“You cannot catch the glimpse of the city(destiny), if you do not want to lose sight of your present neighborhood. ” —Sam Adeyemi

Past means different things to different people. Saints specifically, label the sinful period of their lives as their past, so many others see their abusive background as their past. In a more general term, the past means the weighty bag of painful experiences that once made us creak and stridulate over the years — a Jezebel clothing with pain and struggles, with her fist clenched to a tortuous rod of deprivation, a proverbial Pharaoh who will rather die than allow folks embrace freedom.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, “past” is the events of a person’s life, of a place, etc., before the present time. Hey friends, pardon my weirdness, looking through my own lens, the past is in the present! Confusing? Yeah… However, just follow my trail of thought. In my opinion, the past represents anything, or anybody that has expired in your life and your purpose in life: folks who have completed their tasks. In my part of the world, we label them as those who have ‘overstayed their welcome.’ The Past is never where you think you left it. It is in the present, however unhealthy/poisonous.

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” —William Faulkner

My past is the song I am now too big to sing (nursery or Arabic rhymes); it is just another story I can’t tell anymore. I don’t categorize my painful experiences of yesterday as my past, I call them my stories, histories or better still, my process. They carved out the man I am today. The scars are beautiful tattoos (trophies), they are proof of my victory. Your past is always in your Present. Your past is the mountain standing between the promises and your present realities. They are people (friends, colleagues, etc.) and things (favourite shoes, toys, etc.), that you are used to, immediately they are done with their roles and task, they become liabilities (harmful). There are relationships and things you have outgrown. King Saul was the past in the palace, yet he was still sitting on the throne as the paranoid King (that explains the chaos in the palace and Kingdom). The past is always in contention with the present and reduces the chance of the desired future.

The set of toys you were obsessed with as a kid, should not hit same notes in you after two decades even if they are still trending and readily available. They are now craps!

Past in form of things are easy to thrash unlike mortals. Human beings are products of multiple influences —environmental, social and spiritual. This explains why people change even behaviorally with time and exposure. We need to understand that human beings were designed to evolve per time; different level of growth (phase) requires different personality, anointing and skill set. It is human, to get emotionally attachedto familiar people because they were once useful and wonderful, they were once vital players in our team. It can be so difficult to disconnect from them even when we discern they have exhausted their ‘lifeline’ in our lives (or vice versa). Trust me, it is divine to let go regardless of how you feel about them. I strongly believe, only very few people are destined to hang around our lives forever; others have limited time and spaces. Human beings are like drugs —they are useful but very harmful after expiration date. Keeping expired folks in your life is suicidal yet very easy. Contrary to popular belief, the past is kind, caring and seductive. I love to see the past as feminine because of these warm traits. In fact, social media has kept us more entangled with our past. They are our friends on Facebook, they always want to discuss with us online—sometimes tag us prideful if we do not reply or respond as expected. They frown when we exit WhatsApp groups that do not feed us anymore (some of us belong to some WhatsApp group just to maintain peace). The past is a stalker. Ditch her!

Anyone who is no longer relevant to your brand and purpose, is your past. When people suddenly grow too big(or too small) to be influenced by you yet they have no positive value to add to your life. At that very moment, they turn your past…. Ditch them!

When my friend and leader suggested this topic, Matthew 12:46-50 engulfed my soul as I meditated pondered about it . At this point in Jesus’ life he had to ditch his past (his siblings and mother) because they were almost becoming distractions to his brand (ministry) and personality. They stopped playing their divine roles. When Jesus needed LISTENERS, they felt too big to listen to him or be influenced by him, yet they wanted to be SPEAKERS(… Seeking to SPEAK with him… Vs 46-47) . Yeah… He ditched them!

Matthew 12:46-50 AMP

Jesus was still speaking to the people when behold, His mother and brothers stood outside, seeking to speak to Him. [47] Someone said to Him, Listen! Your mother and Your brothers are standing outside, seeking to speak to You. [48] But He replied to the man saying to him, “who is My mother, and who are My brothers?” [49] And stretching out His hand toward not only the twelve disciples but all His adherents, He said, “Here are My mothers and My brothers. [50] For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven, is My brother and sister and mother.”

If this make sense to you then do let me look like a clanging cymbals… Kindly drop your comment. Mostly importantly, share the gospel. Caring is sharing!

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