My Race and my Plead

Life is a marathon and I think I have been involved in the race for a while now. I have seen the strong fainted, I have witnessed mighty ones melting like snow and I have seen the weak renewed their strength like eagle. From a colourful childhood to an adventurous teenage now adulthood had dawned on me and it is high time I laid the bricks of a desirable future.

The last 356 days was a blend of pleasant and nasty events –I fought many wars (lost some and won many), I invested wrongly, I trusted in arms of flesh and I got bruised badly for my stupidity, I waved bye to ‘valuable’ relationships, I was misunderstood by loved ones, I was called prideful, arrogant even foolish because of my convictions. Before you begin to dab your misty eyes (lol), I think I should let you know that my blessings out-weighed my pains—I had great and incredible victories (many I cannot even share). I enjoyed unusual favour and grace from strange sources, I enjoyed witty creativity for solving problems, I was blessed with resources from near and continents away (my gates were continually opened). One of my greatest source of strength and inspiration happen to be the league of extraordinary champions who surround my life with caring and intelligent friendship during my darkest night and my brightest days! My friends are great gifts that never stop giving—they gave words, prayers, cash, deep counsel and blunt correction (when necessary).

Trust me, people are my greatest asset…God bless everyone (my readers, friends, pastors, families and fellow writers and bloggers) who had made my race easier in one way or the other. I love you all deeply!

My life (even yours) is in volume of a book, and many chapters are gone like yesterday (never to appear again) I hope I read every word aloud and glean every wisdom within each page.

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May I be sensitive enough to differentiate between shadow and substance

I pray for speed in all that I do but may I always remember that the fastest lane is waiting upon the you.

I pray for unusual intelligence and creativity in the act and craft of writing, but may I never be good enough to write the script of my life (and abandoned yours).

May I always remember that my location and circumstances do not threaten your purpose for my life .

May I never forget this : Pearls are only birth from the union between excruciating pain and terrible irritation.

I pray for courage of a lion, but I don’t want to be bold enough to walk through life without the great shepherd.

I pray to be wiser than Solomon yet stupid enough to trust you even when you cannot be traced.

I pray to be strong enough to slay giants with my bare hands yet too weak to ignore wise counsel of my friends

May I receive discernment to spot my life prophet even when they are scattered among my friends

May I always receive prophet in the name of a prophet that I may get the prophet’s rewards

May I be stupid enough to follow your leading without feasibility studies or professional consultation

May my breakthrough not lead to my breakdown.

May I be wise and bold enough to separate those attached to me from those assigned to me.

May I be intelligent enough to shield my soul from the roaring praise of men and protect my panting heart against to the arrows of insult, discouragement and criticism from my foes.

May it be spoken of me that I walked with God like Eunuch

May my walk with God be a memorial before His throne even forever

Just like Abraham, may my offspring and descendants drink from the fountain of my sacrifice on the altar of my God

In this life, May I soar higher than the eagle and see farther than the eagle.


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Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead.

13 thoughts on “My Race and my Plead”

  1. People are truly an asset and we stand to gain too much from falling into the right alignments. I also experienced people misunderstanding my season of pruning for pride, self centeredness and stubbornness. Meanwhile I just could not do/think/ speak like I used to. This God we serve!!!!! No words can describe. Amen to your prayer!

  2. Rock dweller!! You are a great asset to mankind.God bless you!!! I pray that God will make a public show of you in Glory n give you peace from all…you are a beautiful soul

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