My Four Major Lessons From Acrimony Movie


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Anything on screen freaks me out save for football games, musicals and other inspirational contents. Movies are not my thing as I will only visit the cinema when I am with very close friends who insist on visiting one (I do this at best two times yearly). So, do not assume I am a movie blogger who does reviews and analyse movies passionately. Some valuable friends advised me to see Acrimony by the legendary Tyler Perry and I finally obliged few weeks ago.


Even though this movie is not my kind of movie (adrenaline pumping), it got into the innermost chamber of my emotions and messed it up big time. It was a blend of anger, pity, joy and sadness all in the space of two hours. Believe me, you do not need to be smart to garner myriads of life lessons from this well-crafted work of art.


I know those of you who have seen it, learnt a lot from it and they are worth sharing so I would share a few of mine with you and I hope they would be of utmost benefit.



“Virtue is the fount whence honour springs.” Christopher Marlowe


I am a stickler for honour. I believe anything you do not honour is permitted to leave your life.


Honour is the recognition and appreciation of what a man carries and represents. It has nothing to do with your feelings but has everything to do with the depth of your revelation and discernment about the man in your life. Even when the person does not fit in physically, honour sees what God sees. Honour doesn’t look after the flesh.


In this movie, I believe the first mistake Robert made was getting married to a woman who loves him rather than one who honours him. Personally, I feel most of Melinda’s words were fueled by dishonour should be a great cause for worry for any visionary man. He was also blind to obvious vibes of dishonour streaming down from his in-laws and chose to dive into the murky water of a malnourished marriage oblivious of the wreckage ahead.


On the other hand, he had seen the sponsor of his lifelong dream; he controlled the heart of a woman who seemingly was his password to the strong room, who was housing all the money he needed to bring his “Gayle Wind Force Battery” into fruition and as a smart street nigga, he was never going to let that slip away. How I wish he knew that only thorns survive in the garden of dishonour. I wish I could tell him ‘Brother, a poor woman who honours you is more useful to your purpose than a little brat with nothing but the leftover from her departed parents.’

Photo Credit : Acrimony Movie


According to scriptures, the primary need of any purpose driven man is Honour (from his wife) and the basic need of any virtuous woman is Love (from her husband).


Ephesians 5:33 KJV

“Nevertheless, let every one of you in particular so LOVE his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she REVERENCE her husband.”


Colossians 3:18-19 KJV

“Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord. [19] Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.”


Hello feminist, there is a way you don’t talk to real men and there are words you don’t release to your man. So, if you cannot honour him, DO NOT MARRY HIM!


I acknowledge the altruism of Melinda; She gave her strength, time, money and everything she knew how to give but I wish she had given what would have cost her nothing; HONOUR



Photo Credit : AcrimonyMovie

Genesis 2:24 KJV

“Therefore, shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”


If you cannot leave your family for your spouse, then you are not qualified to marry someone. Don’t bring your unfinished family business into your newly created garden. If you are not done with your families yet, please stay with them!


Melinda’s siblings did a major disservice to their sister’s home and life in all spheres. They refused to stay out of contact thereby contaminating the fountain of bliss in the tender garden. If there is no leaving, the cleaving process cannot be complete, making peace and productivity impossible.


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Social media is a value adding tool and I am a beneficiary of the blessings that come with these technological innovations. Social media has laudably made it possible that anyone can be a certified content creator. However, it is sad that many only dish out toxic meal for the soul of their victims (audience).


One thing I love about social media platforms is the fact that you can choose the content you want to consume. You can also unfriend, unfollow, block, delete and even uninstall.


The destructive monster in Melinda was fed and fuelled by the Facebook timeline of Diana. The more she uploaded those pictures, the more intoxicated and awoken her destructive monster got. I strongly believe the weight of their sufferings would have been lighter only if Diana had uploaded less and if Melinda had simply unfollowed. It would not have been out of place both parties had stayed off social media entirely.


Despite that I follow many inspiring people across all my social media platforms, I still guard my heart anytime I visit the social market. And it’s very easy for me to block, unfollow, mute or unfriend any brand or individual that dares to walk the street of my mind with his or her dirty feet.


Photo Credit : Acrimony Movie

“To be angry is to revenge the faults of others on ourselves.”–Alexander   Pope


I can cope with people with a wide spectrum of persons with diverse behavioural deficiencies. However, I cannot stand a furious soul no matter how beautiful or skilled the person is. I feel folks with temper issues, are demonized and should either be avoided or exorcised. (We treated this exclusively in our previous post and I advise you check it out here The Kind Of People You Should Not Date (Part 2)


Melinda lost her womb, home, joy, peace and ultimately her life because she always chose to be a victim of her broken emotions. She tried to justify her ‘animalistic’ conduct by drawing solace from her husband’s imperfections, little did she know that our response and reactions to issues is not governed by prevailing events but by the state of our minds.


I really enjoyed writing this post and if you enjoy what you have just read please do not leave this page without dropping your comment. Secondly, do not forget that there is love in sharing so do not hesitate to share this post with your friends.









16 thoughts on “My Four Major Lessons From Acrimony Movie”

  1. If you choose to marry him, settled that before you start that it is for better and worst. Divorce as an option never solved anything…. It solves Nothing… And true: Honour Him…. Honour Him…. Honour Him….

    Thanks Rockefeller for this…. I enjoyed reading it too.

  2. I almost perceived you as a f***ing sexist . However ,after reading 15 of your post at random , I discovered you are nothing short of a huge blessing to this generation. You are amazing and strangely annoited .
    This is it !

    1. Thanks so much for being a blessing to me too. Your comment really mean much to me .

      Trust me , I am not a sexist in anyway … I am a son of God !

      15 post in a day ! This made me feel like a god.
      Thanks so much once again for your time and kind words.

  3. You’ve done better justice than twitter,lol.
    The infusion of the word of God does the difference right?(not a question)
    Exaggeration of two peoples place in each others lives is always very disastrous(young couples find out soon enough) is what I think happened here. They both did, there was no definition of their roles in their union whatsoever and then they later started demanding for some imaginary responsibility from each other which led to the whole long story.
    Honour and Love it is like you’ve rightly put.
    The only problem is who are you loving and honouring?
    Thank you very much and God bless you Sir.
    Keep it coming!

  4. These lessons are valid and well written. However, I’d like to disagree a little with the first. It’s true she was supposed to honor her husband but let’s come to understand her. She’s a human being and let’s be frank, with time, it all disappeared and the respect ran along with it. So let’s not be quick to blame her on that one, she probably isn’t a Christian that we will say God will give her strength to keep on honoring and respecting her husband.

    I know you are not sexist but most of the lessons only showed where the woman missed it of which I’m with you on all of them. But I believe lessons from the man’s mistakes should have been discussed. There are important lessons to learn from him also.

    Well written by the way. God bless you.

  5. Hello. This is my first time on your blog.
    Your post has some errors and please don’t back such wrong points with the scriptures.

    Both of them have faults.

    When he was young, his first fault was cheating on Melinda (Taraji) with Diana. He provoked Melinda so bad that she rammed her car into his home which caused a major consequence in her life (the inability to reproduce). You don’t CHEAT in a relationship whether you’re a man or a woman …IT IS BAD!!! His fault WAS CHEATING ON HER! She had no fault because she acted like the human being she is. (Don’t tell me she overreacted. It was her way of letting the anger out. Different people, different act, what would you have done in a situation like that? ).

    As a man and the head of a home, it is your job to fend for the family. Melinda asking him to get a job was a good thing. Imagine if her mother’s wealth wasn’t there and imagine if Melinda had decided not to work, they’ll both be broke. But irrespective of the man’s inability to realize that he is a man, she still stuck with him. His fault WAS NOT BEING A MAN BY GETTING A JOB! Her fault WAS PUTTING UP WITH HIS LAZY ASS!!

    A woman wants to have her own children, but Melinda couldn’t. She must have regrets to why she reacted the way she did but the movie didn’t show it …so we’re sticking with what played out in the movie.
    Years of defending her husband from negativity (family and probably friends) and still encouraging him on his batteries. There is an extend to how much a person can put up with another person. Normally, if a person disappoints you 2-3times, you’ll loose all hope in that person. But Melinda didn’t. Instead, she stayed because she LOVED him. She loved him so much even tho he was not yielding any result.
    Like the Bible says: I will give a man a woman to complete him when he has yielded result I.e when he is complete according to God’s own standards(I’m paraphrasing) …that is my standard (…God speaking).
    His fault is NOT YIELDING RESULTS AND NOT CHANGING HIS STRATEGY TO ACHIEVE THE SAME RESULT (if the first strategy doesn’t work, CHANGE IT and keep CHANGING IT until it yields the results you desire).

    She couldn’t take the REPROACH anymore and decided to divorce him. He begged her not to divorce him with nothing to make her stay. Finally the got divorced.
    I would say she has no fault here. But as a Christian, her fault WAS DIVORCING THE MAN!
    When you are married before God, you honour your vow “till death do us part”. She didn’t honour her vow because her husband gave her no reason to hold on to the marriage.

    Finally BREAKTHROUGH!!! At last, his batteries worked. He came back to appreciate Melinda for all the things she has done for him (…Blah! Blah!! Blah!!!), then gave her a cheque of $10million. Yes he appreciated her well like a grateful man should …but not in this type of conditions:
    This is a woman that took insults from her family, this is a woman that he deprived her the joy of childbearing, this is a woman that slaved(worked multiple jobs) for his unemployed ass, this is a woman that kept on encouraging him when no one would; and he thinks a cheque of $10m would solve everything? HELL NO!!!!!!
    Her fault WAS NOT LETTING GO! Sometimes it is hard to let go when you know you’ve been through hardship and yet no reward …the pain will torment you for years if you don’t let go fast and that was what happened to Melinda.

    He went back to the girl(Diana) he cheated on Melinda with and lived his life the way him and Melinda planned it. You’ll see parts in the movie when Melinda kept on saying things like: that’s our boat, that’s my wedding dress, …etc.

    She tried hustling him back. She was always on Diana’s TL (notifications were on for anytime Diana posts) which made her get filled with ANGER the more she kept on seeing someone enjoy her life. Finally she acted out, a woman ANGRY and DESPERATE to get her life back went to court but lost and she decided to take it by force which led her into committing ATTEMPT MURDER! And later she died.
    Her fault WAS NOT LETTING GO! It is hard to let go but she would have done it to save herself from death.
    His fault WAS NOT STICKING WITH THE VOW HE MADE TO HER! He knew she was in pain, he knew she hustled for him, he knew that without her, he wouldn’t be where he is, he knew he was the cause of her infertility but what did he do? HE WALKED AWAY, leaving her to herself and GOD!

    Forget that thing you call HONOUR. If he wanted honour, he should have stepped up in his role as a MAN, as a PROVIDER and as a PROTECTOR.

    Your post about this movie is trashy and if you don’t approve my comment for everyone to see then you’re biased and a sexist.

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback and I am glad you read it to the end . Secondly,you are such a good writer and I hope to read more of your work.

      I will surely approve your comments ,you put so much work in that and I appreciate it.

    1. Thanks so much for the accolades . Blogging is pretty easy especially when you have amazing audience like you. Much love and respect!

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