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Proverbs 18:22 AMP

He who finds a true wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.

Womanhood like manhood is not a biological status, it is a mental accomplishment. However, we shall be restricted to womanhood here in the next couple of days(weeks). 

Any reasonable mind will advise you to shun the thought of marriage until you attain the height called manhood or womanhood. They call it MATURITY. However, most people think being a woman is got to do with how long you have stayed on this earth. Please, trash any mentality that limits womanhood to just age and physiological maturity… It is unhealthy! 
I have seen grandmothers who are just aged girls or old females, I have also met ladies in their teenage who effortlessly operate in the realm of womanhood. A little confusing? Yeah, just patiently follow my trail of thoughts

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I personally believe that many marriages do not enjoy the favour of God and other goodies that come  with marriage because of this misconception.  I hope this piece opens someone’s eyes. 
If you gained admission into a college like University of Benin, you can not be too excited until you have successfully completed your registration and screening exercise ( it can be tedious sometimes ) .
 After a successful registration, you will be given an eligibility slip which certifies you a student of the institution, this  gives you access to enjoy every privilege you are entitled to(as a student) . During the registration process, they cross-check your claims and confirm the veracity of all your documents just to ensure that  you merit to own the school Identity card . I think same goes for marriage. Until you develop a woman traits and attributes, it would be impossible to enjoy the favour and goodness that comes with marriage. 

Sadly most of the marriages do not get validated because they fail heaven’s screening. People may called you a great man but inside, you are a toddler, you  may even assume you are a real woman even when reality calls you a beautiful little girl. 

Remember, God doesn’t see or judge the same way humans do. God doesn’t look at countenance, or on the height of your stature, he doesn’t care about your age or bank account. He told Samuel “..for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart”.
Nobody is born a woman, it is a matter of sacrifice and self  investment . 
Dear sister, stop disturbing heaven’s gate with your  constant prayer about Mr RIGHT, invest that time to unveil the woman within  you.  Be an asset to the person that will eventually spend his lifetime with you. Let him be lucky indeed. 

 Olatunji Rockdweller 

We will be sharing more about the traits of a real woman in the next few posts. 
If you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, then kindly let me know by dropping your comment. And for those who agree with me…. Please  share this with others . 

35 thoughts on “WOMANHOOD ”

  1. Kudos bro…. Its a nice write up.well ploted and analysed …buh end where l guessed to start enjoying it…weldone..good Job.

  2. mogaji damilola

    This is a good one sir …….but you ended it where I started getting into it……nice job sir

  3. beautifully done Tunji, most females dont realise they have to work on themselves. thanks for enlightening and I’ve got to admit with others it ended where I started enjoying it too.

  4. Ajayi Blessing titilayo

    This is beautiful sir… All ladies and teenagers should have mindset and they ll just go a long way.. God bless you sir

  5. …stop disturbing the heaven’s gate with your prayer… Hmmmm, if I may ask, are you insinuating the choice of man shouldn’t be made known by pouring out one’s heart in prayers? Or praying for what one desires?

    1. Dami… I am not against prayers at all and I am sure if you read it again you will understand my point.
      Prayers without preparation and understanding of what you are praying about can destroy.

  6. The Rockdweller himself, what more can I say? It’s you now,the always on point writer. You are good sir another nice write-up,may the Lord bless the works of your hands.

  7. Great one brother, I know that this your targeted series to our ladies will greatly influence and impact them for good.

  8. Great one brother, I know that this your targeted series to our ladies will greatly influence and impact them for good.

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