Who the hell do you think you are, dude? 

I am not one of  those who allow you rule their world freely without restrictions 

How I wish they know embracing you is worse than the  results they dread 

What a shame to see kings bow their knees before your grotesque throne 

A Grotesque throne laden with negative vibes and toxic imaginations 

It is still unthinkable to see priests burning incense just to worship you 

They die before their death and melt before even the heat 
Hey Mr. worry … When shall you stop bullying the sons of men? 

When shall your tyranny reign come to an end? 

I don’t know much but I know this:

You are nothing but that lifeless roaring shadow

Roaring shadow that will never experience the terror of war or the thrill of Victory 

You are that little, imaginary fly clangoring even louder than the young lion:

Young lion that exists nowhere but within the confines of the mind 

I choose not to be moved by a faceless voice devoid of identity 

I won’t break a sweat on a shadow waiting earnestly for my assistance to act 

I dare you to prove that you exist without my actions (out of emotions ) 

Show me that you can be harmful without my contributions (words out of fear) 

Hey dude, how dare you exchange my lenses with a magnifying lens? 

You project a tiny crust of test as a huge mountain of problem 

You label a little rat the mighty devouring tiger 

A handful of tests look like million hectares of problem 

You only show me my bag of flaws and ignore my endless ocean of strengths 

You flaunt the only ‘unanswered prayer’ and ignore the myriads of testimony I never prayed about. 

 You make people feel they are unserious if they don’t yield to your pressure 

You want me to sound defiant, even petulant for things I do not have 

You want me tightening my jaws pacing the corridors of my mistakes murmuring about what could have been 

You make me clench my fist as I drown in the pool of my fears:. Terrified about the results yet unveiled

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You love to sell fears of what could go wrong 

Wrongs that are still planets apart 

Why should my heartbeat cease before I die ? 

Why should my heart race ahead of time? 

Why should I fear that which film itself around me but doesn’t exist ? 

Why should I resort to weariness that is too heavy for my shoulder? 

Why should my health fall under the gravity of stress? 

Why should I adopt complaints and murmuring as my anthem ? 

Why should depression be my signature? 

Why have I been so foolish? 
You want me to shrink before my situation like a little defeated animal, but you fail! 

Why should I place myself below the rung where I truly belong? 

Why…. Why…. Why and why? 
 Your pungent smell invites the flies of negativity 

You are the dew of depressed uncertainty even when there is a way out 

You are the scary handwriting on the wall that impregnates the palace with terror 

You are the annoying, deafening rants of the giant oppressing for 40 days and 40 nights 

You are that voice that says “you are way less  valuable than the sparrow” 

 Sadly, many kiss you even with your bag of vices 

 You both lay side by side bare skinned with you and your tactics 

 Yet they wonder why they are either barren or birth dozens of problems 

They are draw solace from being called ‘serious’ and ‘ambitious’ even when they creak under thy weight 
Hey, I belong to the careless tribe and zero-worry clan 

My brain is not designed to be troubled… It’s customized for just thinking 

Thinking and meditating about whatsoever things that are just, lovely and positive 

I am a product of grace and I can never be disadvantaged 

Protected beyond terror and designed only for his glory 

I am a water-walker who cares less about the raging storm 

I am the bold lion that charges toward the armoured giant with just five pieces of smooth stones

When I am celebrated,  I am fine

And when it rains on my parade, I am still very fine 

I am very cool even when I can only feel the opposite 

I have chosen to let God’s Word be true and everything else a lie including emotions 

Warriors do not worry… They think and strategize 

125 thoughts on “MR WORRY UNCLOTHED ”

  1. At the other side of our worry is that life that we want….worry is like a rocking chair; it’s rocks you back and forth but never moves you forward

  2. At the other side of our worry is the life we want. Worry is like a rocking chair. Rocks you back and forth but leads you no where.
    Nice one bro

  3. At the other side of our worry is the life we want. Worry is like a rocking chair. Rocks you back and forth but leads you no where.
    Nice one bro

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