They whole animal kingdom probably saw Adam’s statute erected in the center of the beautiful garden for some time. Some assumed, it was just a decorative item and others might had felt it was just another species of creatures  in the beautiful and rich garden. Then the first miracle in the animal Kingdom erupted like a volcano; they saw him moving and talking like no other creature in garden.  They must had been bemused to see ‘once upon’ a well-sculptured pounds of fine and refined clay turned living soul.


 The ‘boss’ started parading himself as the Chief executive Gardener.  The glory of the Lord overwhelmed him; he was no longer the statue they saw some minutes ago, instead  a living soul in the image and likeness of God. He had the same aura and features with the creator himself. In him was all   Power on earth bestowed. He became the God and the dominator of the whole creations even when he was the JJC (Jolly just come) in the garden. 

He determined each name every species bore and whatever he called anything, it was so; eternally so!  He dictated  the course of flow in the garden,he determine what grew and its  limit of growth. Every single word that escaped Adam’s lips was a command; so much power and authority. He named everything that lived and existed in the garden except himself. Even though they arrived there before him (Life is not about the time of arrival but who carries God ).

I do not hate Adam but I have some mental battle I am fighting. I have some puzzles I am yet to solve and here they are:

  How did God trust a Man who is not product of the fusion of egg and spermatozoa?  This dude was never conceived, he was never breastfed, never weaned; he had no puberty experience. He just started his life as an adult – – probably in his 30s. He had no parents, no mentor.  What actually qualified him to handle such a sensitive position? Who dares trust a bearded man without a shaving stick?  

  I feel cheated to know this guy was never spanked by a yoruba mother like mine who will ‘bash’ you like ‘lagos danfo’ and won’t stop ranting even after some hours as if the beating was the other way round . It’s disheartening to know that, Adam was never tortured by ‘uncle Bosun’ or the ‘big Elvis’  himself  (maybe they would had forcefully  drilled some senses into his crafted skull).

He was never punished for talking too much by my primary 4 class teacher – aunty Janet. Aunty Bisi wasn’t there to tell him how terrible he looked as a statue and further showed him the location where they fetched the mud and clay used for his structural make up. My beautiful grandma was not  there to let him know how lucky he was to be breathing and take him a bit further into his  family history. He was never banned from singing because of his terrible  voice.No environmental factors were bold enough to tell him about his imperfections and limitations.


He never saw a war or witnessed any fierybattle of life yet God trusted him.  This lucky dude did not  know it’s was possible to be lanky. He had toned body – abs and packs without hit the gym. He didn’t lift those deadly metals and he didn’t break a sweat.  He was super fit without running aimlessly every morning without a trophy. How on earth did God trust this dude? 

  A man who was never lonely even though he was alone. This guy did not have to pay a  dime  to see the games; he needed no vacation, his eyes were fixed on the most beautiful things the world ever knew. Everywhere was beautiful around him and he was the only Boss of all even without any experience. 

Adam was walking around one day and saw a stunning creature that almost looked  like him.  In fact,  a more refined version of him . However,  instead of the muscular hairy chest, she had clean chest with two orange-like fleshy structure hanging on her chest. He decided to move  closer to this irresistible being, however, he felt like a jolt of electricity running through his entire body, the closer he moved the stronger the feeling. At close range, he observed a pair of  ‘black buttons’  fixed directly in the center of the oranges-like structure.  He then  stretched his hands to pluck but she squealed at him(who dares yell at the almighty Adam) then he discovered they were ‘unpluckable’. He carefully checked the back view and realised every structure looked  like his, expect some  anatomical contours he couldn’t explain. Then he screamed “this is the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh” and he named it woman(he finally saw a creature who could made him feel like a friend not a God)


  So, Adam did not  have to woo her or attempt to impress her in anyway. He was just himself and did not even bother to listen to her opinion about the relationship. In fact she had none! 

The freshest and the ‘sexiest’ woman on earth looks more like his private property yet without a love letter or 9 stanza poem to impress her. No bride price, no competition, no hangout, no bills,  no expectations, no pressure from in-law. 

 I don’t expect much from a man who doesn’t understand that awkward feeling you have when who you wanted the most wanted you the least. That funny experience when the feeling is not mutual and the cross is strictly yours. This Adam guy did not  understand the terror and torture that comes with crushing on the one who feels irritated by your presence. Only God can trust  such a man. 

What do you expect from a handsome vegan, who ate the best  of vegetables cum fruits  and flushed down each meal with the  purest of water. A man who did the only thing he was designed to do. This man didn’t have to worry about resource management . A man whose only law was: keep off the only unhealthy fruit in the garden yet he had unlimited access to  millions of healthy vegetables and fruits that perfectly suited a vegan like him. 

I can not vouch for a man who hangs out with God daily without reverence. A man who had become too familiar with God. I don’t blame him though. This naked dude did not  have to cry out in public and move towards the man of God in an open place like Hall 2 car park(in UNIBEN)  and do the sinners’ prayer. He didn’t have to attend to the follow up teams every evening even when he felt disturbed. He did not  have to read those Kenneth E. Hagin’s books to keep up the frequency and fan the flames . Adam did not have to learn how to pray and Google ‘how to study my Bible effectively’; He was not dragged by Osita Kingsley for a compulsory evangelism. Adam did have to fast and think he may die before noon. He didn’t have to learn how to talk like a Christian or unlearn some ‘shit’. He got everything too easy and cheap  so he had no fear of losing them. God still trusted such a man? I can’t believe that!

How can I trust a man who is smart enough to name everything in the garden but lacks the weight of the penalty that is attached to his disobedience, yet,  he did not  ask God to explain a bit further.  I am sure Adam did not  know what death looked like  or how to die. A grown man who had no dictionary where he can look up such big words like ‘die’ or ‘death’.  Do you know this dude had not even seen anything dead or sick in his entire life? Yet he was too ‘big’  to answer. Do you know he had to start learning how die for hundreds of years before he eventually passed on. 

These actually struck me the most about God’s relationship with Adam:

1.God trusted this man not because of his big brain but because of God’s inspiration within and upon him. You are invincible in your garden provided God is with you. 

2.In his infinite mercy and love, God didn’t take his breath and inspiration back even though he blew it. If had taken back his inspiration from him, Adam would had turned dust immediately. 

3.He lost the authority to the devil. God kept him out because he didn’t  want him to live eternally in a fallen state.Howbeit, God knew Jesus would be our only hope for redemption. Yeah.. He redeemed us back to him. 

NOTE : Adam was a living soul but JESUS is a quickening spirit. We are superior! 

1 Corinthians 15:45-47 KJV

And so it is written, the first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. 

[46] Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual. 

[47] The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven.

No fall,  no Christmas… No thanks to Adam though. 

Remember, if God could trust just a living soul then be rest assured, He had trusted you! 

Kindly, leave a comment and share if you have to.

Your ranting Friend, 

Olatunji Rockdweller. 


  1. All encompassing
    God trusted this man not because of his big brain but because of God’s inspiration within and upon him. ( His replica) So true
    I love dis piece

  2. Tunji not funny oooo. I guess Adam knew the implication of his action before he did it. He just couldn’t bear the thought of Eve alone out there. Guess it was love motivated…… My theological view on the matter. You captured the essence of the story God trusts us when we are doing what He sent us to do. Tend the garden He planted you in not a garden you feel you deserve to tend. That’s the recipe for Success.

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