Living Intentionally


Written by Olatunji Rockdweller

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. – Oscar Wilde

Many people in the world live unconsciously and not deliberately, they exact much energy but little or no reward, they run and never arrive, much movement but little forward progress unlike the few ‘successful ‘ people. It should be noted at this juncture, that working hard doesn’t mean you are living intentionally – in fact labouring too hard may just reflect you are running off the track of destiny. To live intentionally is to live a life guided by decisions and choices  that are dictated by desired destination — doing what is right at all cost,caring less about whose ox is gored.
Life doesn’t reward those who do the norms,no sound mind celebrates  the usual and conventional,That is why you can’t be paid for blinking your eyes or sleeping and waking up after few hours- they are natural and require no deliberate action or decision unlike studying hard in the library, staying awake to think and write, hitting the gym to keep fit regularly or leaving home for voice rehearsal — you have to consciously invest time,energy and resources to get such result and output.

In the beginning God created man to be just like him (and that hasn’t changed) – a being who lives by choices and dominates his environment not victim of circumstances, a creature designed to live by  “settings” not by defaults unlike other creatures. From salvation to spiritual growth, from marriage to ministry all are products of series of decisions and choices. God expects us to influence our environs and to actively take charge of happenings in our life on our pathway to destiny. He expects us to do what is right not what we feel is easy or other people in our lives would like.

“Truly successful men are men of restrictions and boundaries ” according to Pastor Tunde Bakare. Your success in life is directly proportional to the level of restrictions and boundaries you deliberately put in your life, ragging seas do understand limits and boundaries and whenever any sea surges beyond its limit it’s called a disaster, the sun and the planets wouldn’t dare step an inch beyond their boundaries – you are designed with more glory and much more restrictions are required . Your life is a garden and you are the only gardener of your life. The beauty of a garden reflects the quality, creativity and the investment of the gardener. A gardener determines the species that survives and the ones that peters out,he also dictates the length and shape of every flower and plant even the pattern of growth–he is got the picture of the desired result of his garden stuck in his imagination and he will do anything to bring that to past. It is gonna cost him a lot of hard work, denial and dedication, he is got to prunes the flowers and leave some plants bleeding profusely yet he doesn’t give a damn  about the pains he is inflicting on the beautiful flowers because he is consumed by the wonderful images of  his garden painted  on the canvas of his lofty mind.
I personally believe there is an unfading beauty that accompanies any form of restriction. My barber gets huge financial rewards regularly simply by settting boundaries and enforcing restrictions(by trimming and cutting my hair and beards )else I would lose my coiffure in no time and  look like the men of the stone age.

“The unexamined life is not worth living” said Socrates many centuries ago,he meant if you live your life unplanned,you are not supposed to be breathing(my interpretation though). Your life is a music and you have a song right within your chest ; you need need to let the song out of the cage and let your symphony be heard by the world,so keep your passion alive and keep your feet moving in the direction of your dream. Your day should go beyond normal daily routine and usual rat race saga,you have to make sure you are adding to yourself everyday and you consciously grow into a better you.

I got a graphical inscription from a bosom friend of mine with this quote ” You have no obligation to be the same person you were a year ago,a month and even 15 mins  ago. You have the right to grow. No apologies.” I feel this quote perfectly sum up everything we have been discussing. To grow in life comes with a prize -It may take you writing out your daily activities and ensure the execution,breakout from some circles of irrelevant friends, resign your position in the office , departing from some codes of unprofitability,keeping-off from some distractions, working on your addiction and breakup if need be. Personally I have decided to swim against the tide  of life and I am ready to pay any price to be a better gardner –to see the garden of my dream turn into reality  in few years to come, no one will help you free your soul from the cage of unfulfillment but You. God help us!

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