My Christmas Story .

What is Christmas without food ,drinks and gifts? Food and drink will turn poison and gifts are mere baits without LOVE. GOD is Love and JESUS CHRIST is GOD.”- Olatunji Rockdweller.

Just like God, the first Adam had no past;
Yet he was a man with super-bright future.
According to the original design, he was built to last forever.
He was well equipped to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion.
He didn’t have to pray or fast to attain God kind of stature;
He didn’t have to hit the gym to grow the lump of muscle and biceps.
He didn’t have to study to acquire knowledge of how to live with dangerous untamed animals;
Nothing was difficult for him and with him there was no room for improvement.

Yeah! He was the first man to ever live and the first man to leave (God’s presence).
He wasn’t born of woman and he started life at his peak.
The first man to assess God, the first to sell his soul to the devil.
The first to rule and the very first to break the rules.
The first to be loved and the first be rebuked.
Adam was the first man to make love, and the first to make mistakes.
At best he was a living soul who had the opportunity to make peace but decided to make excuses.

An irresponsible man who watched the serpent intrude his family and did nothing.
Blindfolded by the fabric of his pride so, he didn’t see the consequences of his recklessness.
He cares less about how the entire creature would suffer under the weight of his crimes.
Even when God atoned for his sins and covered his nakedness, he was too entitled to even say ‘Thank you!”
Like every damaged man, the only thing he understood about fatherhood is being the chief Sperm donor.
Little wonder, he raised a certified murderer.

Then God decided to redeem the world back to himself again.
He won’t let his biggest investment go to waste just like that.
The foundation was destroyed as the coconut-headed Adam used his dominion as giveaway to the Devil.
But there is nothing impossible with our God.
God had a better plan and decided to launch it.
He said: “I won’t create another man to do this, I will go fix this bullshit myself!”
This time around, it will not be a living soul but a quickening Spirit.
The spirit that is potent enough to turn the son of men to Sons of God.
It’s won’t be a grown beaded muscular man in the beautiful Garden of Eden chilling with little sense of responsibly.
It will be God ruling in the affairs of men.

This treasure in earthen vessels wasn’t made of clay and water,
He was created by the word and the spirit.
Thousands of years, prophecies kept going up like cloud.
Unto us a child is born and unto us a King is given.
They kept saying it, they wrote it, they even sang it.
And finally, the word became flesh and formed in the virgin’s womb.
A virgin with definite plans for her life. The word disrupted her world.
He didn’t need a seed of mortals to fertilise the eggs.
All he needed was the most unqualified but willing vessel.

This chosen vessel has been saying “Be it unto me according to your word” all her life.
Little did she know the answer to her prayer will almost make her suicidal.
Joseph was depressed because he was lost even in his relationship.
Then they encountered the father and chose to flow in the current of his will.
The situation didn’t even change a bit, but they gained superior perspective.
Suddenly, they understood the weight of treasure they carry.
The opinions of others melted like wax right before their eyes.
What seems like a curse suddenly became a huge blessing!
Yet they couldn’t explain the situation but they had peace as his light terrifies the darkness of their confusion.

Finally, the word became flesh and dwelt among sinful wicked men like us.
The creator of heaven became an infant and was breastfed by mere mortals like me.
Nowhere on earth was worthy enough to receive the master of the Universe; yet, he chose the most wretched, just for my sake.
The father of all spirits chose to call an ordinary carpenter ‘Papa!’.
His destiny on earth was to die for a crime he didn’t commit…Yeah, the crime was mine but the price was his.
He was rich and he decided to become poor…Just for my posterity.
The omnipresent chose to be caged within the case of human body.How crazy !
The all-knowing God had to read books written by limited human being to grow in wisdom.
He was even taught by flawed Rabbi in the synagogue.

He limited himself so I can live a limitless life.

God lived like mere mortals on earth so we can reign on earth like Gods.

Merry Christmas To You !

10 thoughts on “My Christmas Story .”

  1. As casual as you like to sound on this one. This is very deep and it really inspired me even as I read through.
    The quote you started with knocked me out and I am so glad it yours.

    Knowing you is one of the best thing that has happened to me.

    Thanks you Brother !

  2. What a word for the moment.

    “He limited himself so I can live a limitless life ”

    Thank you Sir for this masterpiece. God bless you richly

  3. Greater power did He give to me, if I know… Essenceeeeeeeeeee.

    Tee, words are seeds that birth life and you have mastered the usage of these seeds.

    Merry Christmas Dear one.

  4. “Jesus Christ is God”… I love the audacity, most times persons try to explain it but I loved how it made me feel, it is what it is, period.

    As usual a worthy read, I love the way it kept opening up to the reality of the human situation, not just a Bible story but the reality the characters faced.

    Thank you for how your writings open our minds.

    “God lived like mere mortals on earth so we can reign on earth like Gods”. What a way to end this.
    Merry Christmas to you too sir

  5. Titilope Victoria Ariyo

    Amazing as always knowing that God lived like mere mortals on earth so i can reign on earth like Gods is the greatest Gift of all time. Thanks Tunji 🎊🥂

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