Yes… we were pals and closely knitted

Just like the nape and the collar

We were near yet million miles in between

We were intimate friends yet always apart

Apart like the blue sky and the dark ocean floor

To be who we weren’t was to be void of life and vigour.
Maybe it was meant to be but we were never prepared

Maybe were prepared but for a wrong and different battles

Maybe we had different values and convictions

Maybe our pride was the the veil

Maybe I didn’t know what I wanted

Maybe I was scared and timid

Maybe you were yet to find yourself

Maybe we were unskilled in handling matters on that note

Maybe we were too close to quit the friend zone

Maybe you loving heart was far away

Far away yet beating to they rhythm of the unknown

Maybe we care about what people would say

Maybe none of the above

Something tells me it was meant to be for just a second

Just a wink can leave a beating heart broken eternally

A stolen kiss may just turn venom in no time

Expensive mistake is always a reckless bully

Maybe we would have been nailed to the cross of lust

We thank the gods, it never happened

It never happened yet we feel we missed something

Maybe pleasurable or torturing

But somehow we don’t seem to care

One thing we know…. We missed something

Our chats screams it so loud

Our conversation inks it so boldly

Everything around us speak about something

Something I can not define

It’s even beyond your own description
It’s in the realm of feeling our words can’t capture it

Not tangible enough to touch

Not obvious enough to capture

yet it is obviously undeniable

Deep down we both know it

Even though we try to ignore it

Like hurricane its hit us unnoticed

We keep fighting it yet it’s not dead

It’s not dead it’s still breathing

We thought we couldn’t cope with it

Now we know the truth:

It would keep haunting and we won’t stop moving

Yeah.. We have both moved on

Move on to higher ground and greater height

We are both sold out to for a great price

We don’t care if the whirlwind stop blowing

Let it raise our flowing garments and unveiling our sacred parts

Let the earth quakes it worst

Let the ocean rage and runs off its banks

At the end we will be stronger

Stronger than we use to be

To be human is to live with faults and imperfections

We will walk this dark night with the dawn in mind

We are good but there was something left undone

Sadly, it would remain undone and untouched

Untouched like the Ark of the covenant of the Lord

It would be untouched in the honour of the Lord

The Lord is our strength in times like this

His grace helps us to subdue the flesh

We enjoyed many years of distance friendship

Friendship that is not void of battles and wars

Wars that is not void of love and affections

No regret we take pride in that which was left undone

We both know it would remain undone till eternity

It’s sad but that seems to be the truth

The truth we both love and respect

The respect we will forever share

It would keep knocking yet we shall embrace, the truth

If the untouched and the undone is a sin then we are forgiven

Forgiven through the blood that flows constantly

And if the undone and the untouched is honourable then we are proud of our decision

Maybe or maybe not…. We are blessed and fine

We are blessed and fine even from the friend zone.

One Love!

Olatunji Rockdweller

30 thoughts on “ODE TO MY CRUSH ”

  1. I’d steal Pierre Jeanty’s title, I’d name this “To the Women I Once Loved”
    beautiful and very deep piece.

  2. To those whose hearts have been torn down by love unrequited or love unspoken, I think you should listen well here.

  3. To those whose hearts have been torn down by love unrequited or love unspoken, I think you should listen well here.

  4. Nor be today friend zoning dey and nor be today e go end…Lol,nice piece brother. More grace

  5. Nor be today friend zoning dey and nor be today e go end…Lol,nice piece brother. More grace

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