Get Lean

“The irony of the human condition is that it is the narrow gate to life. Few find it because they are too fearful to look ” — RJ Blizzard

The phrase ‘get lean’ swam into the ocean of my mind while having a conversation with a great friend. He wrote: “the journey ahead requires leanness.” I read that a few times and began to mediate on the uncommon phrase. It has been one of my guarding light since then.

As I pondered on these lines, Matthew 7:14 walked into the corridor of my imagination:

“But the gate is narrow (contracted by pressure), and the way is straitened and compressed that leads away to life, and few are those who find it.” (Matthew 7:14 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition).

Your entrance into the gate of greatness, requires a high level of leanness. You cannot afford to go with all your excesses, you need to deliberately put aside whatever and whoever is not necessary for the journey ahead and lay down those things and relationships that are potent enough to weigh you down. The journey is very long, so you must learn to travel light.

The first principle of productivity requires that you streamline your strength and attention to a few tasks per time. To produce more, pruning must be engaged:

“Every branch in me that beareth not fruit, he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he prunes it, that it may bring forth more fruit” (John 15:2).

The word “prune” means to cut off some of the branches (of a tree or bush) so that it will grow better or look better: to reduce (something) by removing parts that are not necessary or wanted.

Every generator is limited by its capacity (KVA). You are equally designed with limited abilities. To maximize your potential, you need to invest your energies strictly on needful and productive tasks; Deliberately Prune Your Life.
You cannot afford to live a drained life because you are trying to keep up with every activity around you. Do not wear out yourself trying to reach out to everyone around you. Remember, everyone is not part of your assignment.

Sometimes, it is smart to ask God first before we jump into the stormy water to save someone. I strongly feel there is a season where you need to differentiate people who are assigned to you from those who are attached to you (and vice versa). Be smart!

I recently got involved in some time-consuming projects and immediately I knew I would be useless to myself and probably my generation if I dare keep up with all my previous responsibilities and duties. I counted my cost as I began to cut down many activities (including writing and reading) even as I adjusted to cope with my new phase. Some acquaintances misinterpreted me and that is fine. Do I owe anybody an explanation? Hell no!

I believe I can do all things through Christ that empowers me. However, I do not believe I am empowered to do everything. I cannot help everybody, I am too weak to be a great friend to everyone, I can’t afford to attend every great conference, I will not reply every chat and respond to every mail and calls. I can’t even remember every birthday. I cannot attend every wedding ceremony and birthday party, in fact, I might even forget to keep some of my promises (I will always try to keep my words though but do not forget that I am human).

Life is short, and I have got to live it well. I want to trim down enough to run through the narrow gate of destiny without breaking a sweat.

Professors are masters of specific (narrow) field of study. I want to invest my energy, time and resources to the very narrow field I am called to dominate. I am not ashamed to be a novice in your field, I might be clueless about the trendy fashion shows and reality TV shows, but I won’t be caught at the gate with excessive loads and burden.

Writing this wasn’t easy but it was worth it . Do you feel inspired by this piece? If Yes. Kindly drop your email and let me know you were blessed and do not forget to share .

Have a great weekend ahead.

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