The Proverb 31 MAN


Written by Olatunji Rockdweller

I can’t rant today without registering my appreciation for your readiness to always read, comment and share my rants via your different social media platforms. I am eternally grateful to those folks who often see my rants through different lenses and express their discomfort in the most constructive manner. And to those who prefer destructive criticism to polite  disagreement….  Your feedbacks mean a whole lot to me, its motivate me even more than ever to put my thoughts in ink and share with you in all excitement. Love you and God bless you richly.

My original intention was to rant about ‘The proverb 31 woman and the misconceptions.’Unexpectedly I encountered the Proverb 31 MAN as I studied this chapter few days ago and I think it’s worth sharing with you. Amazingly, this particular account proceeds that of the adorable lady in this popular chapter but as usual…  feminine ‘stuff’ always steal the show.

If you desire a priceless jewel then you must make yourself valuable. It’s illegal to ask God for a proverb 31 woman when the man in the 7th chapter of proverb perfectly describes you. I believe we often marry our likes instead of those we like. The best way to get a proverb 31 woman is to invest in yourself to wake up the proverb 31 MAN within. I am sure King Lemuel’s mother’s understanding of this principle birthed this popular Chapter of the book of wisdom.

 These are the few qualities I found during my light study on this chapter (Proverb 31 :1-9):

1. He has a Mother(vs1): It takes a Queen – a royal-oriented person to nurture and bring up a man in a royal way. Royalty is all about upbringing, it’s got little or nothing to do with the activities(ritual) carried out just few days to enthronement.”Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverb 22:6).

The motherhood I am talking about is beyond gender, it’s all about impartation. Pregnancy is far more than just the protruding belly, breasts are beyond the loaded bags of milk, motherhood is miles away from mere biological procreation of offspring and feeding them just to keep their hearts pumping. Even a mad Woman’s belly can swell with baby, any woman can spawn ‘legions’ if exposed to the right biological atmosphere.Its important we understand this;Only prophetic lips can birth destinies. Motherhood is a spiritual commitment and mental investment.  Your mother isn’t just your mum but anyone who births greatness in you and labours over you on and off his knees. They give you spiritual covering and immune you against environmental harshness and cruelty. They don’t only mentor you into purpose but also help your vision to be more picturesque and lend a helping hand in bringing your dreams to reality. They know when exactly to use the rod and sway the sword yet they know the time for cuddling and fondling. Anybody can procreate but only mothers can birth greatness in you – they bring out the king in the kid.


2. The proverb 31 Man is a King (vs4): A king is a person who rules a kingdom or empire. He is a very special person with a strong sense of royalty from childhood and he takes responsibility for the lives of every living creature in his kingdom. Being a Yoruba Man from a royal family, I know Kings are strongly connected to divinity – their connection to the spiritual world is directly proportional to the security of their throne and Kingdom. Spiritual acumen isn’t negotiable; they understand the prophetic (Why would Lemuel’s mum write him a prophecy when he doesn’t have the skills to interpret?) . Secondly, a king doesn’t spend time with servants, his sphere of friends are the elders, priest, prophet or other kings from another Kingdom; he knows the value of his personality and he comports accordingly.
Kings are men of few words, little wonder, their words are authority. They don’t allow emotions to cloud their mind when it’s time to take decisions they–just do it!

 Lions are the only animals I know that perfectly reflect true royalty. Please permit me to share few revelations I encountered during my brief study about this unique king of the Jungle.

i. Lion’s roar can be heard from 5 miles away; let your impact be obvious and make yourself be heard if you truly desire to lead a proverb 31 woman. Let’s me break it down a little further, if you feel you were born to be a singer. Exert enough effort and make sure your songs survive beyond the sphere of you family and friends. Invest in your gift and fan the flame of your talent. 

ii. Lions form a group called pride with almost 40 lions; kings do not live in isolation. They surround themselves with quality friends that would influence them and add values to their Kingdom and throne–not ‘valueless’ dweebs. When you are the only champion in your click, that is enough indication that you need change your friends. A wise man chooses his friends wisely–Your network determine your net worth. 

iii. Lions rarely eat the entire prey, they leave the leftover for animals like vultures; Kings are generous with a touch of class. They understand the secret of giving even when it’s not comfortable.Great kings are always very generous and sacrificial.

iv. “Lion which is strongest among beasts, and turneth not away for any” (Proverb 30:30); Kings are bold and audacious, they would do anything to protect their throne and Kingdom even when it means fighting wars. They don’t throw in the towel because the jungle is tough. They face every situation with positivity and royal-consciousness.

3.The proverb 31 MAN doesn’t give his strength to women(Vs 3): You are either a proverb 31 Man or a proverb 7 boy; no gray zone. Jumping from one lady to another disqualifies any king; it makes you a ‘dog’ instead of a lion. A king knows what he wants and focus on just that; he doesn’t get distracted by the myriads of ladies on the street. Show me a man running after anything on skirt then I will show you a man without Purpose and Vision for his life. Such a man is not only  a sack of indiscipline but also clueless in every aspect of life. Your life is supposed to be planned out not an experiment, so trial and error is not allowed in the kingdom. Real kings understand this ;there is only one crown for the Queen.

4.He is not a drunk: Lemuel’s mother advised strongly against drunkenness because she understood the impact of inebriation on a royal mind. Drunkenness depreciates creativity and relegates sound mind.When a man is drunk, his judgement can no longer be trusted; he is few steps outside the realm of sanity.

The subject of alcohol is relative in the 21st century and every party has enough scriptures to fortify its view. I strongly believe to be drunk is terribly bad and it is the expression of gross indiscipline even the sane society frown at such an unruly behaviour. I personally recommend total abstinence. The best way to escape drunkenness is not to drink anything that has the capacity to intoxicate you;there is always a thin line between drinking and drunkenness.

However, alcohol is not the only source of drunkenness. To be drunk in love is as destructive as being drunk with strong wine(sometimes it’s even stronger).  When you are in love(lust) , you tend to run a mental photoshop/editing  on the person you are in love with.  Men in this cage suffer chronic Stockholm syndrome. Sadly we have 90% of them as leaders in our various churches and fellowships(some are the ‘God said’  apostles) . They run at the speed of light towards a Mirage, they are often men who have not invested so much in their emotional bank. They have zero-knowledge about Godly relationship or any marriage related issue. “And beheld among the simple ones, I discerned among the youths, a young man void of understanding, passing through the street near her corner; and he went the way to her house.” (Proverb 7: 7-8). They fall victim of strange women, they don’t listen to Godly counsel or any piece of advice that won’t fan the flame of their lustful adventure. They don’t gain their sanity until it’s often too late. During their reign of ‘madness’, they can shift any mountain just to make their partner happy at the expense of their family, friends even their God. The Bible says “walk in Love” not FALL in love!” Don’t be a ‘Maga’ bro.

The only solution to the chronic drunkenness discussed above is still drunkenness. Be drunk in the Holy Spirit. It gives similar sensation–the feelings of invincibility and excitement but different results and consequences. When you sniff in Grace and power, your eyes are automatically open and that helps you to walk in Love rather than drowning in the endlessly sea of lust and emotional wreck.

I dedicate this to all the people who had fathered me in the past and who are still fathering me into purpose now and for evermore.


40 thoughts on “The Proverb 31 MAN”

  1. chinelo stephnie

    There you go again,another soul lifting piece.i really gained something.bless you and more grace

  2. Temitope Fakeye

    Kings surround themselves with master-mind groups. I’m glad you’re part of my circle. Thank you Tunji.

  3. Osayi Augustine

    Having read through this, I most thank the writer for this wonderful piece. I think a part two should be done,
    Learnt alot. God bless you sir

  4. Great piece, well thought out and simply put. Keep up the good work, you are surely taking territories ??

  5. Mr. Oyebade Tominsin

    This is an amazing, soul reviving and soul lifting write up.
    I trust God in you brother….Keep it up.
    Your better days are here.

  6. I love the king and his relationship ? part.I mean the people he surrounds himself with. That Got me thinking deep. Nice right up. God bless you

  7. mogaji damilola

    I can hear him clearly through you, the spirit of truth, the holy spirit. Continue basking in the sphere of grace. More of anointing sir.

  8. Afolabi Omoniyi

    This is a super masterpiece……. I’ve enjoyed it, I’m enjoying it and I will still be enjoying it……… I’m glad you pop something good like this out Mr TJ

  9. Awwwwnnn…..I feel blessed as usual, this happens each time I read ur piece………. ” you can’t be a proverb 7 man and want a proverb 31 woman”…..this part opened my eyes to realize that we want a lot but don’t check ourselves out first……..may God increase u with knowledge from heaven………my number one writer!!!!!!!luv yaaaaa

  10. 5 years later, can we ask for a part 2?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    The truth will always be relevant and those that speak it. Thank you Tee

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