Traits of a Real Woman(1): SELF DISCOVERY 

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If you don’t discover yourself, then you are already a copycat of another person –Olatunji Rockdweller
In my opinion, ladies are the most self-conscious being on earth yet, very small fraction of them truly understand themselves. A girl knows her shoes size, bra size, in fact she has favorite brands about everything she uses; however, it take a woman to understand herself beyond the surface. Everybody is talented and gifted but only a few (the women) have discovered their magic.
We live in an environment that echoes and amplifies our errors daily. From childhood we have been told about what we can’t do and what kind of task that reveal our frailty. Little wonder an average human being has a truckload of knowledge about her weaknesses and imperfections but knows little or nothing about her strengths.

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Self-Discovery helps you discern the problem you are solving or you can solve. That is what self-worth is all about. Your gifts and talents are God given weapons to fight the battle of life. Imagine a soldier in war front without the knowledge of his weapon. Trust me, he will be uncertain about many of his decisions. The sophistication of the weapon doesn’t lift the morale of a warrior, it is the knowledge of the weapons and training that makes them feel invincible. So, the best way to feel confident as a lady is self-discovery. The high heels, the makeups and the expensive wardrobe can’t instill real confidence in you. They can only echo what you already have inside.
The society tells you to BE YOURSELF but the question is: How do you be (become) who you don’t know? 

It is selfishness to expect others to love, respect and understand you when you don’t understand yourself.
Finally, a woman is wonderfully and carefully designed to help her man to birth his vision in life. God didn’t create you to birth every kind of dreams and nurture all kind of visions. You are made to help birth a specific vision. To be special is to specialize. Without self-discovery, you are at the risk of saying ‘yes’ to any kind of handsome man that crosses your path, which will definitely affect the productivity of both parties.  It’s frustrating to take up a task you are not qualified to handle and it’s annoying to pick up a job that you are over qualified for. 

Self-Discovery is inevitable.

Olatunji Rockdweller. 
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17 thoughts on “Traits of a Real Woman(1): SELF DISCOVERY ”

  1. Is like am the first to read this now I feel special-Lol,nice one brother…this is the food for women’s soul,and we men learn from it at the same time.

  2. Great work Tunji, on the path to self discovery, in the lyrics of Misty Edwards, “I don’t want to live from the outside, I want to live from the inside out”. There is so much virtue on our inside, that is wailing to get out, I pray we all dig and show it for the benefit of all and the praise of God.

  3. Wow. Self discovery is definitely it. It can only be done in christ. She finds her in HIM. The man finds her in HIM cos that’s where she is. She doesn’t stress to keep* him cos he’s the one that keeps* him in HIM. She has time to discover herself even while with him cos the work is HIS and not in her efforts or foreplays. I wish churches thought more of this but mba more structures have to be built and government has to be competed with instead of CONTROLLED . Sighs
    Well done sir, God bless you.

  4. Very true brother (its frustrating to take up a task that u are nt qualified to handle and is annoying to pick up a job that u are over qualified for)this write up is straight to d point n dear d sky is d beginning 4u so aim above it.More Grace.

  5. My morning breakfast, lol.
    “The sophistication of the weapon doesn’t lift the morale of a warrior, it is the knowledge of the weapons and training that makes them feel invincible.” I think this statement hits d nail on the head, then the big question HOW DO YOU BECOME WHO YOU DON’T KNOW?? ( hmm, you can’t become who u don’t know, its like driving a car without a destination, very endless, tiring and extremely boring, like really boring)
    Knowing who you are requires you leaving your comfort zone(ppl without knowledge of who they are, are always comfortable with where they are), it requires taking risk_ I like to call it risk of investment( prov 4: 7 …..”though it cost you all you have get understanding”.
    I enjoy it, great meal, God bless you Sir again and again

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