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My self-esteem has been attacked a few times and will still be attacked in the days to come by the same set of people – those who have none. – Olatunji Rockdweller 

 The  last ten (10) days of the month of  March(from my lens)  can be perfectly summarized in these three words : Days of ‘humility’… My body couldn’t bare the volume of toxins in my bloodstream, thanks to the plasmodium-carrying anopheles mosquitoes . The laboratory Scientist also discovered Salmonella typhi  in my blood stream;they were swimming freely like a school of fish in the Atlantic Ocean. Sound health is indeed a great treasure and health is really wealth.

 Praise God… I am back to my feet and I am doing very great now !(so don’t bother send me ‘Get well soon’ mails or cards…However, cash is allowed.. Lol ). 
 During this period, I decided to compensate my mismanaged body with its favourite meal; I love to cook, so gathering strength to do that wasn’t too burdensome. I cooked and it turned out great as usual (lol). I served myself and sat around the meal passionately like an Imam sits with his Quran during Ramadan. Just in a twinkle of an eye , I  had lost my budding appetite and I couldn’t believe myself. The seemingly inviting aroma became offensive to me; my system reacted to the food as if I prepared a burnt sacrifice… No doubt I was indeed run-down; the dude was ailing .  I was forced to step out of the space before things got messier; the aroma had impregnated everywhere.
The reality is that nothing was wrong with the food (foodstuffs), nothing was wrong with the preparation method either but everything was wrong with me (my system). Yeah, I was sick!
 I garnered a few lessons as I pondered on this bizarre event and here they are:

1.FAMILY MEMBERS AREN’T ALWAYS OUR  BIGGEST FANS : The same food  ‘project’, I invested my money, time and energy on was avoided  like plague immediately my appetite shifted towards another direction. 

 If your number one fan is a member of your biological family, then you must be very lucky and blessed . Proximity doesn’t guarantee revelation so said a wise man. People who are closest to you are less likely to treasure your gifts and talents in comparison to  people outside the fold. 

Your family can invest in you, pay your tuition fee and support you yet they can see less of the values you carry especially when it rains on your parade(there are exemptions though) . 

I have seen folks who are frustrated because they expected their family members to support their God-given vision but what they got was the direct opposite of their expectations. In most cases our families are amazing people who can’t just see what we  are seeing and are trying to safeguard their ‘stubborn’ child or siblings from ‘destruction’ (destination). 

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Naturally, close folks know you enough to doubt your competence and abilities, they know your flaws and weaknesses(even the blemishes you have outgrown). Little do they know that we are invincible in our area of calling( because we are in partnership with God in that sphere of life) .

Many years ago, I was playing around my beautiful grandmother as she discussed business with her friend. Her friend stretched forth her corpulent hands and presented me some wads of cash. My grandmother queried a her friend about the sudden and extreme generosity to the handsome lad . She replied ‘I just love him and I want to have a grandson like him . 

With a grimace my grandmother to her ”  are you ready for what you are asking for? I hope you love you longevity? . It’s a miracle that you met him in his best behavior and mood  today, this doesn’t happen often.” 

Probably,  the old woman was carried away by my dentition or something else but my grandmother knew me to the roots. Thanks be to God that the payment was non-refundable else it would have been a bad day. Close folks have the  track records of our errors.  

*** My grandmother is one of the greatest blessing to me and we are always great pals. 

Few years ago I  told my big cousin ” I have a feeling that I can write” his reply was full of scorn and I understood him perfectly. Naturally, people around us are experts in spotting our weaknesses and they are often blind to our strength and anointing.

 If you were born at the foot of a mountain, you will not appreciate its height probably until you travel to the next town and hear other people talk about the same mountain you have undervalued all your life. 
I think this is the reason Paul warned us against knowing people after the flesh. You won’t really appreciate people who are close to you until know them beyond the flesh. You have to know even yourself beyond the flesh. When it comes to people… Revelation is the best form of knowledge.

2 Corinthians 5:16 KJV

Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more.
Sometimes, you need to step out of your familiar zone before you can discover and activate your true treasure and potentials . 

Mark 6:4 KJV

But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

Joseph was a treasure in Potipher’s house yet his brothers sold him for peanuts. God had to evict Abraham from his family house because his family house was powerful enough to deprive him of God’s best for him 
Beloved, stop trying to make people around you see what you are seeing, love them, pray for them while you follow God’s will for your life tirelessly . They will understand as things begin to unveil especially if they have a role in your life project. 

2.  SICK PEOPLE’S JUDGEMENT IS MOSTLY SICK: Sick and pregnant women are the most annoying and the most unpredictable folks I ever stayed around. Even angels cannot please them. They crave for what doesn’t exist most times and when they ask for what does exist, they change their minds immediately you provide it(after you have exhausted your time energy and resources)  
My affront to the sumptuous food has nothing to the quality of the food or its preparation method but a direct reflection of my state of health. I was sick! 

 People who consciously attack your self Esteem are mostly unhealthy. Anorexia(loss of appetite) is one of the symptoms of deadly disease like Cancer and other terrible ailments that same way chronic attack on people’s self esteem is a symptoms  deadly disease called INFERIORITY COMPLEX. These unhealthy folks either feel you are not good enough or they  just feel threatened by your potentials. They will do everything to make you believe their toxic gospel about you. They are passionate about advertising your weakness and undermining your strengths, sick folks will go any length just to prove to you that you’re worth less of who we really are. The shocking thing about these set of sick folks is the fact that they love to implant their contaminated mindset into you; they love to impose their opinions about you on you (that is insane right? Yeah…Madness! ). 
There are other set of sickly folks who judge an elephant by its ability to climb a tree and judge an eagle with its ability to swim. They yell at the elephant “See the little monkey climbing effortlessly, you are a big for nothing fool”, they enrol the eagle in swimming lessons and blame it for being so wasteful and unproductive. They grumble at the eagle “I didn’t have to enrol Tilapia in this school yet it can swim any body of water. You are a dullard!”  They are sick. Sadly, they can’t even see the fact that they need instant medical attention before they go totally blind. 
 When next someone attacks your self esteem and self image, you have to understand that they are sick and they deserve your empathy. They are blind to their own strength and treasure, so, be smart enough to know that their self image is weak and their esteem is wounded. They are really sick and blind. Sometimes, they believe that their ego will be boosted by deflating yours; they want to gain confidence bruising yours. The myth is self-immolating just like self medication. Advise them to see their doctor instead of such deadly act. 
Finally my beloved, don’t be surprised if your family and friends misunderstood your vision and purpose in life and don’t allow anyone to control your Joy and mood from the sick bed. You are what God says, you are. Enjoy being ‘you’ because that is the best you can be! . Only one opinion counts – God’s opinion. 
It’s OK to live like you are loved and valuable because you are!

Stay healthy, 

Olatunji Rockdweller 

Kindly let me know how you feel about this by dropping your comment and feel free to share if you feel someone needs to see it too. 


33 thoughts on “LESSONS FROM MY SICK BED. ”

  1. I don’t even know what to comment again. “You always finish work”
    Your relatable illustrations are always in order.
    I’ve seen firsthand the frustration of explaining your vision to people that have adamantly and intentionally refused to understand it. Jesus is another perfect example (john 1:11). It’s pretty normal for people with great destinies but they must understand that there’s a reason why they’re where they’re from. They have a role to play there, ask Jesus.
    As for the sick people, I used to beat the hell out of them but I’ve grown now and changed, thanks to Jesus so I’ll just stick to your solution and when I can, pray for them. They need it most.

  2. Awesome bro…It’s amazing to relate with the path I have trodden on in this great write up… More Grace

  3. Our self image is was matters most, plays a critical role in fulfilling destiny. Awesome piece brother.
    Live like you’re loved….

  4. Well spoken…. You just have to leave your comfort zone before you can activate your true potentials….most times, family members become our fans when they see what we’ve achieved. Thanks for sharing TJ

      1. . It’s a miracle that you met him in his best behavior and mood today, this doesn’t happen often.” this got me laughing real hard, lol.

        Awesome piece. Learnt a lot,

        When next someone attacks your self esteem and self image, you have to understand that they are sick and they deserve your empathy.
        (Noted Sir, thanks).

  5. Oh wow,I didn’t know you can cook well until today..hope say your food dey sweet o. How you use every experience of your life to write and draw wonderful lessons and wisdom from them is overwhelming and divine. I totally relate with this cos I have been scourged with insults and discouraging words from sick little minds who can’t see the vision and potentials I possess,God bless and increase you brother,you are going places with your art..i believe in you.

    1. None of my close friends had come here to confirm my cooking skills… Maybe it’s just my imagination though. I will host you guys soon.
      Elder Karo Ghizmo, thanks so much for your kind words. I also feel so blessed and honour to be a channel of blessing through my art.
      God bless you richly brother.
      Gracias Muchas Amigos.

  6. . It’s a miracle that you met him in his best behavior and mood today, this doesn’t happen often.” this got me laughing real hard, lol.

    Awesome piece. Learnt a lot,

    When next someone attacks your self esteem and self image, you have to understand that they are sick and they deserve your empathy.
    (Noted Sir, thanks).

  7. Do you have any type of ideas for composing posts?
    That’s where I always struggle and I simply wind
    up gazing empty screen for long time.


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