The Proverbs 31 Lady


“Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.”-Proverbs 31:29

Permit me to start today’s rant by wishing a super-cute HOPite and one of the Proverbs 31 ladies I know  ( ISOMA OSEMENE) a blissful married Life even as she walks into a wonderful marital phase of her life on 16th of July 2016. 

I would be sharing seven (7) qualities from the many I garnered during my study about this woman of noble character and I will try as succinctly as possible to avoid a lengthy epistle this time.

1. She is Uncommon: “…..For her price is more than rubies.” Proverbs 31:10. Valuable things are not found without cost. She is rare and extremely unique and she knows it. She knows her worth and she would never compromise her standard for anything or anyone. Unlike the strange woman, a Proverbs 31 lady comes with a Prize; she is not cheap. Great lady naturally have walls of defence built around them, they exhume a ‘prideful’ aura. (Please brothers don’t get offended or discouraged by those walls; we are wall breakers!). Men are expected to break some sweat before gaining any form of access. It’s not wrong if your appearance intimidates some folks. Remember, Gold is treated with great esteem because it’s rare and hard to get not because it’s more useful than water. Even if you are not ‘hard to get’ just act it out! 

2. She has her Man’s Trust : “The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.” Proverbs 31:11. Fidelity may not be a big deal in some Christian family but most women do what they feel is right when their husband is away,  not what was agreed by both parties. In this chapter, this lady’s husband is known at the gate and spends time with elders of the land because he is sure that the home would run has he had commanded. He doesn’t need to call home to remind and emphasize his points. 

3. She is Constantly Good: “She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.” Proverbs 31:12. It’s very easy to be nice and good to your spouse when he’s spot on. How about when he is wife beater? What if he behaves like Satan’s first cousin? It takes an extraordinary woman to show her husband heaven when all she gets from him is hell. Only a proverb 31 woman can tame a monstrous husband without the help of the third party. A proverb 31 woman does him good as long as her heart beats. This  is profound!  She is an addicted lover of her husband even when he deserves it the least. She chooses to be good to him unconditionally. 

4. She has got gifted hands: She actually strikes me as a fashion designer though. I don’t know if I am perfectly correct but I do know she’s got the ability to turn a mere cotton and flax into something adorable. She has the potential of making a diamond out of dust. She is skillful! Put a raw material in her hands and you can always expect a treasure after a while. This is awesome! It’s note worthy to know that she wasn’t knitting clothes because there was no job in town and she had to do something to survive.Howbeit,  she has found what she loves to do. She did that passionately and I am sure perfectly too(She made real cash from that). 

5. She doesn’t Over-sleep: Like I mentioned earlier, she is an entrepreneur with  huge business responsibilities so she understands how tight her schedule would be during the day and that doesn’t sound like an excuse for her to see her family starve. She sacrifices some hours of sleep to make sure the household have enough food and lacking nothing. She also assigns her maids their task against the morning. 

NOTE: She didn’t ask her maid to handle the kitchen while she enjoys the comfort of her huge bed and touches of her lucky king. She takes pleasure in ministering to her family. 

6. She is a purposeful shopper: “She considers a field and buys it.”  Proverb 31:16. Consideration is a major quality missing amongst our 21st generation sisters. Some walk into shopping malls and end up spending beyond their budgets . Many bought gadgets because others are buying it and they wanna join the click. Some even see top celebrities wear something on screen and that automatically becomes their dream. They buy iPhone 6 because they think flaunting it makes people perceive them as bigger girls…This is appalling!   Anybody can buy anything provided you he can afford it right? Yeah! It’s takes a Proverbs 31 woman to buy purposely. A female friend of mine told me she wanted to get HTC A9 and I asked her “why HTC A9?” Her answer left me crushing on her (lol). I am not against buying what you like but let purpose rule your shopping. Ladies are supposed to be Managers of our homes. 

7. She dresses decently and elegantly: “She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.” Proverb 31 vs22. Holiness shouldn’t be an excuse for terrible dress sense and bizarre colour combination. In fact, Holiness gives us limitless access to creativity which should reflect on the way we look and dress. A sister shouldn’t appear and look like a rainbow-fish. God is trusting you to help the brothers’ ‘dress’ ministry; don’t fall HIS hand . Moreover, Purple signifies royalty and quality. Invest in your wardrobe, it’s Godly. Don’t let the dwindling economy reflect on the quality of your wears. It’s better to have few sterling stuff than seas of rags littering your wardrobes. We are God’s own glory so let that reflect in our dressing.

Dedicated to  Miss Isioma Osemene. Happy Married Life dear friend. We(HOPites Home and diaspora) love you forever. 

Gracias Muchas Amigos 

Olatunji Rockdweller

23 thoughts on “The Proverbs 31 Lady”

  1. lol, @ rainbow fish
    Thanks Sir, i was blessed. I love the use of words lyk addicted lover, purposeful shopper…. Thanks again

  2. Punchline line: “It’s better to have few sterling stuff than seas of rags littering your wardrobes”. Great writeup

  3. chinelo stephnie

    Hahahaha,i love where it says she doesn’t enjoy the comfort of her huge bed and the touches of her lucky king.sooo love it,a piece to ponder on.tnxxxx

  4. Osemene Isioma

    I Appreciate you my Brother and Friend
    You have been consistent. A true sweetheart indeed. God Bless you more Olatunji Barmz.thanks for the honour of dedicating this great piece to me.

  5. Onome Kinggirl Shaka

    Great write up bro!
    I’d like to add @ number 3 (on ‘third party’ issues): Most marriages do need counseling at one point or another, even the ones that look great. So, a woman may well be highly virtuous and yet need a necessary third party somewhere along the line (imagine a case of physical abuse, for instance).

    Thus, involvement of a third party in itself does not necessarily reduce one’s virtuousness. It might be needed here or there.
    Couples everywhere are encouraged to have a figure they respect and can talk to in times of crises (which virtually all families experience at varying degrees), even couples who are counselors themselves do have counselors over them.

    I believe the Proverbs 31 lady may not always be totally void of marital issues, but taps into divine wisdom that enables her handle them just right and soar!

    God bless you, dear Rockdweller!!

    1. I perfectly understand and agree with you 100%…. Mentoring and guidance are needed at some point in our life and our marriages are no exception.
      However, we need to know when exactly that comes in…. Not in all cases

  6. This comment is probably coming in late but I found this absolutely beautiful and it’ll be wrong if I didn’t let you know.
    I’d be saving this page as a PDF file to go over as often as I need to, to remind me of the standard He has set for me.
    So thank you for this!
    (Oh yeah, and thank you for following a newbie☺)

    1. Imaobong, Thanks for the accolades and amazing comment. I feel so fulfilled to know, this piece is a blessing to many great minds like yours. God bless you richly.
      I followed you cos I saw quality on your page. I would be there soon to feed on all the loads of goodies there. It’s nice to know we are both shining for the KING. Keep on shining dear Friend.

  7. What’s Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve found It positively helpful and it has aided me out loads. I am hoping to give a contribution & aid different users like its aided me. Great job.

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