Letter To My Daughter (Part 4) : A chat about modern feminism.

Disclaimer: If you are in any way offended by this piece, I am not sorry. It’s a Daddy to Daughter conversation. You are only privileged to have access to it ahead of time.

Dear Daughter,

2020 is a special year. I know you would have been taught about it but two things I don’t want you to forget and you probably won’t read about:
1. The plague did not get to Goshen; God kept his own
2. The foundation of the new Nigeria started in 2020; the nationwide protest to put an end to police brutality in Nigeria and demands from citizens with regards to national reforms (#EndSARS).

I see how proud you are to be a Nigerian even from the beautiful street of Hudson yard and I grin. My dear, from the beginning it was not so. That is a story for another day.

Writing you a letter is my yearly ritual and I will do it until I let out my last breath. In writing this letter, I have sacrificed all other considerations to the simplicity of style, so that you might gain a full understanding of this matter.

Firstly, I represent more than a dad to you. I am also your priest, prophet and Shepherd (until I hand you over to a worthy man with the capacity to continue). Therefore, I write this to you as your shepherd.

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.

It’s my topmost responsibility to ensure you do not want. Just like the grand Shepherd ensures we enjoy sufficiency on all sides as a family and as individuals, so shall you not lack anything physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially which is probably why you are not on earth just yet as I am still cultivating our Eden (lol). I have vowed never to misrepresent the kingdom of God here on earth to anyone especially not to you and your amazing baby brother, Trump. You were born into wealth hence your name …ABISOLA.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

Your journey into the greener pasture will be smooth and fun. Why?

1. You have me and your beautiful mother as parents. Your mum is a global treasure. Nobody hangs around her and fails in life. I couldn’t have gotten such a woman in my strength and wisdom. Her presence in my life echoes the fact that God loves me beyond my imagination. Listen to her religiously; She hardly goes wrong.

2. You are not only human, one-third of you is 100% Holy Spirit. I laid my hands on you as you sat beautifully on my lap on your sixth birthday and got you baptized in the Holy Spirit. You ceased to be a normal human that day. All the gifts of God inside of you have been activated. There is nothing impossible with you including those things that are impossible with humans. You are not human; you are a god! You will never meet anyone superior to you. Never!

Having said that, there are few things you must avoid like a plague even as you go out to make a difference in your world and top of the list is MODERN-DAY FEMINISM; Avoid it at all cost and live. Modern-day feminism is a dose of poison that is gradually impregnating society. From my view, this institutionalized madness can only get worse. However, I do have some superpowers to effect change but I am not permitted to change the entire world as I wish. However, I can change my world and it begins with leading you and Trump aright. As long as the Lord lives, all my seeds (you as my first fruit), shall escape the decadence of their generation.

Shockingly, Feminism was founded on the ground of justice and equity until the serpent crept in and hijacked the movement. The first wave of feminism occurring in the 19th and early 20th century was mainly concerned with women’s right to vote and own properties. The second wave, at its height in the 1960s and 1970s, refers to the women’s liberation movement for equal legal and social rights. The third wave, beginning in the 1990s, refers to a continuation of, and a reaction to, the second wave of feminism. Finally, the modern feminism sprouted in the 2000s wearing the cloak and gown of the objectives of earlier waves of feminism but with a different objective and vision. This phase of feminism laid out a specific set of beliefs in that everywhere you look, there is constant oppression from the patriarchy, masculinity is inherently violent, and that the only differences between men and women are figments of our cultural imagination, not based on biology or science.

Let me make it clear that early feminism movement yielded results the world is a better place today because of their sacrifice. As I write this (Dec 2020), the Vice president-elect of the most powerful country in the world, the United States of America, Kamala Harris, is a woman. Women recently surpass men in the workforce in the US and earn almost 60% of all bachelor’s degrees. Despite the constant drumming of 77 cents women earn on the dollar compared to men, when you factor in the fact that men work longer hours, more dangerous jobs, and retire later, the wage gap today is only something like 93 to 95 cents for every dollar a man earns. Thanks to the sacrifice of the feminists of the old. Contrary to popular opinions, men are gradually being left out and the world is still in one piece.

’Feminism also got it right that women have been oppressed throughout pretty much all of civilized human history, in pretty much every culture and society, and there’s a lot of baggage and residue of that oppression that carries on in various forms today. But the problem is, once you’ve got a group of people together, organized for a single purpose, achieving political leverage and adopting power, building institutions and careers for themselves, all sorts of bad human tendency starts to take over.’’—Mark Mason (Mark is the author of The subtle act of not giving a fuck).

Do not allow anyone (male or female, old or young) to despise you or bully anyone around you. Fight for yourself and be a voice to the voiceless but you do not have to join a cult to do that (Please let it sink).

Even when your life is at stake, fight. Gods do not die; they transit. Death has no power over you because you have been swallowed up by life!

“It’s okay to be misunderstood. Learn to be comfortable with being labelled as controversial.” – The Rockdweller.


‘’There is no male or female, no Jew or gentile…’’—Apostle Paul

From this scripture, Paul meant when purpose is involved, gender and race do not count. You are Jesus’ baby so do your best, demand the best, expect the best, receive the best, and put your best out into the world so everyone can receive your best, too. Always be the badass that you are!

Abisola Teminikan, trust me, you will meet people that will try to convince you that Modern Day Feminism is healthy but you must always discern the nagging truth that this idea has been perverted and now birth out of a high level of toxicity and dysfunctionality. In fact, endorsement of feminism could be associated with dysfunctional childhood experiences. Please, train your mind not to accept the toxic stereotypes.

You are not disadvantaged because you are a woman; it is a peculiar advantage. Women are also made in the image and likeness of God and the Almighty has no weak side. Being a strong woman does not mean you are equal to a man. God created both genders for different purposes and the ultimate good of the society. The difference does not always mean better but sometimes it does. If there is no difference in both gender, God will not have created a woman at all because Adam would have been enough. There is a reason males are physically stronger, there is a reason men are more involved in the deadliest task and thrive more in danger zones. There is a reason your mum is more organized and a better planner than me, there is also a reason Trump is physically stronger than you. We are all the same but we are different in unique ways too. We can’t be wiser than God.


This will not be complete if I do not tell you about the role of gender in marriage according to the word of God. The bible and the Jewish culture are more pronounced about the male child (that is a discussion to be had between Trump and me)

Respect other men but submit to only one man… Your Man.

Marriage between a man and his wife is the same as the marriage between Christ and the Church. As Christ is the Head of the Church it means that no Christ, no church as such, no head, no identity. There is the reason we pray in HIS name. Your husband is your head and the head of the entire family. Honour him till your last breath and value him according to the office he represents. The bible says Sarah called Abraham lord and this remains the standard. You cannot enjoy the covering of a man you do not honour. It is foolishness to rank any other man including me above your Husband. The day you get married is the day you drop my name and I will transfer my authority to another. Do you now understand why I have the right to choose the man who is taking over my office? I know what the job entails and I know the man whom the cap fits when I meet him.

Note: It is dysfunctional to expect other men to treat you as the weaker vessel. The only man with that calling is the man you submit to 100%…Your husband.

In the same way, you wives, be submissive to your OWN husbands just as Sarah obeyed Abraham [following him and having regard for him as head of their house], calling him LORD, And you have become her daughters if you do what is right without being frightened by any fear [that is, being respectful toward your husband but not giving in to intimidation, nor allowing yourself to be led into sin, nor to be harmed]”- 1Peter 3:6

Lastly, submission does not mean giving away your power; submission is collaborating with a power bigger than yours. Submitting to a man who loves the Lord and loves you is the most beautiful thing in marriage and life (ask your mum).

Do not bother yourself about getting the right man for your life so that submission will be fun. That is not your responsibility but mine. You can go to bed and sleep, Daddy has got you!

Your Dad,

The Rockdweller

I advise you to drop a comment. Let Abisola know that you read it before she was born. If you don’t need that bragging right,it’s okay too. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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24 thoughts on “Letter To My Daughter (Part 4) : A chat about modern feminism.”

  1. Now I see why you have many daughters.If this is the wisdom they have access to then I want to join them on.
    One of the longest blog post I have read but this is the best stuff. I have read this year. You answer my question with those Bible verses.

  2. You are an amazing friends and 3 things I am sure about you :
    1. You are going to be an amazing husband
    2. You are going to stupendously rich
    3. You are going to be a great father.
    I read this tears in my eyes. I just learnt I am only a weaker vessel to my own husband now. I feel stronger 💪 now. God bless you sir .

  3. Have seen many parts of u bruv in short a little time….now this part baba abisola hits like an avalanche…respect all men but submit to one….making her know being a woman does not know u have been benched and submission is not loosing your identity..a partnership with an higher authority…hey abby..u will get to know me as uncle yomi..the fun rich powerful uncle…baba Abby ✊✊✊

  4. Now I finally see your view about this feminism movement. You truly know God and it shows you read a lot even when you try not to flaunt it.
    Well done, sir. You are deeply loved .

  5. Abisola, Omo The Rockdweller, in 2020, a lot of people are reactively left-wing, without discernment and mindlessly living but that is not your dad; he is consciously in tune with the move of the spirit, which is evident in his daily life and this post.
    You are indeed a blessed one to have
    Him as your dad.

    Dear Tunji
    You are indeed a priest. Thank you for penning this for Abisola and all her friends, it blessed me.

    Thank you.

  6. Yes I agree completely that modern day feminism is toxic which wasn’t the aim at all.

    Why do you want to be equal with man when you are unique in your own way?
    Modern day feminism is against christianity because God gave us a specific role.

    Thank you TJ for always telly and reminding us on the right path to take

  7. Thank you as always paapi!
    I can’t wait for my/our princess Christabel to lay a hand on this powerful dissertation, coupled with my very own God’s wisdom from me to her too, then Christabel can never go wrong. Thanks once again paapi!

    submission does not mean giving away your power; submission is collaborating with a power bigger than yours (this made my day).

  8. This is beautiful and inspiring at the same time, the idea of the letter, the conversation, it’s a beautiful piece and I’m pleased to say that this has benefited me too,
    So dear Abiola, I hope you realise how powerful this message is and hold it dear…

  9. Titilope Victoria Ariyo

    Omo! Eskizz me sir Rockdeweller 😒Can I?May I be adopted as one of your daughters 🤲🏾This is absolutely true and spot on 💯 Thank you for taking time to spell this out to Abisola such that she is not confused 👏👏More Wisdom to write with Clarity🙏🏾🎉☺️I’m a proud daughter 🤣🤣🤣Even if you have not given me acceptance letter 😂😂😂😂

  10. Well captured!
    I read your posts here sometimes but never commented on any….maybe am ink lazy 🙈🙈😂but this letter just broke the jinx. Am proud of you and like I tell you always, I love you Son.❤️❤️

    Keep changing your 🌎👏👏

  11. Once again, a worthy read.
    My daughters are definitely reading all these letters. I’ve been discussing with friends about the world our children will grow in, but with pieces like these, there is hope.
    Thank you Uncle Barmz for always coming through.

  12. This is clean and simple.
    Deep things sometimes requires a little breaking, into bite-size chunks that is comprehensible by all and sundry.

    I enjoyed it.


      1. Dear Abisola,

        Your Daddy is right. I wish more women in my day would embrace this and give the Holy Spirit the wheels…

        Your dad’s got you. You’re blessed.

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