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“Don’t wear dresses that are too tight. A size number is just a number. If the fit is comfortable, it will look more elegant.”– Tadashi Shoji

These past few weeks have been characterized by a downpour of gifts. Some folks have decided to pamper me and I presume they are gradually succeeding. The treats keep coming in good measures, pressed down, shaken together, and running over and I hope the honeymoon continues forever. Nevertheless, this period is punctuated with some tinge of pain because the shoes I would kill to have in my wardrobe, was oversized, and the coolest among the shirts was way too small for me. I had to let the water flow past me even though I thirst for them so badly.


This experience reminds me of what one of my Lagos fathers, Mr. Muyiwa Ojo (MO as we fondly call him), told me many years ago about marriage:


In marriage, there are three possibilities. You can marry your size, congratulations; You can also end up with an oversize, however, it will take you a lot to fit in and you might eventually get it right but it depends on a whole lot of factors; and the last obtainable possibility is marrying an undersize which will result in a limited life and you have to keep enduring or walk away”.



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I am a student of the school of thought that says, “Men are in sizes and life is in phases.” I believe we should know our size per time and the phase of life we are undergoing at any given moment. SIZE CALLETH UNTO SIZE.  My size as a toddler is incomparable to my teenage size and what I wear now is totally different …This phenomenon is called growth. It should be noted that our size hits its limit at some point in our lives which doesn’t mean we have stopped growing but it reflects the restriction mother nature had placed on us . Adulthood is the picture of our real size in life—by design, adulthood is the phase we are expected to have launched into the endless pool of destiny(the size I am talking about is our adult size).


I once observed my 4-year-old little cousin step into his father’s safety boots like an elderly man steps on a boat from the riverbank. He gave me a wry smile as I used his baited him with his favourite toy, yet he pretended like he cared less about the toy at the moment nevertheless, I was certain that the little boy was only restricted by the oversized shoes he had found himself in. For a moment, he became immobile, held back by the chain of awkwardness that comes when you get in a fight you never prepared for. However, I seduced my little hero further and he finally dared to move, struggled to take a few steps but he wobbled like a chicken infected with Newcastle disease and finally stumbled. That is what happens when you choose to ignore your size and embrace an oversize simply because it is available or it massages your ego. An oversize spouse doesn’t only bury the beauty of your inner treasure it is also very draining yet very avoidable. Now I know why David refused to face his Goliath with Saul’s oversized armour.


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Undersized spouses are even more torturous because to fully adapt, you have to swim against the flow of nature. God created everything to grow, expand and multiply, thus, it is anti-nature to shrink, reduce or downsize . Sadly, the anti-nature way is the only way to adapt in this kind of dealings which I believe is factually impossible.



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An undersized spouse, causes you pain right from the very first minute of encounter with them. Some folks, especially ladies (I am sorry if I am wrong) don’t mind risking an undersized shoe as long as it is beautiful and compliments their outfit. I have also seen these sets of ladies display their disloyalty at the highest peak by going for an occasion or the office with spare shoes or slippers to save the day immediately the affliction becomes unbearable.


I don’t care if she is beautiful, godly and caring or if he is a great leader, hardworking and responsible if he or she is not your size then you have to think again.

How do we get to choose our size? It is very simple. Your real size is directly proportional to your knowledge of your assignment on this earth. Beloved, choosing will become a thing of trial and error if you are still clueless about your life’s purpose because any nice and beautiful thing looks inviting to you and you will keep hearing voices from different sources.


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