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Disclaimer : This is sequel to the previous article (Chilled but useless). We advise you read it before this for better understanding. 

This is the other side of the coin from the same  scenario in ‘Chilled but useless’. However, it  is from another perspective; it’s a piece birthed after looking through a superior lenses . One event, different views and numerous lessons. 

Even though the water was frozen, that didn’t take away the hydrating potency in the water. It  may look useless at the particular point but in the real sense, it is still precious and valuable only if exposed to the right  environment(exposed to warn atmosphere or dropped in a bowl of water at room temperature or above) … 

The real God’s investment in it would find expression, it just a question of time.
If our mindset is the direct reflection of  the quality of our environment, then a right environmental condition is the antidote to wrong mindset. It’s that simple! 

This is the truth : GOD DID NOT CREATE ANYTHING WITHOUT A SPECIFIC PURPOSE (every man is created to solve a specific problem even if the man looks like a problem going somewhere to happen). Just like the frozen water, ‘useless’  will turn ‘useful’ if exposed to the right environmental condition and given some time.  The  right environmental condition will eventually make a global asset out of a community liability in no time.Trust me, it will. 

According to recent study,  people living in particular ghetto were relocated to one of the most opulent suburb  on an island with same mind(set)…. The flush environs turned  ghetto in just few decades. The result confirms this  fact: the most important factor in any environment is the quality of people living in the environment. If we hang around great minds, the greatness in us will find expression effortlessly.  

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I strongly believe that anyone that crosses our path as we journey through life either has something to teach us or learn from us. In most cases, both teaching and learning happen simultaneously . It’s called INFLUENCE

 You are not an  ordinary person;You are a change agent (only if you think otherwise) . If you are in Christ , then you have been influenced  by the chief influencer himself (Holy Spirit). Everyone has something to offer, so, you can’t afford to be passive and leave folks with wrong mindset the same way you  meet them. No, WE CAN  NOT . I have noticed that most minds are wrongly set because the change agents around ignore or avoid(judge) them instead of impacting them. Light doesn’t  avoid darkness – -it invades it. The whole world crave our manifestation like desert long for dews. We are the environment they need;the atmosphere they have been waiting for(even unconsciously)! 

We are the salt and light of this world (not the church), this shows that our real audience do have  different mindset from us….their mind are wrongly set, especially on issues concerning  our core values . Jesus also instructed us not be passive. Light and salt are environments on their own (so are we) . 

Virtues don’t thrive in darkness only vices do. As long as the light remains passive, darkness reigns . The strongest whirlwind can’t drive out darkness,… Only light can. So flip on the switch and illuminate your environment!

 Once upon a time, a ‘useless’ uneducated, timid fishermen whose mind was wrongly set turned a global public speaker and  world renowned preacher who held thousands of people spellbound in less than 3 year of exposure to the right environment called JESUS.Peter did the impossible and became god ‘overnight’. People had to confirm that he had been with Jesus. Same geographical  location different environment. 

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Way back in 1876, a 28 years old red-haired and blue-eyed beautiful lady left her  comfort zone(Scotland)  for Southern Nigeria just to be the right environment needed  to defrost the frozen and demonic mindset of people which encouraged genocide in the name of tradition. Mary Mitchell Slessor and her team infiltrated the culture and liquefied the wrong mindsets of the whole Efik community by the power of God’s love. She endured the rainforest, the wild animals, the language barrier and the terrible malaria which finally took her life (13 Jan 1915).Mary and other unsung heroes chose to be the right environment, they embraced  Africa even in her  frozen(useless ) state. They laboured tirelessly because they were compelled by the love of the Father and humanity .I can’t imagine what Africa will look like now without the sacrifice of some selfless missionaries few centuries ago. 

To be honest, we are all products of influences, we are bags of impacts  by thousands of others. People had sacrificed at different phases of our lives and in different areas, that is the reason some of us feel we are better than others. The bottom line is  – no one is “self made”, no, not one! People who use this term are almost certainly trying to perpetuate some sort of self aggrandizing myth that nurture their fragile ego and helps them masquerade as  heroic white Knights. Mr Self-made, there is only one God you are not him! 

As a teenager within the four walls of University of Benin. I was a certified nuisance. Even though I just got saved,I was nothing but a saved dweeb who lacked every sense of direction in life. My mind was wrongly set(if set at all).I seemed useless even to myself.
 However, some people loved God enough to show me God’s love. They defrosted  the mental ice with their warmth and love. They choose to become the right environment and passionately exposed me to themselves. 
Trust me, if I dare write out their names,you will get bored because this piece will be endless. Men who prayed and fasted for me day and night, people who fed me with God’s Word, folks who  gave me books and exposed me to responsibilities  just to see me grow. I was mentored and coached for free(I still enjoy some of their mentorship even as you read this). God kind of love is a huge sacrifice and it’s transformational. 

 God will never forget your  labour of love even when people do. He will surely reward you richly for the investment. 

God has called us into the ministry of reconciliation, we are equipped to equip others, we are blessed so we can be a blessing to our circle of influence. 
 Here is the balance : I strongly advise you don’t let emotions cloud your judgement, don’t get married or have a huge business deal with those with frozen mindset. However, you are to love them enough and help them grow in that particular area of life. 
I won’t know if this makes sense to you if you don’t hit the comment section below. Don’t forget to touch a life today by sharing this with your friends. 

Your Ranting friend, 

Olatunji Rockdweller. 



27 thoughts on “FROZEN YET USEFUL ”

  1. “even though the water was frozen, that didn’t take away the hydrating potency in the water”, that pretty much sums it all up. The love of God we have in us melts the ice in them and causes them to be rivers of living water just as we became ourselves when we accepted Christ(john 4:10,14) . Just reciprocate the love that was shown you by brethren who loved you enough to bring you to the light.
    There is only one kind of love and that is Gods. There’s no other type. Don’t say I wanna show them ” tough love” esp in the case of family members. If the missionaries had that kind of mentality then only God knows what would have become of Africa. Never give up on anyone. Keep banging that ice on the wall, keep shedding light on it till it melts (Hebrews 4:12). His grace is sufficient.
    I like how you did a sequel before they say we preach “rebuke message” the light shines, shows the stains, and then chases the darkness (2 timothy 3:16) That how we do. That’s God, that’s love.
    Another great piece sir, God bless you.

  2. nice one bro. environment place a vital role in our lives and destiny. the same hot water that makes an egg strong makes the potato soft; its either you influence your environment or your environment influences you

  3. Nice one. Understand your point. God didn’t create anyone useless it takes the right environment and individuals to unlock the latent frozen potential. I see you #Influence.

  4. We are the light of the world. Let our lights therefore shine, that men will see. We would keep illuminating, Dominating and Shinning forth!!!….
    Great and timely piece

  5. As long as light remains passive,darkness reigns…meh this wisdom will make my face to shine this night even while I sleep,thanks brother more grace.

  6. Thanks bro for this awesome piece. Even though we influence people passively by our lifestyle, we’d do well to also become more intentional about it, for “as long as our lights remain passive, darkness reigns”. Word!!!

  7. Nice read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing some research on that. And he just bought me lunch as I found it for him smile Therefore let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!

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