Undying Love

He was born only to die for me?
Who am I that He is so mindful of me ?
Loves me so much and gave his whole self for free.
Perfectly replaced my tortuous guilt with an endless glee.

Willingly, He went like a sheep to the slaughter.
He cringed under the weight of the cross just to turn my sweat into laughter .
He endured the pain and was whipped publicly for my wholeness.
His face was covered in smelly spittle, for my greatness.

He saw my flaws, yet chose to marry me eternally.
He is a responsible lover who provides my needs even simultaneously.
A romantic hubby who tattooed me in His palms forever.
His grace swallowed my imperfections once and forever.

He loved me first even before I knew how to love.
With him there is no problem too big for me to solve.
He loads me with untold benefits, and yes, He does it daily
I will seek you forever, in fact, I will do it daily.

24 thoughts on “Undying Love”

  1. Awwwwwnnnnnnnnnn only God knows how my heart was filled with joy when I saw the notification that the Rockdweller had posted a new piece based on D wassap msg… I feel so inlove with me and love the fact that God loves me…. Thank you Rockdweller…..

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