Purpose Series 2 :Discover and maximize your Adaptive features 

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When you discover your dream, you also discover your ability to fulfill it. –  Dr Myles Munroe 

  As an environmental Biologist by training, I know adaptive features are the traits that allow an organism to thrive and survive in its natural habitat. Fishes have gills which help them breathe and dissolve oxygen in water; they have tails which enables them change direction while swimming etc.

  Every part of our body is got a role to play in ensuring our success adaptation in our environment. Your height, beauty, voice, and all your physical features were created to enable you  fulfill your purpose on earth effortlessly .

When you locate your purpose in this world, the first truth you need to know is : All you need to succeed in this niche was provided and abundantly supplied even before your birth. I  mean, if  your natural habitat is in  the music industry. The primary deposits(talents and gifts)  needed for survival in that environment  is within you even if you fail auditions countless times.  It may be  pronounced or passive, raw or refined…. It’s alive in you! 

To fulfill our purpose in life, God had given us talents and abilities to succeed in the niche he had carved for us. Your natural talent and gifts were part of your makeup to make the journey of your life easier. In fact, everything about you is determined by your purpose – your height, voice and colour. You were perfectly built for your purpose–built for victory. God gave some people  unbelievable imagination, some are creative with words, some folks are undervalued until they pounce on piano, we also some folks with unusual relational skills.

   The skills and talents that a footballer requires is different from that of a writer. This is the reason why jealousy is not just immaturity but also self-immolating. How demonic!  A friend of mine tagged jealousy ‘social blindness’  and I think that is an unstatement. 

We are made in the likeness of God; he had invested some of these attributes and traits inside us. Many people call it TALENTS or GIFTS. Every human being has these precious residues of God inside of him – at least one, irrespective of your religious beliefs and nationality or race. It’s safe to say, every single person in the world is talented and highly gifted.

Psalm 68:18 KJV Thou hast ascended on high, thou hast led captivity captive: thou hast received gifts for men; yea, for the rebellious also, that the Lord God might dwell among them.

Your gifts are actually heaven’s investment and God will hold you accountable for every single strand of it(them) .  It’s your primary responsibility to look inside, search until you locate the precious residues planted within you. If you will truly  succeed in life (I mean without sorrow) this ‘exercise’ is not just OK… It’s a MUST!

 God had done his part of the amazing  deal; the ball is now in your court. The choice is now  yours–you either blow it or take responsibility and live; it’s actually a matter of life and death.

Mostly, God gives us seeds not trees, his part is to give us seeds and our part is to plant, water, and nurture till it becomes a tree or even forest. Predominantly, what we have as gift is quite raw and unrefined like the gold ore, it’s our responsibility to take it through the fire and refine it before it can be a valuable asset to you and Humanity at large.

Few things I want you to know about your gifts and talents:


“No matter how small the act may be, if you put your whole life into it, it won’t be forgotten.” Dr Myles Munroe 

Small or little gifts don’t exist, neither do we have super and mega talents  too; gift is gift. It’s all about your perception. If you see your gift as inferior to mine then the world will see through your lenses. God doesn’t give inferior stuffs (where will he see it?).

The quality of the investment in your talent determines how far it will take you. Your gift is supposed to be like a tree by the river side that brings forth  its fruits in due season. Please, take your gift to the river… In fact drag it there! 

Anyone who develops his gift will become a commodity and generational asset. I dare you to invest your energy, time and money on your talents. (If cash isn’t available yet, please start by investing your time, energy and Data) 


“A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” (Proverbs 18:16)

A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it: whithersoever it turneth, it prosper. (Proverbs 17:8).

As good as academic education is, it does not guarantee you a room in life and it is not a ticket to sit and dine with great men. Education is not the Key; your gift is the Key. Joseph stood before Pharoah not as a prisoner begging for freedom but as a guest speaker in whom solution resides –that is a gift. David’s refined gift on the string instruments was the only key to stand before King Saul. I still think his dodging talent made his escape the javelin from a skillful royal warrior. Lionel Messi was chauffeur driven by Gabon president after being paid $2.4million to visit the country.  Stephen Curry went golfing President Obama  just  because of his mastery in the basketball court. Let me bring it very close home. My friend, Odele Tega was hosted by President Buhari in Aso Villa at least once this year. That did not happen because he  graduated from UNIBEN (hell  No!.. Far from that) he was there as an athlete who had refined his talent enough to compete with the best on the global stage. Tega can sprint sha. He is a phenomenal runner!

Education is meant to  refine and enhance our gifts and talents. Howbeit, many of us spend so much time, energy and resources running 300000km/s on the wrong tracks of life. This is the good news: It’s never too late to detour and head towards destiny. Set the sail alright and see the wind blow in your favour. If you want a room in life and you really want to roll with great minds. Then you would have to take your talent and gifts seriously. Pick only jobs that help you enhance and develop your skills and talent. Be a volunteer when necessary. Only the poor think money is the first thing in life.
A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it: whithersoever it turneth, it prosper. See your gift as a precious stones first, then, turn it properly and see it rain down prosperity for you in the long run. Flaunt your gift with mastery and excellence and the whole world will experience stampede just to see you roar. 


For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance (Roman 11:29).

Personally, I believe a refined and employed gift is eternal while the undiscovered gift dies with the carrier. If you use your gift effectively it would still be counting for you after you have gone to be with the Lord. I strongly believe, Generals like Dr Myles Munroe, Kenneth Hagin’s heavenly bank account are credited every time we engage their intellectual properties like their books, tapes, and materials. I also believe this is one of the reasons why some us of us will need a warehouse to keep our crowns in heaven and some will be strolling without even a face-cap.  Your gifts are locked inside you and the day you discover and unlock it (them) the same day you activate something massive in the realm of the spirit. You are never too old to make a difference neither can you be too young to be influential.  Your gifts and calling are still valid as long as you still have oxygen in your lungs. So start living now!
Jesus’ Parrot, 

Olatunji Rockdweller.

Twitter :@T_Rockdweller 

Email :info.rockdweller@gmail.com or bamigboyeolatunji95@gmail.com 

12 thoughts on “Purpose Series 2 :Discover and maximize your Adaptive features ”

  1. Thank you Tunji for being a vessel. Though a lot of people know this truth, they need to hear it over and over again until it sinks!!!

  2. Lagos Daddy, thanks for this piece, you truly are God’s mouthpiece,
    I pray people realise this and work on it, then they shall do great exploits…

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