Get Lean

Life is short, and I have got to live it well. I want to trim down enough to run through the narrow gate of destiny without breaking a sweat.

My Race and my Plead

From a colourful childhood to an adventurous teenage now adulthood had dawned on me and it is high time I laid the bricks of a desirable future.

Undying Love

He was born only to die for me? Who am I that He is so mindful of me ? Loves me so much and gave his whole self for free. Perfectly replaced my tortuous guilt with an endless glee. Willingly, He went like a sheep to the slaughter. He cringed under the weight of the …

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All Yours

You have always been my saviour… Abba, come reign as my Lord. Being full of myself proves that I am void of your words. Father,take this water and turn it to wine. I lay me down and I’m no longer mine I set ablaze the idols hanging on the wall of my heart. For without …

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