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“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

–Steve Jobs

He crumbles like aged blue cheese when he remembers it’s another Monday.

Every single day at work is his personal mourn-day.
No iota of satisfaction, in fact, he feels like mere breathing clay.
Depression has blinded his soul; he can barely see his inner ray.

His inner being is impregnated with questions like: what will people say?

Passion is not his drive but the monthly ‘pay’!
He smiles as bright as the sun yet his life is gloomy and gray.
He ‘slays’ on social media, however, his feels like a glorified prey.

This yoke of bondage makes him sick every single night and day.

He is damn serious when he says “Thank God it’s Friday!”

Nobody cares about his passion, talents or how he learns.
Even ‘bae’ gives no damn about his dreams but how much he earns.
When he sees people who dares to do what he’s scared to do… His heart burns.
“This isn’t where you belong! His heart constantly yearns.
Surely, he is missing yet he doesn’t know where to turn(sometimes he does though).
Countless teachers, endless trainings yet he seems not to learn.
Probably, he should stop learning maybe it’s time to unlearn (or re-learn)
His is utterly bootless and fruitless, just like a fading fern.
His wings are tied yet he desire to fly just like frigate bird.

He wishes he has enough courage to lift and flee.
He has got titles, however, he desperately crave to be free.
The harder he pushes, the more he is void of glee.
“GOD, I need a change!” turns his daily plea.
He stands before the door but doesn’t have the key.
He doesn’t know how its feels to do what is enjoyable for a fee.
Now he is old enough to know that fulfillment is personal and its way beyond what people can see.

He is dying and suffocating like a whale outside the sea

Who will quench his thirst with a glassful of hope from the depth of the sea?

His head is under the water of life he isn’t breathing fine (obviously, He isn’t John Legend)

Underwater isn’t where he belongs because he is got no gills!

His post on social media don’t reflect how he truly feels
Until he does what he is born to do… He will never be cool for real!
Response to his calling is what he needs and God is faithful to pay bills.
His niche is the only place he can get constantly ‘drunk’ (inspired) without a popping some pills.

He is swimming in the wrong oceans, and he is terribly drowning
He is working without zest and he thinks Life is boring!

Yet he is afraid to jump off the boat and yield to his calling.

Unlike Abraham, he doesn’t wanna leave the hood; he’s afraid of failing.
He knows he is off track yet he keeps running
He has discovered himself in the hole; however, he won’t stop digging.
He’s scared to take the risk yet he won’t stop wishing.

I hope he wakes up someday and stop day-dreaming.

He knows nothing and sadly he knows not that he knows not.
The harder he pushes the louder he keeps hissing
The higher he climbs, the more he discovers no meaning
He has no courage to follow his heart…. Who can save him from missing?
It is laughable that he fears death because he has chosen to start dying
Rest in peace dude … We both know you aren’t living (one minute silence to dead)

His life be judged, not what he did but mainly what he didn’t do
He doesn’t know that great life (career) can’t be outside what he’s born to do
He doesn’t know that, there is a particular thing only he can do (at least the way he will do it)
He said he doesn’t have a clue , then, he won’t do only what he loves to do!

Life is so short and I am shocked he approaches it like a loo.

Every creature has its natural niche. I do, you do and he does too (He needs to locate it!)
He is playing outside his zone and he may not escape not being booed
He is caged because of what to eat; his life is now a zoo.

He knows the truth but keeps yielding to his trepidation
He knows what makes his heart sings yet he is too careful of people’s perception
He claims to be Abraham’s seed and he doesn’t understand emotional separation.
He’s not bold enough to follow his heart; His still drowning in the ocean of filled with abundance and satisfaction.
He doesn’t want to feel ridiculous, so he has compromised his God-given vision.

He is married to the life he hates and that can only birth him incurable depression.

The fear of failure is failure to ascend to the mountain of delectation
He keeps flailing and floundering aimlessly on the island of indecision
I wish he stops running at the speed of light zealously in the wrong direction

I hope he knows that he has to locate his natural habitat if he really wanna make it.

Passion is the fuel of success and he can’t fake it

I hope he knows wasted talent is a waste God can’t stand and he will not take it!
And if his gift is in the raw state, then he should ‘bake it’
He shouldn’t leave the lion inside in a narcoleptic state… wake it!
He should collate his strengths and gather abilities. I mean ‘rake it’.
Doubt is a killer of dreams; he has got to hate it!
And if he is bound in the chains of fear,tell him he should break it!
He should stop running so fast to catch the future he had left behind … Just go back and trace it!
Swimming against the tides requires your response to your ability(responsibility) . So swim harder and take it!

We wish to express our sincere condolence to the fashion designer who is drowning in the huge pool of banking, to the photographer who is sinking somewhere in the laboratory, to the comedian who is being tagged ‘unserious staff’ in the insurance company and to the writer who is suffocating in the ocean of oil and gas industry. To everyone who feels drained and frustrated with their current job we hope you will locate your purpose and be courageous enough to follow your heart. You deserve to live before you die.


25 thoughts on “ODE TO THE DROWNING ”

  1. Response ability. As usual word Smith you hit the nail on the ogon. Life as a friend once told me is not a dress rehersal it is the main act. Hope this awakens a lot of people cos whatever you are earning outside your gift is peanut. The moment you discover purpose, the real earning begins. May we not be members of Clapper board missions, appluding those fufilling their dreams while standing on the sidelines. One of the many faceless people who pass through life without leaving their foot prints on the sand of times. Forgotten by their own generation how much more generations unborn. At least we can’t declear Jesus generation, but generations gone by, present and yet unborn knowd Him. He fufilled purpose.
    I am writting too much this isn’t my page but this is a topic that blows mind, that keeps me awake at night.
    I have said my piece Response ability is seriously needes

  2. There is an element of greatness in each and every one of us. This is our vision and our purpose and it’s our job to discover that. Working outside your purpose is just pure frustration. Your words still rings in my brain Tunji; “your vision is not your own but for a particular Audience”
    Discover your vision, find your Audience and you will be and feel fulfilled.
    More grace to you Tunji

  3. Blessing Omoregie

    It’s your thing tunji, your pen is sharper than a sword. Crisp and articulate. Well said, this I what God is dealing with in my life cirrently. God bless you like kilosele my brother.

  4. “You deserve to live before you die”
    Every line was important. God bless you abundantly for this.
    Hmm, everyone really deserve to live before they die.

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