Glorious Chaos

Photo Credit : Sr Julia

This is a story of one soul in two bodies.
It was a relationship goal for everybody.
Hormones were rushing yet they kept taming the lust of their bodies.
Even in this crooked and perverse generation,
they chose to honour God with their bodies
Bro Jay kept dreaming of that day when he would rip the hymen without guilt and without the fear of nobody
Date picked,
event planned
and it was a joy for everybody

2 months to the D-Day, thick darkness fell.
Love simmered into pain and everything tasted like dried hay.
Everything went south when the wedding was just in mid-May.
She grew lean and pale daily because her greatest fear had feasted on her anyway.
Gradually, she sank into depression until life brought her to her bay.

Photo Credit: Rocio Ortiz Art

Joseph couldn’t handle her silence any longer so he forcefully demanded an explanation.
She spoke about a man who baptized her in the pool of salutation
She whimpered: “The man called me blessed and highly favoured so he earned my rare attention.”
“I am going to carry a baby which is unlikely going to be yours and that is my confusion.”

Joseph yelled: “He is sure a manipulator and a rapist and I will make sure he lands very soon in detention.”

Mary replied: “I don’t think so, because the Holy Ghost supplied the semen without sexual relations.”

Joseph Screamed: “Babe, will you shut your mouth! This is purely a mental aberration!”

(He walked out and slammed the door)

Mary’s Thoughts:

This is no longer looking like God because his blessings shouldn’t be mixed with sorrow
The path of the just is supposed to shine brighter and brighter even if it’s narrow.

This God is careless about my feelings and reputation. It’s obvious he cares more about the sparrows.
This God has sent me to battle without weapons and I am exposed to my enemy’s arrows.
I am here confused and hopeless like a prisoner being led to the gallows.
He said the glory will overshadow me but I don’t feel or see anything, or is his glory a shadow?

Photo Credit: Amyvanleiden

Then the angel to Joseph:

“The child in her womb is not just a child, but the word himself
He is the seed of God, I mean he is God Himself
You will not understand until you let go of yourself
Even Mary can’t fathom what is happening so she can’t explain herself
So this is not the time to breakup with her, instead, love, support and give her all of yourself
Oga, this is not the time to be heartbroken it’s a season of glory so pick up yourself.”

Joseph obeyed even while a myriad of questions kept running through his mind.
He became a babysitter, provider and a protector even though the baby wasn’t his own.
He shut down his business to give maximum attention to Mary,
he probably survived on loans.
His faith was questioned, reputation smeared, he was practically on his own.
Pushed out of the synagogue as a fornicator, even to his friends and family, he was disowned.
Just to protect the vision, he let go of his comfortable apartment for a manger he didn’t even own.

Photo Credit : Joseph The dreamer

Finally, the water broke; the only reason we can stand forgiven.
For unto us a child is born and unto us, the Messiah has been given.
He is an eternal gift and till eternity, he will keep giving.
He is the price for our sins and his stripes guarantees our healing.
Herod tried but he couldn’t handle him and guess what, he is still living.
The justification that brings us peace was all his idea and making
I know I am the righteousness of Christ Jesus, trust me,
I ain’t daydreaming.

Photo Credit : Joseph The dreamer

He was born just to die and pay for our atrocities
It’s crazy to know that God suffered, not just on the cross, he also suffered in the hands of humanity
Father of all spirit being breastfed by mere mortality.

We enjoyed the sins yet he endured the cross; a sacrifice only within HIS ability.

He defeated (by KO) the devil before his audience (in hell), got the key of death and password to kingdom prosperity.
Yeah, we have the keys now and the doors are wide open even till eternity.
We now walk upon scorpions and serpents without fear because we are now shareholders of his ability.

Merry Christmas from me to you. God bless you richly in this season and beyond. May you receive strength to go through the process required for your manifestation.

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11 thoughts on “Glorious Chaos”

  1. I felt his pain
    “He became a babysitter, provider and a protector even though the baby wasn’t his own”.”he let go of his comfortable apartment for a manger he didn’t even own.”
    Good job dear

  2. Wow. Glory be told God. This piece is such a Christmas blessing. I love the perspective you took here. Many of us always say he is the reason for the season. That is very very true. However, we are the reason for the reason… God bless you Tunji. Merry Christmas

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