Photo credit : Chudy Ogobegwu.

Chudy glorifies God via photography and inspires men(I am one of them). The more I expose my soul to his works, the more I get drenched with the dews of heaven. I couldn’t help but share  this. I am sure this is the beginning. 

God bless you richly Chudy. Keep living! 


 I passionately headed for destiny, I mean destination . 

The faster I ran the farther it seemed…endless frustration! 

I felt so drained as I wade through the ocean of desolation;

Sanballat mocked my lofty dreams and tobiah derided my noble vision . 

They questioned my abilities and yelled “You have got no connections! ” 

My heart is left broken as they amplified my limitations. 
I froze in awe and shame … I just needed some rains. 

I felt totally lost, how could I  locate my lane? 

Finally, the first one to lead is the first to err and feel the pain. 

The Pathfinder will surely be critised and feel  inane. 

I am just  too obsessed to quit without a  gain 

Even as I trusted God for  air so I could breathe again. 
I can’t figure it all out yet. Obviously, I need insight! 
The peak is far beyond the reach of  my sight 

I don’t need anyone to tell me ‘not by power nor might’ . 

My sparking dentition perfectly eclipsed the depth of my plight 

The best I could do is imagination of this lofty height 

Through my broken walls, father, shine forth your light!  

My strength has failed, my swagger has faded. 

I hate to admit this: this dude is stranded. 

Lift me to the place where GRACE is because here is too crowded 

Slowly losing the  air trapped in my lungs, I am lying here terribly wounded. 

I might appear at heaven’s gate soon because I’m totally  jaded. 
The sights of the crag scared me to death. 
My throat is tightened and it seemed my heart would melt. 

These environmental hazards are toxic to my health.

In my imagination I can see all HIS wealth

Yet in reality it seemed I live outside HIS belt

My senses and strength have failed, so I finally told God how I felt..
My quaking knees kiss the ground simultaneously 

Even as my racing heart slams my rib cab violently 

I gathered all my strength to just jabbered these few lines  soberly:
Here I am on my knees once  again. 

My brain  has led me to astray again. 

My labours and sacrifice seems to be in vain. 

Losing all to you is like the only way to  gain

Father only you can heal this excruciating pain. 

Hold me, plant me, kill me, bury me so I can live again ! 

I will trust you again and again and again again! 

Then  the Spirit said  unto me “Look into the word and locate my LOVE” 

As I obeyed, I saw me swim in sinless blood

I ate his flesh without guilt and gulp his blood 

He automatically lifts a standard against the devil when he comes like flood (Isaiah 59:19)

HE strengthened me for battles and gave me his sword . 

As I gazed with unveiled face I am transformed by his unfailing LOVE . 
Now I know, HIS love was the missing link . 
Without his Love my plans will never  click. 

I have stayed too long on this deadly brink . 

If I can’t grab his LOVE I will be a victim of  devil’s trick .

How can I heal when I am  terribly sick? 

“Jesus loves me” is more just a phrase… Please, Let it sink! 

He doesn’t just live in me, he’s also the layer of every single brick.  
Yeah.. I finally yielded to LOVE and he lifted me beyond my countless inabilities.  

And His love swept me off my feet and unhinged the laws of gravity. 

I rose above my weakness, pain and suffering.. This is Immortality!

Higher ground and greater heights suddenly turned my reality . 

This is the zone where I truly belong… The realm of all possibilities 

My God has prospered me and I can tell you will all audacity 

 This is actually grace but your are free to tag it ‘serendipity.’ 

I AM  ROCKDWELLER… The icon of true Royalty!

12 thoughts on “LET LOVE LIFT YOU ”

  1. Ok oo, Tj this is another level. Guess it keeps getting better everyday. The truth is that in the pursuit of our dreams we stop get to that cross road where we feel inadequate, we question if we really heard from God before taking that step, in the midst of our confusion we forget well worded prayers cos we need to breathe. It is at that moment that He speaks and illuminates our paths. Nice work as always.

  2. At that point where it feels all hope is gone and lost, His grace and love beckons the most…..
    Was richly blessed by this

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