Letter To my Daughter(5): Gist about Mom .

“A daughter is a treasure and a cause of sleeplessness.”

Ben Sirach

Dear Abisola,

I have been clothed in the garment of silence for months thinking about what to convey via this letter. I almost let this year pass without this yearly ritual but my circle won’t let me slip off the track of honour. Shebi, nobody put a gun to my head when I promised to scribe my thoughts yearly till we meet face to face?

Abby baby, once upon a time, writing was intoxicating as the first kiss of teenage lovers. I loved it! Now writing is a huge burden of discomfort but I draw solace from the stunning smile you have all over your face even as you read this. Yes, you are beautifully painted in the canvas of my lofty mind, yes you are!

“Being a daddy’s girl is like having permanent armor for the rest of your life.”

Marinela Reka

Dear Abisola, in me lies the love of a father, commitment of a leader, the loyalty of a friend and assertiveness of a prophet. I can’t wait to have you in my palms, I long to plant the first kiss on your gorgeous forehead, the thought of having real life conversations gives me chills. One night someday, I would reach to touch not a pillow (like I just did) but a bundle of napping angel beside me and that will be you.

Daughter, my sleeves are rolled; I am ready to serve you and the entire team to the best of my ability. I mean, I am ready to serve God through you.

You are not my priority, GOD is! I am NOT under obligation to always do what you like (or what I love), I just must do what HE likes. Whatever GOD likes is right. This is the family badge, wear it anywhere you go.

“When my father didn’t have my hand, he had my back.”

Linda Poindexter

I am passionate to meet you. Nevertheless, I am more obsessed about the quality of my preparation for the responsibility ahead. It’s easy to earn the best dad trophy from you (not the goal; it is too easy to smash), The real deal is presenting myself worthy (to God) as a steward of a priceless gift like you. I have learnt that passion will fade into frustration if preparation is absent. This understanding explains why I do some things I do now (you will see the fruit, but I will tell you about the planting season).

Recently, I began to estimate the weight of my decisions and how they will impact you and your brother, Trump. This exercise left me with a sense of responsibility that I can’t recover from. I have already decided the God we will serve; I have recently decided what I will be doing for the rest of my life. However, as I write this, there are many things about my life I am still clueless about.

Even though I know all things and I am a god cloth in humanity, I still know in part and understand in part. The tone of this piece may sound cocky a bit but do not be misled, I write this from a place of humility where the scar of my failing still shows. I still rely on GOD for direction as my path shines brighter and brighter in this journey of life.

“A father holds his daughter’s hand for a short while, but he holds her heart forever.”

– Unknown

Baby girl, you would arrive at wealth hence your name ABISOLA (Born into Wealth).  Wealth is a defence. Wealth will shield you from the harshness and wickedness of this world like the skull shields the brain… Just for the record!

I envisaged you to reply to the previous letter and the most consistent question is about your lovely mum. Any question about your mum lights up my mood, nothing ignites my passion like talking about my most valued asset on earth and the best decision I ever made. Even though I haven’t met her, I have met the beautiful treasure wrapped in fearfully and wonderfully made earth suit.

CONFESSION [bring your ear don’t tell anyone ]…

A good father will leave his imprint on his daughter for the rest of her life.”

Dr. James Dobson

If you and Trump aren’t part of my life plan, my taste in women would have been slightly different. In fact, I would have built my castle in one of the hamlets I had toured through as I sojourned on this narrow path of destiny. It is about looking for a helpmeet to ensure a smooth and fun journey of life. I am also looking for a mother who can nurture and co-train Abisola and Trump into destiny with me. This explains why I don’t have to settle until I see the gated city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.

Abisola, let me invest a few minutes chit-chatting about her. She is so beautiful that if you decide to look exactly like her, I will not feel bad a bit because she is the most beautiful woman on this planet especially when all factors are thoroughly considered. However, there are gifts reserved for you if you look more like me. You know what? As beautiful as your mum is, her beauty is her least potent weapon.

“One of the first duties of a father is to protect his daughter from crying or else make those who make her cry to pay for their crimes.”


Daughter, you are eternally blessed because your mum is a city of Gold, I am hallowed because my wife is an arsenal; she makes life’s victory look easy. She has the heart of a lion, the vision of an eagle and the spirit of a sheep. She is an addicted giver (this one scary), she is an unrepentant workaholic and that is why we dedicate so much to vacation as a family: my baby needs to chill and be taken care of. You think I have a great sense of humour? wait till you meet your mum!

You wonder how I know so much about her even when she isn’t in my life yet, right? My love, in our Kingdom, we can talk about the city even before we get to her gate. And when your daddy is THE ROCKDWELLER you can trust that he sees farther than the crowd. Don’t worry I will teach you how to use your eagle eyes as time ticks.

Hurry not, you don’t have to approach it like your self-defense class, it is a family gift, it will come to you. I will be there to guide you through life; I am your travel guide in your journey of destiny. Daddy’s gat you gal! It is going to be a great ride!

Being the best father to your daughter is just as important as being a great husband to your wife because they are the most important women in a man’s life.”



She is not dramatic because life isn’t a movie, she is not a puzzle; ain’t solving no shit,. she Is not a coin underneath the sea; I am not going to break sweats trying to search for her. That is not how it works where I belong. She is robed in wisdom and sees from the lens of discernment, so I won’t have to swim oceans and fight lions with bare hands to get her to sit on her rightful throne. She is not a girl, she is a queen so she will take her crown without being pressured.

No, she ain’t cheap, she is just wise and discerning. Yes, she won’t have to fight for what is hers; it’s hers! She is not here, she is there. I will be there soon, and you will be here in no time.

…To be continued

Your Loving Father

Olatunji Rockdweller


If you enjoyed this in any way, kindly drop your comment and let Abby know you read it first. Lol

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37 thoughts on “Letter To my Daughter(5): Gist about Mom .”

  1. Sighs…. Rocky Rocky Rocky….hhhhmmfffff…..still finding the words…..mmmmeeehhhnn!!! Jeeez King dddaammnnnn!!!!
    Lemme just say Thank you

  2. You made Christianity fun and touch lives in the craziest of ways. Thanks so much for teaching us how things should be done.
    We met this year yet nobody has taught me manhood, fatherhood and honour like you. Sometimes ,I wish I met you before I got married. Lol

    Thanks so much for this, sir. I will read everything on this blog.

    1. Thanks so much, Big Brother. You are always looking for every opportunity to be kind. God bless you richly!
      I am grateful!

  3. Hmmmmmm!

    Abisola and Trump are blessed to be your children and I’m more than proud to be a Rockdweller

    Superb foresight expressed with utmost confidence, astounding sense of responsibility to God and subtle humility.

    Thanks for teaching me this things.

  4. This is soo beautiful… It made me both laugh and cry at the same time
    I wish my dad was as intentional about me but it also helps me to see just how intentional God is about me… Abby, you are gonna be a generation changer… that much is evident already.
    I’m off to read previous letters now cuz I can’t miss such gems

    1. Thanks so much, faithful for your kind words. God bless you richly.

      I am happy to know ,I didn’t waste your time. Kindly read up as much as you can.

      God bless!

  5. ……No, she ain’t cheap, she is just wise and discerning…….


    Being a father to a daughter is sweet Sha.

  6. Sir Rockdweller, this is absolutely beautiful. I really do not have the words. Hmmmmm…. God bless your soul for us all!!

  7. Two key things:
    1. What the mother is and is not.
    2. What a father is and consequently isn’t.
    With the parenting flaws that abound in this generation, this is a worthy template, worth copying for every family.
    Knowing the significance of the two important women in a man’s life and how they impact society, I am happy this piece is coming from a worthy vessel.

    Thank you, Rockdweller.

    1. Abisola, you are blessed to have these letters even before your birth but you are more blessed to have a dad who is already setting the pace before your arrival.
      God bless you rockdweller for this piece, you keep highlighting we can actually do better with parenting and this is worth emulating.

  8. Wow… This is absolutely a masterpiece. No child can ever read this piece about his or her parent and not feel very secured. Thank you so much sir. A practical illustration of walking by faith. God bless you sir. More grace sir

  9. This blog is a school for life and living.

    Dear Abisola, Your dad is a gem and every piece of work he churns out is a hit. Thank you Tee, for setting a template that is easy to follow.

    You Rock🔥

  10. This isn’t just a beautiful piece, but one full of so much knowledge. Thanks a lot, I did got value in a way I didn’t expect was possible.

    Finally Abby baby, I read the awesome letter before you did… You’ve been blessed with the best dad that there is in this world.

    Lots of love from this end baby girl ❤️

  11. Oh my world…
    This is intentional living at its best, never settling for less..
    “I have learnt that passion will fade into frustration if preparation is absent” I’m taking this into 2022…
    God bless you Sir for this masterpiece

  12. Abisola is blessed to have you…two lines got me
    ‘her beauty is her least potent weapon’
    ‘passion without preparation will fade into frustration’
    These are deep and there is a lot to learn from this single letter.
    Well-done tunji

  13. Reading this with Kiki in mind; I feel so so blessed to father a daughter, challenged to do more and reminded that my service is not actually to her but to God.
    Daughters are the most beautiful gifts, especially to their fathers.
    Tunji, you are a blessing of many colours. God bless you for this beautiful write-up.

  14. Every time spent on therockdweller.com is worth a while. Rockdweller makes writing fun until I decided to be a writer at a point, and I discovered man doesn’t write quality content in a terrestrial domain. You just have to draw from the celestial domain before something that makes sense can be penned down. Thank you for delivering always brother.

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