This is a sequel to the previous post ‘Solomon without Nathan.’ http://therockdweller.com/solomon-without-nathan/ The feedbacks so far, have been massive, and my beloved readers have sent in a few questions which are: How do I identify my Nathan? How do I become an effective Nathan in people’s lives? Can an unbeliever play the role of a Nathan? I planned to answer one of the questions via a blog post but as a faithful servant to this course (and my audience), I decided to birth this piece assured that it will answer most of the questions if not all.

King David from the human and divine perspective is arguably the most influential king of all times. He raised warriors’ heads like an Olympic trophy; he went into all his battles with crazy faith and came back with joy and spoils. David was a truckload of flaws and imperfections his thirst for married women was unquenchable and in his old age, his appetite for under aged girls was unmatched. As ruinous as this may sound, a certified sexual predator made it to the topmost chamber in God’s heart. He was the beloved of the Lord, God had an everlasting covenant with him and he found favour in the sight of men as well. In fact, men put their lives on the line constantly to satisfy him. I believe the major secret of David’s ‘cheap’ successes and victories was the humility he showed in embracing his Nathans with a kiss even when they bruise his ego.

The city saw him reign as King, the soldiers watched him slay as the warrior that he was, but Prophet Nathan, watched him paint his lies like a 7-year-old brat and wail at his mistake and foolishness like a baby who was robbed of his lollipop. David was extremely vulnerable to Nathan. That is definitely the way to go in this Kingdom!

Personally, I am a huge beneficiary of these treasures in earthen vessels in form of Nathans, and I have also, been strategically planted by heaven to function as one in the destinies of a few individuals to be a Nathan – Yeah, this I know. It is on that basis that I can share a bit with you drawing references from one of my favourite influencers, King David.

Nathan was a prophet and David was a king. In this kingdom, many have crowns sitting on their heads while others are dressed in their priestly garment. However, like King David, some of us are dressed in both.


Revelation 1:6 KJV:

And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion forever and ever .Amen.

Thrones are intoxicating and crowns can cause migraines; it is the man who is in the spotlight that feels the heat. The alliance is the trademark of royalty. A king needs humility to enjoy the ministry of his Prophets and a Prophet needs courage to remain relevant in the Kingdom. David did not need the ministry of Nathan as a shepherd boy as he couldn’t even afford basic life needs that could activate his destructive traits. At some heights, you can’t afford the luxury of being a loner on the corridor of Destiny.

Ecclesiastes 4:10 KJV:

For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone WHEN he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.

The ‘when’ in this verse indicates the fact that it is rest assured that a loner will eventually fall, only a matter of time. Ecc 4:10 makes even more sense to me when I discovered it was written by a reckless loner, King Solomon.

 To achieve purpose in one’s sphere of influence as a worthy King, there must be a functional prophet (Nathan) at all times; that is just the way it is. I do not mean a seer or someone who functions in some gifts of the spirit (a new testament Christian has direct access to the father through the Holy Spirit). A prophet in this sense is someone who is 100 percent loyal to God and his assignment in your life than your opinion of him(your safety lies in his loyalty to God). A prophet is assigned to you and he knows it. The major task of Nathan is to give you counsel and confirm God’s word to you. When you are not sure about what God is saying, you will most certainly get clarity when your Nathan speaks. Little wonder, King David never lost a battle(He walked in clarity through his Prophet).

Nathans are secured in their relationship with God so they do not mind telling you the truth even when it hurts, they care more about you doing what is right not what you like. When you go off track, they are anointed to bring you back to repentance.God can also use unbelievers to play a Nathan role in your life once in a while. However, only folks who have quality relationship with God can consistently play the role of a Nathan in your life.

 Nathans enthrones you  but are not supposed to bow to you as one of your subjects. In fact, you will lose your throne spiritually if you insist that your Nathans bow to you. Sadly, this is common.

Nathans are lionhearted when it comes to their assignment in your life; it requires courage to speak the truth to a King so when you see someone who can tell you the truth stoutly, please hold him tight, be like David. Being a Nathan attracts a lot of persecution. Modern-day persecution comes in different shades. The prophet Samuel feared King Saul was going to kill him, Jezebel came after Prophet Elijah. There were attempts to murder Jesus because he said the truth. Bible has records of those who killed prophets assigned to them. Little wonder, God had to reprove Kings to protect his prophets. Sadly, many of us still slay our prophets, I have died several times.

Psalm 105:14-15 KJV:

He suffered no man to do them wrong: yea, he reproved KINGS for their sakes; [15] Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

One of the ways we do our Nathans great harm is by giving them rules. Some folks want to be criticized and corrected in a particular way and they will erupt like a volcano if you veer off that rule. I once had a friend who will always look for a way to make a fight out of every correction and criticism. I loved her enough to eventually let her go. I don’t believe there is a difference between constructive and destructive criticism. Every iota of correction and criticism is an extension of love. You might not agree with everything, but you must appreciate it.

Over the years, people have consistently informed me on how to correct them, you hear words like please next time don’t be too harsh, I don’t have an issue with your correction but don’t do it in public” blah blah blah. ‘Oga madam,’ you don’t tell people how to minister to you. Teach yourself, how to embrace criticism. Do your prophet no harm,baby girl !

Unlike his foolish son Solomon, King David gave Nathan unlimited access not just to the palace’s gate but even to the gate of his heart. Though he fell many times, his Nathan was always available to put him back in shape. What a man!

2 Samuel 12:7-9 KJV

My definition of a fake friend is anyone who tries too hard to remain in my good book. They make you feel good even when they know they are pushing you closer to your grave. They watch you sip from the cup of destruction with a big smile on their faces. They are ‘Mr. Nice guys,’ they are cool friends. I do have such folks around my life, and they have their own space, but nobody makes it into my innermost circle singing only my praises. I don’t like cowards and insecure people who are too careful to hurt me with the truth. Kindly tell me the truth regardless and I can only love you more.

If you have never stabbed me with a knife of criticism, then I can’t trust your kiss of accolades. Some even edit the truth and blend with other impurities to make it easy to spill. I don’t think a correction/criticism is worth it if it requires no courage to deliver it. Kindly save my soul!

It’s a blessing to have Nathans in your house and it’s much more a blessing to function as a Nathan in the lives of others.


16 thoughts on “DAVID WITH NATHAN”

  1. Now that I don’t have access to you as I used to, feeding from this blog has been so impactful for me and my circle of influence.
    You said your purpose is to help people live before they die. Thanks so much for helping me live before I die, Sir.

  2. Wow! This literally blew my mind. So it’s not enough to seek your Nathan you should also serve as a Nathan.
    This has indeed come from a deep place. Thank you for this gift. Yes I receive it as a gift. More grace bro

    1. Your comment inspire me more than you think. I love you and God bless you richly… Merry Christmas to you wherever you are .

  3. When I take a ride on your didactic train, one thing that leaps at me like lion is the fact that you have a strong teaching grace. You’re a Nathan, bro! ???

  4. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I’m quite certain I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

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