MAˊ GBAˋ GBEˊ (Forget Not) 

“ So much is buried in our lives that we forget what we have learned.”

-Harley King


When the fig tree screams at you “No Fruit for you dude!” 

And giant wouldn’t stop his intimidating rants

When the loaves of bread seems obviously insufficient 

And only 2 pieces of fish is expected to feed the mammoth crowd. 

Maˊ gbaˋ gbeˊ (peˊ) …. With God all things are possible 

When the raging storm of life overwhelms your throbbing heart 

And it feels like your hope is totally out of grip 

When fear drenched your over-burdened soul like dew

And you are drowning in the bottomless ocean of confusion 

Maˊ gbaˋ gbeˊ (peˊ), Christ dwells inside of you 

When your helpmate is desperately in need 

And mentors reflect only their numerous flaws 

When those who promised you suffer chronic amnesia 

And your physicians are bed-ridden 

Maˊ gbaˋ gbeˊ, to trust in the Lord. 

Your dreams may seem suffocated by the dwindling economy  

Your vision may become blur and totally unclear 

When passion is attacked by the bees of discouragement 

 And Loneliness drapes you like flag

Maˊ gbaˋ gbeˊ HE will never put you to shame 


When ‘love’ feels like heart-attack

And families seem a planet-away 

When friends avoid you like plagues 

And foes are suddenly clothed with compassion 

Maˊ gbaˋ gbeˊ to hold on HIS Promises 

When your sin and weaknesses get the best of you

And you feel Helpless under the burden of your guilt 

When your inadequacy bully your religious mind 

Maˊ gbaˋ gbeˊ When sin runs deep HIS grace runs deeper  

When you feel abused and disrespected by your spouse 

When your trust is irreversibly shattered and injured 

When you are trapped in the claws of depression and caged in the prison of frustration 

When your office becomes a guardroom and your boss turns beast 

Maˊ gbaˋ gbeˊ The Lord is your shepherd. 

When chains become fashionable 

And corruption is being embraced as a norm 

When complaint becomes an anthem 

And truth is treated as venom

When mediocrity is being celebrated and excellence becomes offensive

Maˊ gbaˋ gbeˊ  The word remains your standard 

When Daddy’s mistakes still haunt after ages 

And mama ages quite speedily 

When expenses outgrows your income 

And minimum comfort is fast becoming a luxury 

Maˊ gbaˋ gbeˊ  ooooo…. HIS GRACE is sufficient for you

30 thoughts on “MAˊ GBAˋ GBEˊ (Forget Not) ”

  1. Over the years, since I knew this man fondly called “Bamtuns” those days, when boys were boiz……. He has been a great inspiration and still the boss is still slaying it….. Keep inspiring us paddi of life…….. I love this!!!!

  2. ?? Olatunji, MA gbagbe o.(3ce) …..dt this is just the beginning …..your RANT especially this, is going places … sure u understand ?

  3. Tunji this IS owesome. May God in his infinite Mercies guide uS not to forget *Gbagbe*. Remain Blessed TUNJI.
    What a *WOW* Inspirational Touch. Keep it up.

  4. Wow, this is great and the message is deep! May G.od almighty continue to increase your creativity and keep it up!!!

  5. This is awesome and i must confess its mai favourite of all ur wrtings …Emagba gbe ooo that on this day i tell you that ure coming to be the world best writer.keep writtng #thelordisurstrength

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