How To Be Confident (2)

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This is very underrated especially in African society. Service is any activity that adds value to humanity. Inactivity can be very boring, exhausting and emotionally draining. However, activity without value, is a crime.
Treat idleness like a demonic attack and service as partnership with God because, they both affect your confidence level and life in ways you can never imagine.

For me, the real danger of unemployment isn’t being broke because employed folks get broke often too (especially in Nigeria). The main danger is the fact that it ushers you into idleness which is the devil’s workshop and leaves you broken. Whenever you are not in service, you rebel against the divine order of creation because in the grand scheme of things we are all designed to serve. Refusal to serve exposes you to the devil and there are only three things he does well: Stealing, killing and destroying. The first treasure the devil loves to steal, kill and destroy in your life, is your confidence because when that crashes, every other thing goes down with it so you must be smart to protect it by doing what you have to such as volunteering your services pro bono, reading books, pray or learn something.

The years I spent in prison outreach and visitation, played an important role in catalysing my confidence level. Every time I walked into the prison to inspire, preach, counsel or train, exchange happens. I always walk out of those huge iron bars better than I walked in.

I have made a few pennies from writing but definitely not from this blog as it is the outreach arm of my life. Each piece I birth here upgrades my life in a way you can’t imagine. As I give my time, energy and resources to this course, I feel happier and in turn, it impacts my confidence level. I totally understand why the scripture says it is way better to give than to receive. Givers receive something intangible yet undeniable. I encourage you create more outlets in your life and see how your life is imparted.
What do you think it feels like to know your blog has been read in more than 60 countries? How about those humbling comments? What do you think they will do to my confidence? If I feel any reduction in my confidence tank, I can get on my blog and read just comments and I would be fine or I check the inflow from other outlets.


“Do not let their accolades enter your head nor their criticism enter your heart”…

The first time I saw the quote above, I loved it and I still do. However, I believe the only way to protect your heart from criticism is to allow accolades to flow freely into your head. This might sound heretical to your religious mind, but I beg you to find a way to believe me.

Beloved, the mind is the battlefield and thoughts (formed by words), are the soldiers; accolades and criticisms are active warriors and whichever party wins, is reflected in your confidence level which can be badly injured if criticism is dominant in your heart probably as a child or when you had no capacity to choose which or whose report to allow into your skull. It’s only logical to recruit as many accolades as possible to go to war on your behalf when the need arises. It is said if you live on their accolades, you will die of their criticisms. My dear, you are almost dead because of their criticisms; Be smart enough to pay any price to get your accolades somewhere else. Just get it!
You need all the compliments you can get and please let them be well preserved in your head. However, make sure they are genuine and pure as flattery is another shade of criticism that needs to be attacked. The best way to get accolades is by constantly adding value.

Daniel once spoke about how influential I am, Osita spoke about my humility and heart for service, Owanate regards the accuracy of my prophetic gifts, Richard talks about my business decision making skills, Ken says I have an amazing teaching gift, the list is endless and I believe all of them, All.
Lastly, learn to receive compliments with thanksgiving. Each time someone gives you a compliment of any sort, simply say, Thank you. Do not return a compliment to that person at the same time. This helps you to be real and also allows you to fully receive and own the compliment instead of deflecting it, as most people do. “You look good” should be received by Thank you you don’t have to say you look good too (you are not an empty hall that echoes).

Confident people consider it an embarrassment to be thrown back compliment. Be courteous!

If you actually understood the post you just read then you will understand the importance of dropping a comment. In addition, Sharing this post with your friends on other social media platforms (tag me if you can ) is another act of services too. Let’s practice what we just read…lol

14 thoughts on “How To Be Confident (2)”

  1. Wow!!! Your content are rich juicy. This got me”You need all the compliments you can get and please let them be well preserved in your head.” The best way to get accolades is by constantly adding value.”
    My sincere wish is that delilah will not end this part of ur life.Ephesians6:13-17 is my prayer 4u.God bless you abundantly.Am solidly behind you

  2. Wow.. . Another amazing read, I remember how I overtime learned to counter compliments with compliments but recently had to unlearn and enjoy every compliments. Thanks for putting your thoughts into writings

  3. Wow! Everytime I read from you I’m always refreshed. This is a useful reminder of the value of service not only to the receiver but also the giver especially because sometimes service can be exhausting and one needs to draw some strength to keep going.
    Thank you.

  4. In our world of social media where everyone is assumed confident behind key pads I didn’t think I realised just how important these posts were till you posted them.
    You’re truly inspired.
    Well done Rockdweller
    God bless you.

  5. Dear Tee,

    Thank you for sharing, but what I most grateful for is the sounding reminder in this beautiful piece… It is okay to receive compliments.
    Thank you for taking time to pen down all of these, your legacy would outlive you.

  6. Weldon on this TJ. Time reading this was not wasted. I like the part about receiving compliments and believing them, also how to respond to compliments is new knowledge. Thank you for sharing. Keep inspiring!

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  8. This is amazing, I am glad I got to read this, especially at a time where I really need to build my confidence, I like the part about accepting compliments. God bless you.

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