Don’t You Dare Strike The Rock


In relationships today, abuses and violence are gradually becoming normal and relatively acceptable. Ladies are becoming so invective and men are fast transforming into modern bullies, though it wasn’t so from the beginning according to scripture.

According to Ephesians 5:22&25 The Bible share the marital responsibility to each gender, simply to erase competition and reduce conflict within the home. Wives are to submit themselves to their own husband as unto the LORD and husbands are expected to love their own wives as CHRIST loves the church and GAVE HIMSELF for her….
Dear sister, submitting yourself doesn’t mean you are a slave or inferior to him, it just means you choose to offer yourself willing to him within the boundaries of decorum and grace, as unto the Lord doesn’t mean he automatically replaced God in your life but simply mean you deliberately yield to things that are in tune with the spirit of God inside you and also in-line with the scripture. Offering yourself includes offering your sex(strictly for married couples) , energy, skills, love and attention to bring the best out of him and helping him fulfill the God-given purpose for his life. Real women build up their men and homes not rent them down…Don’t be those ladies whose words invite  slaps  at reflex!

My Brother, according to Eph 5:25 . Your ultimate and primary responsibility is to love her and never lose focus of your standard which is CHRIST. Remember Bro, Jesus is the mark you are actually aiming for, so stop gauging your virility by comparing yourself with friends or colleagues . Secondly you are expected to give yourself exactly as CHRIST did to the church. Sir.. That sounds pretty deep right… Yeah? Really deep mehn! Did you remember CHRIST died for the church never mind if they will all follow his way eternally? Yeah.. He died not just dead but in the most cruel and gruesome manner. I personally don’t think the Bible expects us to die for them though cos who will love them and protect them when we are at the other side of eternity?I think GOD expects us to love them unconditionally exactly like Jesus, help them work on their weakness and amplify their strength. Forgive them, empower them, protect them and motivate them to be the best they can. Remember CHRIST did give himself even when his feelings  totally negated his decision . He was very tempted to change his mind because of the excruciating pain of the nails, the piercing thorn and the mockery of the cross. JESUS IS OUR IDEAL MAN!. My brother being a man isn’t by the well carved beards, neither by the six packs and nice abs, it’s far beyond the cash in your account,being a man isn’t about feelings, being a man is about doing what is right all the time even when your feelings are yelling  “Hell No!.” Real men protect their ladies not turning them into punching bags; really men guide and lead the path of righteousness and purpose,real men see things only via the lense of the word of God,real men have self control.
Let me let you know at this juncture that God hates violence, I mean violence of any form ranging from serious verbal to physical assault. The only person we are allowed to bruise his big head, wipe his  dirty ‘ass’ and crush like a bug is the Devil and his cronies . The bible didn’t only permit us to deal with him brutally but it commands us to crush and squeeze life out of him.. and sparing him is a sin and it comes with a huge consequence . Therefore beating your beloved spouse is a demonic act and it’s highly unacceptable. In fact you lose your right and position in the family or relationship the moment you do that. Please divert that burning energy and strength to fight the devil and don’t forget that our weapons of warfare are not  carnal….
Personally I don’t think God is got any issue with anger–well-controlled anger.Ephesians 4:26 “Be angry but sin not”. Anger is just an evidence that your are human but your actions when you are angry reflects how mature you really are. Contrary to the popular opinion,I don’t think God was mad at Moses simply because he lacked some vital anger management skills, He gave him such sensitive responsibility knowing fully well his shortcomings,God was actually working with him even with his terrible anger issues for years without any trace of commotion, in fact he was honoured  by God with the title “The meekest man on the surface of the earth in his own generation”, God spoke to him face to face as a man speaks with his friend.. .  A real man knows how best to manage himself when he feels uncalm like a raging sea inside. It was  Moses’ action when he was pissed off and pushed to the wall by the stiffed neck congregation of ungrateful souls that cost him what he had laboured for all his life.  “Moses didn’t get to the promise land not because he was angry, rather he lost it simply because he struck the Rock twice! The Rock was CHRIST (see how protective God could be when it come to Jesus).

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He still gets emotional and protective about his own, He still gets furious if you dare strike the Rock again. Whatever you do to your wife or partner whom CHRIST died for, you have done to CHRIST Himself, whatever say to your man whom CHRIST lives in you have  said exactly to the Rock! how dare you strike the Rock brethren? It cost Moses his life and destiny though under the dispensation of the law even though we are all under the umbrella of Grace now. God’s feelings and disposition about it remains the same… Right now I can assure you that if you stike the Rock again though God might not strike you dead as it was in the old. I promise it gonna cost you something great for you have just invited  the devil into your life, knowing fully well he only comes to do nothing other than kill, steal and destroy.
Receive Grace to be a better person in your marriage and relationships.
Thanks and God bless you richly!

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