Letter To My Daughter (3) : Ownership Declaration

No one in this world can love a girl more than her father.” – Michael Ratnadeepa

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Dear Daughter,I penned the first letter to you two years ago https://therockdweller.com/open-letter-to-my-daughter/ and since then I have vowed to keep scribbling a letter to you every year because you mean everything in this world to me.
Writing hasn’t been a tedious work for me until recently, but for your sake, there is no mountain too high to climb just to pass my message across to you. For thy hath my kingdom, my writing and my resources forever and ever, Amen.

Without clarity, it is impossible to stay out of the blustering ocean of chaos. Being that we live in a fallen world, to live like everyone else is extremely expensive and trust me, you can’t afford that shit!

The grand intention of writing you this letter is to enlighten you about your identity. I effortlessly invest hours just to create content to emphasize who you are, however, it is impossible to stick around your mum and not know who you are. Despite this, the revelation of who you are is not enough to birth the confidence required to conquer the world ahead of you. Only the understanding of ‘whose you are‘ can silence every ranting voice of giants ahead in your voyage on this ship called life.

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I have stayed on this planet long enough to know that your revelation of who you are is incomplete and distorted without a full understanding of whose you are. As simple as this may sound, it has cost many people a lot on this planet.
My Daddy was my hero. He was always there for me when I needed him. He listened to me and taught me so many things. But most of all he was fun.” – Bindi Irwi

Dear, what you are about to read is very simple yet it is one of the most humbling revelations to be shared by a loving father but how long will I keep postponing the inevitable. My love for you is stronger than the excruciating pain I feel from my bruised ego even as I share this reality. Here is the truth: YOU HAVE ONLY ONE FATHER AND I AM NOT HIM.

God is your father and as He is, so you are in this world. Because YAHWEH is literally your Dad and he created and as such, owns all things, it is very safe to say all things are yours. This life will pass away but unlike me, your Father never changes: He is always good, ever able and constantly available. He wants you as you are not as you ought to be. He loves you so much and he proved it by dying a shameful death for your sake so you can live a victorious life and if need be, HE won’t mind doing it again. What a reckless lover!

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According to the law of creation, everything gives birth to its kind so in the grand scheme of things you are like HIM; limitless and flawless. Gods don’t birth humans so it’s safe to say you are a god (goddess if you prefer) without any weakness or disadvantage. However, people will try so hard to put their own label on you, but you know better by now that you are not inferior to anyone and you should not allow any negative tag be placed on you. Immortality can be judged by mere mortals. Throughout history, men have attempted to put a label on God but none of them stuck because God is God and can never be fixed into human systems so you should be like your Daddy.

Also, I won’t be everywhere with you, but your ABBA Father will. I can simply discern what you are going through if He gives me access to peep through the sacred window of your heart. There is nothing I can give you that He didn’t give to me, He knows you more than you and I can ever imagine.
“I am a princess not because I have a prince, but because my father is a king.” – Unknown

Your pilgrimage on earth will be stress less, filled with joy and peace even in the midst of raging storms. Eventually, you will turn out extremely fruitful if you can play by His rules always and dance to the beat of his word for as long as you breathe. Don’t try to impress anyone, including myself because in pleasing your father, I will be pleased. Yahweh is also my father and, in our kingdom, the word ‘Grandchildren doesn’t exist; we all have equal access to Him. Also, saying you are my sister is bizarre, but it is equally very true.

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In fulfilling part of my calling to you and other treasures planted in the garden of my life, I have to simply remain a steward. One day I will close my eyes and find myself at home standing before our father to give an account of how well I have managed the opportunity given to lead and protect you. My assignment is to teach you how to use your magic wand and reign as a god that you truly are because Queens can serve as slaves if not subject to proper leadership. I am the prophet ordained to instruct you into purpose and equip you to slay the monsters occupying the territory you were born to occupy. I am not here to do what you like but to do what is right. I am the shepherd assigned to prune and water your garden until it becomes a fruitful field.

Honey, I really need you to trust me enough as I hold your hand on this path of life. I was fully equipped and ordained to play this role in your life even before the foundation of the earth and as long you bear my name on this journey, I represent the face and voice of God (your father) to you. I am indispensable as regard your destiny on this planet. Nobody (not your pastor, friend or even your precious mother) can successfully replace me on this project.

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“Father” is an ambassadorial title conferred on a figure who can truly represent the real father so don’t be too shocked if I have to ignore your right while ensuring you make the right decisions in life. My dear, I think I should let you know that it’s also my responsibility to make sure you marry the right man for your life and I will be in the picture when necessary. Your life is not just yours, it’s an extension of my existence. Subsequently, your husband will be relieving me of most of my duties so it’s only honourable that I am part of the process of employing the man I will be handing over an ongoing project. Right? Trust me, it will be fun navigating life with you, and I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get started on the ride with you, my love.

See you soon honey.
Your Caretaker Dad,
The Rockdweller.

Writing this piece was both fun and emotional for me… If I haven’t wasted your time, I truly love to hear from you via the comment session.

36 thoughts on “Letter To My Daughter (3) : Ownership Declaration”

  1. You actually wrote this to me. I just gained my esteem back even as I read through. I could feel the presence in my room like never before. The chains of epression is broken finally.

    God bless The Rockdweller richly. I love you

  2. This is mind blowing and out of this world. lt could only have been penned down by direct contact with ABBA FATHER Himslef. This is beyond inspiration!!!! Every Feminine figure should read this irrespective of age because some grandma’s are yet to realize “whose they are”.


  3. Isioma Aigbovo-Victor

    Wow. This is a beautiful piece that deeply touches the heart core. Everyone whether girl,lady,woman,intending father,father, is blessed to come in contact with this piece. God Bless you @therockdweller

  4. Queens can serve as slave if not subject to proper leadership….thus was me last year…thank you for penning this down. Its priceless

  5. Love this.
    Princess is blessed to have a well “knowing” and most importantly a “willing” steward waiting to guide her on the path of purpose.

    A good challenge and wake up call for all intending stewards.
    I’m inspired.

    God bless you for this Rockdweller.

  6. Beautiful beautiful piece, I love it! Every woman or girl should have an understanding of ‘whose they are’ and that alone will answer whatever identity crisis challenges we might face. Though you lost me in the last 2 paragraghs, I guess that was the emotional side speaking… I’ll definitely read this over and again, looking forward to reading the letter to your son too *fingers crossed with pleading eyes*. Kudos ?

  7. This is awesome. My favorite part, “Your life is not just yours, it’s an extension of my existence.”

    That line is deeper than it appears.

    You’ve even started living out your responsibilities before she arrives, AWESOME…
    God bless you Sir for allowing us partake in this.

    1. It’s a great honour to have you stop by dear. I hope the whole world know how much pride I feel to be associated with you as a friend and brother. I also hope they have checked out temitopefakeye.com. You are definitely my favourite writer !

  8. I am the prophet ordained to instruct you into purpose and equip you to slay the monsters occupying the territory you were born to occupy.
    What a way to building our daughter into territory taking, how i wish this piece gets to every girl child out there.

  9. Saying nice piece doesn’t even cover it, I am glad I decided to really start my day with this. I can’t really describe how I felt reading this, but trust me when I say this did it for me. Queens can act as slaves if not subjected to proper leadership.. It’s mostly about ‘whose I am. Honestly this blessed me, and I think reading this daily is kinda compulsory, thanks for giving to the Lord Sire, thanks for always being a blessing. God bless you and yours. This really got me emotional.

  10. wow!!! Quite emotional and real.
    power packed.
    Always on point. this is a fantastic episode and must read by all.
    God bless TheRockdweller.

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