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Hello Whirlwind, 

I was told, you blow no man no good 

Ain’t no man…. I am the Rockdweller! 

Pull all your strings and give your best shot… Hit me harder than this … I pray thee 

Let’s your rage blow off these dirt and junks 

Blow harder and smoothen these rough edges 

Hit me violently and let the better me be revealed

Hit me and hit me until a stronger me is unveiled 

Don’t stop, I beg thee until my beauty is seen by all

I am covered by the right hand of Christ the Rock

In him I live, move and have my being… Yeah, I am the Rockdweller! 

Please hit me harder until I am finer 

Hello time, 

Oh time, you can tick and run for all I care

You are great bully and I know it

You  yell and oppress men with your endless counts and clicks 

I am immune to your infections and deaf to your deafening cry

I will hold on to his unfailing promised without tinge of nebulous doubt 

My needs were made available even before time came into begin 

And his grace and love can’t be frustrated in time 

My faith is planted in his word not this hanging wall clock 

Hey fella, once upon a time there was no time. 

Hello Pressure, 

Like dew from heaven, drenched me without mercy 

Deploy your best hands I pray thee 

Fire purifies the gold and pressure refines diamonds 

Let my muscles quake under the burden of your pain 

The pain that sees my sweats flow like rivers

Then my  capacity will be stretched and expanded 

And  I will see a new me emerge from this cocoon of self 

Then, I shall humble myself to gain wisdom 

I will embrace her and she shall honour me 

Then I will shed off my weaknesses and pick up his strengths 

I will come out stronger … Stronger than this ranting giant 

I will slay nations without panting or gasping for air 

My bones shall be as strong as steel 

My muscles like that of the Roman warriors 

Come pressure, come faster and turn this water to wine 

Come pressure and bring out diamonds from this dust 

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Hello Lion, 

I heard, you are the King of the jungle 

I am the Rockdweller… I dwell not in jungles 

I was told you don’t turn away from any 

Hey Lion, do I look like any? Oh no, I am a god! 

So, Come with your pride(gangs) and roar g

This is not your best… You can roar louder than this

Roar until these unplanted thorns are uprooted 

Roar until unfriendly friends deserts this zone 

I permit you to pounce on unlicensed occupants and take them for lunch 

Stay, roar but don’t over stay your welcome 

Roar and take care of these wrong influences

Clear off the pessimistic minds and negative vibes 

Else…. I roast you with my anger 

And bury you in my rage 

You can only roar at them… You shall sing for me like birds 

Because, Inside me is the Lion of the tribe of Judah 

And he roars through me whenever I open my mouth 

He dwells in me and I dwell him too

I am his chosen real Estate where he dwells yet he is my refuge and citadel 

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Hello Giants, 

Please rant like it’s your last because it is

Rants louder until soldiers run into caves for safety 

Let it break the Internet and let the crowd gather 

Rant louder and louder… For your end is near(enjoy the moment) 

Rant louder oh you giant and enjoy your last moment

The day is gloomy and dark 

Your fear had formed clouded and obstruct the ray of light 

Am I the only one who sees the hole in your shining armour? 

I see grasshopper yet you terrify  our warriors even our king 

You threaten our freedom, hope and dream 

Hey dude, these small and fragile hands have strangled bears and slayed Lions 

Hey guy… Just know these :

In no time, I will raise your big head in victory like trophy 

And very soon your body shall be  viands  for these wandering vultures 

Rant loud  until your people turn slaves unto us

I will run towards you without arrow, without armour yet without fear

I will dash towards you with just these smooth stones yet with class and confidence 

Dear Giant, your people will wince and flee because you will be gone

You will be long gone just  like yesterday 

You shall fall so hard and the earth with cringe under your weight 

Rant loud oh Giants for in you I have found cheap publicity 

Rants on oh Giants, for I shall be greatly reward just by your great fall.

11 thoughts on “HELLO ”

  1. …you are great bully and I know it…
    Hmmmm, the many “Hellos” have got so much to offer. Look beyond the threats and focus on your dreams. Wow! I’ve just said a new quote.
    ?? for you LagosDaddy… ???
    More Knowlege and Wisdom i pray for thee…

  2. Hi Rockdweller,
    I just want you to know how much you are blessing us right here in our darkest moment in life. We draw strength from here even as we see things crumble briskly.
    Hello Hurricane…. We are the Rockdwellers!

  3. Hi Rockdweller,
    I just want you to know how much you are blessing us right here in our darkest moment in life. We draw strength from here even as we see things crumble briskly.
    Hello Hurricane…. We are the Rockdwellers!

    1. Thanks so much Ann for lighting up my day even in your darkest moment.
      Our hearts and prayers are with you at this point. We speak to storm and it obeys. Be good and live like you are loved and valuable.
      Jesus is gat your back.
      Much love.

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