Get Rid Of the weeds

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At about 2:15am, I woke up to scribe and while trying to create a space for my laptop to sit on my scattered reading table, I saw a pass to a conference I attended last year. A twinge of shame welled within me; ‘what the hell is this damn thing doing here?’ I asked myself in rue. As I was about trashing it, I sighted an empty receptacle of a deodorant and I went like “Oh My God!!!”. I was screwed up yet I wore my calm demeanor perfectly well, probably because I was in my house alone. The scene can be titled ‘quiet storm’. Do not get me wrong, I am not that guy who is known to keep a prim and proper room: very far from that. From childhood, I have consistently kept a track record as a dude whose room can be mistaken for a ritualist’s shrine far in the east, except when the dignified and the aristocrats are visiting. So, my reaction was more like ‘enough is enough’ than a full blast of disappointment.

“This house has to be fixed this morning ” I said to myself while pulling out a sack and I began to thrash every unfit item into it like a drunk. It got filled as seconds speedily graduated to minutes. Each item activated distinct emotion; pictures of my ex (girlfriend) activated a wry smile, heap of church flyers that should have been shared sprang up a tinge of guilt, parcels of condom (a gift from a crazy friend few years ago), hit me with a loud guffaw that cracked me up, and on and on it went. It was an experience laced with mixtures of emotions.

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Yeahhhhhh!!! Finally, I got it fixed. Everything. Subsequently, I noticed few changes like:

  • I did not wake-up to write for two days consecutively. I had a deep sleep like Adam whose ribs were extracted yet he remained unmoved in his narcoleptic state just like Eden – Tranquil environment.
  • I lost a self-imposed, rude friend who always had access into my home without invitation even when everywhere is sealed. She is always in a haste like a bride running late for her wedding ceremony; a miniature with long rope-like stuff planted above her anus. She is small enough to scurry around and big enough to cause me pain. I hate her, she lacks courtesy – doesn’t knock.
  • Beloved, the former state of my room is a microcosm of my life and yours. We cannot afford to accommodate everything and everyone in our lives. Whatsoever is not useful in your life is not only useless but harmful. Weeds are plants that add no value, as such, not needed. If you do not clear out the weeds in the farmland of your life, they will outgrow your plantation and suffocate it to death or stunt the growth.

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“Anything my father has not planted shall be uprooted.” Jesus hollered.

Productive people scrutinize their circle every time to make sure they do not allow any weed to survive around them. They are very passionate and thus, have zero tolerance for irrelevancies and trivialities. Anyone who does not add value to you should use the exit door. Don’t be emotional about that aspect of your life. Any habit or addiction that tends to devalue you, should be dropped like hot iron. The best way to spot a mad man: he keeps and moves with many loads he has no need of.

It is important I state at this point that the loads of rubbish in my space that were cleared out, were once valuable. My ex was once the Queen of my world, the tags and flyers were once assets. However, they expired, finished or damage beyond repairs and needed to be done away with. Most times we keep people who are no longer useful, whose wisdom are now milky and they do nothing than to compete with the valuable people by demanding our time and attention. They also house rodents, ants and cockroaches with the sole purpose to bastardize our lives(consciously or unconsciously).

Be wary of folks who are not growing; they tend to be poisonous to your brand eventually. When you outgrow a friend or group, just walk out politely and deliberately replace them with healthier company. Do not be comfortable being a local champ. You may be called unprintable names but be comfortable with being controversial.

Someone once told me “If your church is no longer changing you, then change your Church.” And I am saying “if your friends, organisation and habits are no longer feeding you, and you are done with your own role there, then decamp.”

Your Friend,

Olatunji Rockdweller.

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21 thoughts on “Get Rid Of the weeds”

  1. Whoa! I love the illustration, I got the message in this piece real quick because
    of the simplicity …….bro you are blessing to this generation, I pray you more grace for simplicity.

  2. Life(in total) evaluation is very important for revaluation or devaluation. Gathering the garbage is one thing, disposing it properly is another. Just make sure the bag isn’t torn that they fall off and somehow linger and then you find yourself keeping them for what you’re not sure for even. Nothing stays on the fence, it’s either useful or it isn’t.
    With that said, I didn’t know ritualists had a location, one even far down.
    Thanks for sharing, God bless you.

  3. At a time when people are entering new phases of their lives, this throwback post is very timely.

    Weeds suffocate growth by occupying available space,looks like growth but add nothing to the yields.

    Thanks for the reminder Rockdweller
    God bless you

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