When you get too busy for the most important things in your life and you can hardly find some rest, it is a signal that devil might just be your boss”-  Tunde Bakare 

Oh… My dearest busy old friend

 Your definition of hardworking is : Hustle without no end 

You speed yet clueless about where you truly tend 

Life is personal and honestly, I don’t wanna offend 

However, I am sure we both have brands to defend 

Who has bewitched you to ignore that which your life depends? 

I think it’s foolish to be too busy to serve who empowers you to ascend 

We can’t deny we were nothing until grace helped us to triumph and transcend 
My beloved, aren’t you spending more than you can afford? 

He rested, he retreated. Yeah… I mean our saviour and Lord 

No time for this, no time for that. “Anyone can complain” so said Henry Ford 

You don’t need to tell me your are too busy to study the word (your life reflects that) 

Bro, we both know you are now spineless but you used to be warlord 

Your loyal friends are now planets away because you have failed to strengthen the cord (busy head) 

Once upon a time your life used to be in Concord 

Blood, I perceive this is nothing but irrelevant speed

Speed is risky when you are clueless about where it leads

Don’t run out for grace by occupying yourself with exhausting deeds 

 Thorns is all you shall reap if you are not sowing worthy seeds. 

Watering empty ground yield nothing but useless weeds 

You claim you want to build yourself but cannot sacrifice an hour to read 

I advise, you locate your lane and stay there, I hope that you heed 

You work assiduously like an elephant but eat like an ant 

Please choose to live and do not wreak your your heart with this ceaseless pant

Put the Lord first and see your life enriched by heaven’s grant 

Just trust Him completely, aren’t you more valuable than a brant? 

His blood makes you a citizen of heaven, no longer a stranded migrant 

My pieces of advise are annoying but one day you will remember my deafening rants 

You used to be a sweet smelling savour before now…. So so fragrant 

” Most times, being busy is equally to Being Under Satan’s Yoke”– Tunde Bakare 

I hope you read the books I gave you even if it is one page per day 

I hope you will read that piece I sent you, it is just a click away 

In the path to greatness, there is always a price to pay 

You can connect with your folks even when you are far away

I will always tell you the truth both when I am grave(serious) and even though my play 

Awake the lion inside of you and begin to slay (again) 

I will talk about you tonight when my knees hit the cold floor and my heart stays alert to pray 

Do not get yourself too occupied and let you nay be nay.

From a caring friend, 

Olatunji Rockdweller

11 thoughts on “ODE TO MY BUSY FRIEND ”

  1. mhenn. this hit me like a blow… I’ve disconnected from a lot of folks, too busy to even pick up my bible, i stare at it everyday at the corner of my table….
    My destiny is far too important to give up for anything. thanks for this

  2. I bless God for his limitless grace upon your written and spoken words, as usual i have something that triggers my mind to think..lolz#thepieceisafoodforthough

  3. Generally I don’t read post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice article.

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