Daughter OF Eve

“Let not thine heart decline to her ways, go not astray in her paths”- Proverb 7; 25

PHOTO CREDIT : Maevamorinyoga

She wants to become but her rotten self-image wouldn’t let her be

She yearns for confidence through sexy looks, trendy phones and social media followers

Little did she know she can only discover herself from within

Maybe nobody told her to sow into the fertile soil of her mind

Maybe she is just too lazy to cultivate the florals of the garden of her spirit

She pretends all is well despite dying where she fell

She tries to hide behind the walls of her heavy makeup

She gets lost in the social media crowd and hopes one day all will be OK

She is a daughter of Eve; the unpaid staff of the devil


She is a fenceless city, anything goes

She loses herself just to gain unworthy attention

She wants to love herself, but she is unsure of who she really is

How can she love someone she doesn’t know, the woman she is yet to meet?

So, she depends on external factors to feel loved and appreciated

Nobody told her that the external factors are temporal like the dew

Now, she takes in all the shit just to retain their love and affection

The opinion of others have swallowed up her opinion of herself

She lives for the approval from unstable folks like herself

She loses her peace just to command their attention

The more she tries to impress, the more she drowns in the sea of depression

I can’t blame her because she is a daughter of Eve; the unpaid staff of the devil

Photo Credit : House of reptilia


She is a slave to her nagging appetite

With the most little gift, the door of her heart is surely ajar

With some little flattery, her loyalty fades like fumes

She loses her peace but doesn’t want to let go the sweetness in her tongue

She sold herself for that which perishes and will never satisfy

She says, “now is the time, who gives a hoot about tomorrow!”

She has little cowries, but they are too precious to share

So, she pays with anatomical structures created in the image and likeness of God

For her body is worth nothing to her

No one told her the wine she sips is fine poison

Can she see the lips she kisses drips venom?

She heard she might die but she doesn’t know what death looks like: she has never been there before

She is a daughter of Eve; the unpaid worker of the devil


Photo Credit : _om_kara


The principle of paying the price to discover her real beauty, makes no sense to her

She is a little louder than the trumpet of Pharaoh: a chatterbox, yet has absolutely nothing to say

Her quivers are void of wisdom and her vocal filled with noise

She embraces flattery with both arms but correction tastes like gall in her tongue

She is a bag of flaws hoping someone loves her just the way she is

She doesn’t know her body isn’t the real her, who has bewitched her?

Her Instagram followers make her feel she is a leader, who is deceiving her?

She is probably as gullible as her mother, it’s never really her fault (blame it on her genes)

She is the daughter of Eve; Intern of the devil

Photo Credit : Evangelain


Her own company bores her to death, so she prefers the company of the flattery serpent

She knows she is out of tune, but she is a grandmaster in the blame game

She finds herself idle in the glorious Eden and totally clueless about her role

She was made to be his helper, but she has become his eternal ruin

She is rude, loud and yet, lacks the power to stand by the two letter word NO!

Like a little child, she wants all the toys and goodies

She was never taught that nothing goes for nothing in this world

Sometimes she gets all she wants and then, pays with her life but never with cash

because deep down, she values her little cash more than her life

She knows her man, but she knows nothing about his God

Anything tale the serpent told, sounded cool and true

She has kissed the serpent, and sadly, she has also kissed her simple man

The venom is active, and her man is dying

Now she screams but no one to help

Let her go; she is Eve, partner of the devil.




412 thoughts on “Daughter OF Eve”

  1. The love I have for this dude is off the hook. Rich in content, bank account and character . I love this piece and I hope I am not daughter of Eve in some kinda way.

    God bless you richly Rockdweller!

  2. Rockdweller is a close pal but when it comes to writing epic Epistles such as Daughter of Eve’ he’s a King in his lane. indeed this is a wake up call to all those ladies in this category, we hope you find this written work of art as a catalyst for speedy u-turn.

  3. This is a perfect crafted master piece.Well structured and presented
    You’ve never ceased to amaze me.You are a dynamite God Bless You

  4. Wow wow wow, the Rockdweller is at it again. This piece is so deep and is one every woman should ponder on as it’s just a thin line (of self growth &discipline) away from being a daughter of eve. You are definitely a force to reckon with. Your world stage is soon to be set. Get ready for it!!!

  5. Some how, one of the lines i fell in love with is this “She wants to love herself, but she is unsure of who she really is

    How can she love someone she doesn’t know, the woman she is yet to meet?”.
    Most haven’t met themselves yet. Any one who understands the power that lies in “meeting one’s self” will understand that Therockdweller’s “daughter of eve” haven’t found her purpose yet, because from meeting ourselves we find our purpose. You never fail to deliver. Nice one sir!

  6. Excellent piece Rockdweller

    Now we have to let Eves daughters know they could have a better employer, one who’s already paid wages plus overtime with insurance and lasting benefits
    I mean, who wouldn’t want a better boss

    You’ve done very well with this one but I already have a favourite

  7. Tunji, you are so many things to different people but what we all share in common is the fact that you are a STAR.
    Who talks of the ‘kNIGHT’, without the star.
    This is instructive, insightful and powerful.
    I just pray the deaf hears.(Miracles)
    E ku ise Sir.

  8. This is a long list of thoughtful reflections on what “anyone” might pass through in discovery of oneself.
    May I see the light; embrace my real me; And live its truth.
    Thanks always, RockDweller.?

  9. Bakare Oreoluwa

    This is yet another excellent piece, an eye opener for women… More like a wakeup call in a very creative way, more blessings Sire, God bless you.

  10. This is a timely piece; as many women are daily sinking because they are yet to find themselves, irrespective of the age,status and what not….. It’s a call to an audit,a sincere review of the deepest content of the heart of every woman.
    God Bless you T.

  11. “She gets lost in the social media crowd and hopes one day all will be OK”.
    There’s a knot in my gut whenever i see people living recklessly and reciting the new Nigerian mantra- “Las Las we go dey alright”. Las Las we will not be alright if we don’t take corrections and intentionally do better.
    Beautifully written, Tunji!

  12. Your creativity and depth in your words knows no bounds. It left me thinking deeply. Mission accomplished. I love the new feel of your website by the way ???



  14. Great piece, the RockDweller. Nobody would have nailed it better.

    I love this line ‘…Little did she know she can only discover herself from within…’. If only we knew the greatness that lies on the inside of us, we would dive for self discovery other than approval from the media. It’s really great. Weldone.

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