Open Letter To My Daughter (Part 2)


Dear Daughter,

Sometime last year, I wrote a piece to you(OPEN LETTER TO MY DAUGHTER  )and now, it is imperative that I do it again (will ensure I make it a yearly practice till we see face to face). As long as the earth revolves around the sun, I won’t stop evolving into the man I am called to be and to the leader you will be proud to have as your dad and friend.

Tabby, I picked up my pen just to enlighten you about an angelic monster tagged “breakups”. I encountered many great minds wrestle with this monster in my youth (I experienced a few until I finally met your mother who turned out to the best thing that ever happened to me). I have seen breakups reduce soaring minds to sinking objects in the ocean of life and to those who play by the rules, breakups should be another form of breakthrough. It is my responsibility to train your fingers to war with this beast and defeat it effortless if it dares to cross your path. So, help me lord!


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Breakup happens when a party (or both parties) in a relationship, decide to put an end to their journey. That awkward moment when someone thinks the only smart thing to do is to part ways and let go. It is the end of the journey of the couple together but not the end of your own journey into the arena of purpose and destiny. A breakup can either lead to a breakdown or breakthrough; it’s a question of capacity and choice.

Firstly, relationship and marriage are God’s own idea and should be governed in accordance with his values and standard. A Godly relationship doesn’t give you the license to do what you like (or what is politically correct or generally acceptable), instead, it constrains us to always do what is right (according to Godly principles).


For instance, sexual involvements in relationships has lost its stigma and has become an acceptable norm because of immense change in public opinion. Sweetheart, premarital sex is a taboo where you come from and not getting involved in it makes you strong and superior (contrary to what the society preaches). Do not be part of those folks Kemi Seddy tagged Matthew 7;7 ladies (Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you…). In my youth, sexual abstinence was rare in relationships, rather, it was a common practice even within my circle. I can also say emphatically that, no matter how strange sexual purity will be in your days, it will be seen as normal even amongst your peers (I TRUST YOU WON’T DISAPPOINT DADDY) .

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I have observed that folks who honour God in this area of their lives, handled breakups better than folks who did whatever they liked in their relationships and as such, saw it like ranting giants crumbling the shell of their burden. Depression and frustration only occupy the vacuum designed to be filled by God’s presence.

My daughter, please kindly find you before he finds you. You should not say yes to a man when you haven’t said yes to your assignment here on earth because: there is a level of sanity and fulfillment you only enjoy if you are in the center of your assignment on earth and if you don’t locate it, you will keep looking for it in the wrong places especially in the WRONG KIND OF relationships (there are good relationships, we thrive on them). Nobody’s absence should devalue you, you are enough! In the real scheme of things, purpose completes you, people only complement you: so, when people walk away (and they surely will), be assured that you have nothing to lose. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

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Since I was born and now I am getting old, I have never seen a purpose-driven mind wrecked totally because of disappointment in a relationship. Though their weeping may endure for a night, but they launch out with zest and excitement in the morning. Breakups only birth heartbreaks and if you wallow in it—If it affects the core of your esteem and distorts your self-image. Discovering your purpose and doing what you are designed to do, fortifies your esteem against any emotional terrorism.

Lastly my princess, your assurance is in God’s word (don’t look elsewhere ) and in your purpose, are buried untold loads of accolades.

I shouldn’t forget to tell you this : You don’t have to break a sweat about locating your purpose while you have me as your father and leader. It is my assignment to show (teach) you the way to go in life and equip you with all the resources that would make the journey fun yet adventurous. Trust me, I am fully ready for that and by God’s grace, I would execute my task as your father effortlessly.


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