling any purpose. 

 Here are my two major lessons from the incident:


 1. THE STATE: Even though the ice still maintained the same chemical composition as water (H2O), the only difference was the state (physical structure), and that’s a huge difference indeed. 

Most of the time, while choosing our friends, business partners even life partners, we focus more on the ‘chemical composition’ which is our physical  ‘specifications’ (height, age, religion etc)  and we attach less importance to the state…. I paid for the bottled water because I knew the bottle was good enough, and I put the same trust on the content and I was disappointed. 

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The state represents the MINDSET. The water in the bottle became useless even though it was still the same water and the purity wasn’t affected but it was in a wrong state (solid) at that particular time. The MIND was wrongly SET. Wrong believe system is toxic and baleful! 

Nothing is as frustrating as being in a relationship or partnership with someone who meets all your specifications (composition) but different mindset (state). 

He is a Christian, rich, ambitious and handsome but he thinks women are inferior to men or he doesn’t believe sex-free relationship is possible. A business partner who is smart, creative and hardworking but he believes you have to bribe your way out before you can land a great deal or contract. 

This is the good news; I defrosted the ice by breaking it onto smaller pieces and added a warm sachet water before it could be useful. I had to invest more energy, money and time. A fixed mindset can be renewed by consciously and consistently feeding the mind with right information (reading, seminars etc). It’s a whole lot of investment which is very avoidable and most times unnecessary! 

As a man thinks in his heart so he is. It’s wise to have the useful state in mind before making a purchase. 

 2. ENVIRONMENT: As I held the bottle, I asked myself this question: What happened to this poor bottle and its content?  The answer; nothing. Absolutely nothing, but it wasn’t so from the beginning. The company didn’t produce ice but liquid consumable water.


 Man is born a clean slate (tabula rasa) according to John Locke; void of influences, preconceived ideas or goals. However, as man grows, the ink of life begins to write on his mind and programs him according to his environment and myriads of experiences. The content in the bottle would have maintained its liquid state if it hadn’t spent some time in the deep freezer or with some frozen ‘elements’. I also noticed that the impact of the environment had little or no effect on the bottle but its content. So, don’t expect to decode people’s state of minds by mere looking at their outward appearance. 

 The emotional experiences of people, childhood, association even the quality of their library and playlist have so much impact on their lives and mindset.

Photo credit :Pabby88.


The quality of our environment determines the quality of our mindset. Everything rises and falls on environment. 

Lady X who grew up in a dysfunctional family, was abused during her teenage years by her uncle. Her role model is Rihanna, and she is an ardent reader of romance novels. Lady X will see love and marriage through a different pair of lens in comparison to lady R who grew up in religious home. Her  dad can stone her to death for wearing a trousers and she was told never to hug or shake a man else she might get pregnant.

It’s natural that both ladies will have different definition of love and marriage even though they may both be wrong. 


I believe my lessons from the bottle water makes a bit of sense to you. Trust me; I will be smarter next time before I take sensitive decisions. I have chosen not to bow to desperation again because hasty decision is always wasteful.


If this experience of mine makes sense to you at all, kindly hit the comment section and let me know how you feel and feel free to share with someone who you think might be blessed by this.


Gracias Muchas Amigos 

Olatunji Rockdweller. 

46 thoughts on “CHILLED BUT USELESS ”

  1. Great write up. Thisis so refreshing; I couldn’t get my eyes off the lines till the end… God bless you bro.

  2. Wow, just wow. I like how you incorporate daily relatable happenings to drive your points home.
    You know religion doesn’t allow thinking much even though Isaiah 1 has asked us to come and reason together and with God and so these everyday mistakes are made either based on total ignorance or on misplaced understanding of how things should be done even for most “christians”
    It might sound like one hard core bomb has just been dropped and we’re like ooohhhh “see rhema” but this is what it’s supposed to be like everyday for us. Making accurate choices and decisions that reflect the finished work we have in Christ. There’s more to his death than we can even imagine. Heaven on earth is deep. Imagine what it would be like if we all got it right all the time. It’s not impossible. It should be normal.
    Thanks for this piece dear. You really are inspired. Looks so simple but yet so powerful. God bless you

  3. This is beautiful… I love it when we get practical as believers and how applicable Christianity is. God bless you.

  4. Wow wow wow. Just like TJ to drive home a point with the common everyday happenings. I was motivated by this statement “The quality of our environment determines the quality of our mindset. Everything rises and falls on environment”. It’s so so true. Even when our “figure” and “ground” (our life experience and environment) has been misconstrued by situations beyond and above your control, you could begin to consciously and deliberately develop that enabling environment that would build you up. I guess that is where breaking the ice and turning them to ice cube cubes comes in. Nice job wordsmith.

  5. i never knew tunji was a writer, now seeing this is not just heart warming but surprising. anyway i don’t expect less from an avid reader. but the imagery, metaphor and punchy lines still resonates in my head, great piece.

  6. This is thought provoking!!! Great write ups like this make one pay close attention to the ‘seemingly usual’ events that happens in our lives every day. One begins to understand that every event that happens is for a lesson.


  7. Its amazing…..The fact that there are so many lessons(for me)to pick from this post that looks very simple.
    Thanks bro.I promise to inculcate them in my daily experiences
    Pls don’t stop churning out top quality stuff like this

  8. Wow! I am proud to always call u my brother and friend, your wisdom and its practicality with applicable lessons are amazing,greater heights.

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