The ‘God Said’ Syndrome 

Written by Olatunji Rockdweller 

   In my few years within the tall walls of Christianity, I have met plethora patients of this endemic disease (Bless God for immunity). Sadly, they occupy sensitive positions in our churches and fellowships which further amplifies their asthenia (most times, leadership has a way of squeezing out our depravity). ‘God said’ syndrome patients have the ability  to infest sisters with what I call ‘brethrenophobia’ – the fear of Christian brothers.

   I am fully aware, some ministries don’t permit a man wooing a damsel without going through the marriage committee (It’s their doctrine and it’s perfectly fine by me).  So, this piece is tailored for brethren who belong to churches where direct transaction is lawful and ‘legit’.

I feel uncomfortable whenever I hear a brother uses the ‘God said’ tactics to deliver his manifesto. Some are even more audacious, they use the ‘God said’  to start and end such a sensitive journey (the alpha and omega dimension) . However, this piece isn’t a fashioned tantrum targeted at any  particular person. I just feel  like airing my view about this syndrome and I do hope  it’s still within the code of honour… Yeah?

  I know, the name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous (not coward) run into it and he is saved. I also know the righteous is as bold as lion. Don’t get me wrong here, God does  speak to people. In fact, HE speaks always and leads His beloved per time. This is my point, even if angel Gabriel appears to you and screams her name, loud and clear; that is supposed to be a piece of  confidential information which should remain between you and thy God, not a parachute for soft and safe landing. It’s superannuated!

Sir, imagine an organization of your dream invites  you for an interview . Prior to the interview, God had told  you “Son, the job is yours! In fact you were  the reason I kept it for this long”; would you go straight to Human Resource manager (even if he is your pastor) and say “Sir, God said the job is mine, you can go ahead, pray about it and get back to me?”  I guess you would sit for the interview and expect the result to confirm what God had told you earlier. In fact, I am sure you would  respect yourself and avoid blowing up the opportunity of a life time. The same principle should operate in the ‘sisters’ ministry’. If you won’t do that for a mere job,  don’t try it with the potential mother of your children either.  

   Brethren, If you are sure God is leading you to a particular ‘Shunnamite’, then go as a righteous(bold) man, with liberty like a man whom Christ died for, declare your intended intention, do everything to impress her like every other brother, conjure  poems if necessary, buy gifts if needed, call her for 48hrs in just a day. Just do anything to enforce the kingdom of heaven on earth. Forget not, the violent taketh it by force!

Considering the emotional vulnerability of most sisters in the fold, ‘God said’ tactics is very boring and unhealthy path to tread. It’s purely spiritual manipulation (witchcraft) – spiritual manipulation is punishable by fire in some ministries. Some ‘bad’ brothers even go as far as telling  the poor sister “go ahead and pray about it and get back to me.” In most scenarios a funny dreams  or awkward vision follows such manifesto especially if that looks like one of the sister’s prayer point for the year. 

Finally my brother, you don’t need so much gut to get her into your R-zone. Ladies are not as tough as they do appear. So, instead of using the ‘God Said’ tactics, just tell her your vision and purpose, tell her the qualities  she possesss that make  you feel she is the qualified  candidate for the position (Helper)in your life, then go romantic and exhaust all the weapons in your arsenal. **winks ***

Gracias por leyendo

 Olatunji Rockdweller 

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 Happy EID MUBARAK to my Muslim Readers.Grace unto thee! 

40 thoughts on “The ‘God Said’ Syndrome ”

  1. “exhaust all the weapons in your arsenal” ?
    That is one closing statement I dig
    So many people just choose to, like you used, hide,under that name for so many conceited reasons
    This is one I consider very pathetic personally
    It’s like because you’ve been given a vision of being the world’s most successful man and you sit at home waiting patiently for Uncle Success to stroll in
    Like God’s plans for His people don’t go unfulfilled plenty times when we refuse to work according to it.
    Great post ☺?

  2. Great write up as usual… There is need to educate people that faith without works is dead… They have to feel the fun in making a lady whom you’re interested in (genuinely) fall in love with you… Big ups bro!

  3. Hahahahhahaa

    God said you are my wife…… Hm really? But God also said you are not my husband….. What a weird conversation between a brother and a sister…. God is not an author of confusion for he that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour from the Lord…

    Thou shall not use the name of the Lord in vain.

    Remain blessed!

  4. It’s quite pathetic that 21st century brothers still use this ancient tactics to confuse a sister. Now, any sister who falls for that crap is under a christo-religious jazz. Now I don’t even know what that means. But what the heck!

    Tomorrow, ssisters will go marry some romantic holy ghost filled brother from another Denomination and church brothers will be looking at her like she’s backslided. Eziokwu! Who’s got time for yeye?

    Brothers, goan learn how to toast a babe. Learn it. Get a doll, rehearse with it. Stop disgrace the spiritual male folks. Ya falling hand big time.

  5. Awesome piece bro. Lots of guys with low self-esteem hide under this shadow. Your position in the house of God is not a determinant or criteria for hearing from God.

  6. Okay. This really needed to be addressed by someone, and Tunji you did it great justice. Also to imagine the amount of persons that will be saved by this. Awesome!

  7. Tunji,

    I celebrate God’s grace on you for the body of Christ. Thankbyou soo much.
    The name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous not coward… Mehn that was a punch line.
    And the whole job scenerio, is the most sensible analogy i have heard.
    Thanks man.
    Keep the ink bleeding!!!!

  8. God said …… what are you saying?
    if God truly said, why is it difficult for you to say your own?
    Barmz, thanks for this piece.

  9. haha. very funny but soo true. I love the part where you used a job interview as an example. very practical! more grace dear!.

  10. Hey Tunji!
    I think your blog rocks so I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award
    The details are on my blog! Have an awesome week, and I’m waiting on your next article ☺

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