Letter To My Fallen Twin Brother


Dear Kenny,

I’m  pretty sanguine about your well-being whereever you are brotherly , I’m also confident that you are grown now and hopefully carved a niche for yourself at the other side of eternity, provided time does tick over there, please permit me  to say “Hello from the other side nigga.” Lemme tender my unreserved apologies by saying, I am emphatically sorry for being out of  touch for so many years now, I honestly would have  really loved to know how growing up was like for you across the ocean of life; as for me it was compound and interfuse of – the good, the bad and the ugly right here and I wanna let you know that you are absolutely priceless and irreplaceable; the vacuum you left is still very much obvious even in my life and your place in my heart shall be eternally reserved till we meet again.
Reminiscently, we had few months together holding hands, communicating, and having fun as bloods would do,even as we lodged codedly and quietly within the most tranquil section of mummy’s inward compartment . We jointly planned about post-womb experience ,though you were arrestingly more excited about the whole earthly adventure, you told me with so much excitement- how you couldn’t wait to see the whole mystery unraveled, the curiosity  to be welcomed ceremoniously into a particular family wouldn’t let you “take a  chill pill “, You were anxious to see  what our parents would look like, you were inquisitive about your position and the number of siblings you were expecting above all aforementioned points…you were more concerned about the poor and needy, you said you gonna change the world and set it on fire by- changing and touching lives of individuals positively with the best of your abilities .Unlike you, my only headaches was about the net worth of the family we were headed for. I can still recall telling you I wanna go there to have fun to the crescendo , party hard  like bumblebees, get almost suffocated
amidst numerous bodacious damsels in an Italian Jacuzzi whirlpool tub and spend every seconds of my life in luxury and maximum comfort. You were such a caring person with an unbelievable sense of humor. At this juncture I must say “GRACIAS” for making the stay such an eventful one.
On the 8th of January in the year of our  arrival, turmoil descended gently like a dove in the cavity, temperature and pressure suddenly became unfavourable,then we suspected the much anticipated moment was near,we began to make plans for a more conducive and favorable environment. After few hours of the hectic activities and confusion, we became extremely weak,feeble, tired and totally worn out, suddenly we spotted a window-like exit with rays of light like a train light in a very dark tunnel though it was strange to our harmless souls and hurting to our  delicate eyes. We also heard a lady screaming in serious pain, we heard other voices encouraging, and charging her up, in fact we heard series of strange overlapping voices and chants which were actually beyond our juvenile comprehension. The pleasant ventilation cruising in from the window-like exit was like cascade of  water to our thirsty soul, it was really inviting, so decision to move towards the ray of light came so easily though we were both burned out yet you encouraged me to go first for the space could only accommodate one person at once, with all that you had within, you gave me a little push(wish was more than needed) to help me get to the window faster, you exhausted your “power bank” just to see me alright  and health , you never thought of yourself, knowing fully well there was noone to help you afterwards. On getting to the window some ladies helped me out and I was a bit more comfortable with the atmosphere of this new environment for the first few minutes , I grasp the maximum oxygen per breathe with so much desperation like a prisoner will grab freedom with his two hands, after a while, the temperature lost it kindness and pressure became highly unfriendly until I was placed in a transparent glass chamber with a super conducive atmospheric condition. I tried telling those nurses that you needed attention but they couldn’t understand my heavenly language, I broke into tears and started screaming but these funny creatures were so excited even as I screamed and cried louder their excitement skyrocketed . Oh..How I wished they  could read my fractured and lonely mind.! how I wish they could see through my  weary and broken heart!
I slept off in the glass traps in broken heart but to my greatest surprise I woke up with you by my side, though you eyes were closed but I loved you so deeply and I was kissing you deeply in my heart , my hands were too heavy to be lifted still you gave me the first smile in life. Thank you dear Brother !
After few weeks I couldn’t see my best friend again, my brother was no longer by my side, was I in a the dreamland? Were all the encounters I had mere mirages?  questions covered my mind like scales cover the body of  a croaker fish, yet nobody understood my language and I couldn’t decord theirs either which reminds me of the the confusion during the tower of babel’s project (do you guys have Bibles over there?). These people were damn weird; they spoke in such a razz and loud manner, they weren’t as cool as you(at all) , they didn’t just understand me, whenever I cried they insert a fleshy container with button-like outlet loaded with milky substances into my small mouth without asking questions. Kenny you actually missed that; It tastes really really good! Whenever I missed gisting with you, I would whimper and mumur, they will respond by tying me in their flat back and start something like incantational verses with a bit of rhythms. (it was fun sha and it was more effective that any sleeping pill)
Guy I tried connecting back to you but mum and dad were too “creative and funny” ,..On  my fifth year birthday I asked mum about your whereabout because Taiwo was my first name then so the consciousness of being a twin was always fresh, she direct me to Mr Barmz (Pupsy) who told me your were doing very fine in the great city of London with one imaginary uncle that only existed in innocent imagination, the deal was that I would reunite with you immediately after my primary education provided I top my class, Bro guess what! I didn’t just top my class but my entire set,I  won few academic awards but those didn’t just make sense to me because my eyes was fixed on the ultimate prize(“Janding things “). Eventhough Daddy was no longer available by the time I graduated from primary  school yet I expected mum to keep the London promise on behalf of the entire family irrespective of what was  happening then in the family then. Oblivious to me my reunion dream would never be a reality not even in my lifetime, the most hilarious part of the entire story was the fact that, I had bullied and oppressed my friends about my soon-to-be London trip and the wonderful reunion with my phantasmic twin brother.
After a whole lot of unrest in the house about my London trip, mum actually felt she only had two options left.. Either tell this ranting boy the whole  truth  or keep postponing the inevitable which may be harmful to her blood pressure and probably the health of the ranting little boy. Finally the truth about your departure was unveiled few weeks to kick-start my secondary school education in Victory College back in 2001 and it was like the whole world was gonna end that same week,I then insisted nobody should call me by the name Taiwo again and change was immediately effected which saw Olatunji swallowed up Taiwo  for good, only a few old folks who are either too stubborn to yield to simple instructions or find it too difficult to adapt to little changes still choose to call me by the name after so many years–I never envisaged attending the same secondary school with my( our) big brother AY Barmz, I was a londoner in my lofty heart and that school didn’t even fit into my white elephant dream though it was one of the best colleges around during that period .
Let me spare you many details for now; hopefully we have more time to gist when we meet again at the other side of eternity where time is lost in existence . Just wanna let you know that you are always on mind, you live here as long as my heart keeps beating, your dreams and visions aren’t dead as long as I live, I am a man on a mission and even gravity isn’t strong enough to keep me on the ground. Many a times I get confused and all screwed up because I am carrying the loads of two different persons and personalities but grace is helping me navigate through the journey of life and destiny,I get so relax and not go-getting most times cos I never planned that before now and the jotter is in the library of my “partner in Crime”. Bro I  just wanna let you know that I will make you proud, I want to let you know that none of your dreams will end up in the grave . I promise to slay all the giants and take the cities, I shall build the castles and fly with wings above the cloud,  (with my left hand on my chest). I shall be Illumination to those that are in the dark, I will not relax and have fun until I am done changing lives and touching souls. You can take that to the bank  sweet Bro! I promise you with my entire life.

Finally, I  have few questions for you, can you see me at all over there? I think you should be fairer and more hairy,did I get that? Are you keeping your beards  over there or do you visit the salon sometimes? Do you have biological brothers or you just hang around celestial bodies? Do you really work to earn a living or just playing around and doing only things you love to do? How old are you  now or times doesn’t tick over there? Are you in heaven already or just stuck in between Morality and immortality ? Do you have to believe in Jesus or it was a natural impactation? Do you have hobbies or everything over there is fun? Do you fall in love or only walk in love?
I doubt if you have a gadget or phone over there, I don’t think you have pen and paper either but I am sure of one thing, you  would really love to reply your twin brother who is got so much of earthly exposure.I strongly suggest we hang out in the dreamland and talk a little deeper as they do in movies.
With so much Love,
Olatunji Rockdweller Bamigboye.

9 thoughts on “Letter To My Fallen Twin Brother”

  1. mogaji folahanmi kehinde

    all ur writing av gone through are cool… just keep doind ur thing bro ,the almighty God is ur strentgh..lots of loves

  2. Oh God. I have never painstakingly gone through an article so long. Olatunji bamigboye!!! Thats was an epic piece, I pray your flowers never fade.

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